Why Depressed Men Leave – 3

I’ve written a lot about the form of depression in which men look outside themselves to find the cause for an inner pain that simply can’t be faced. They may feel anger, rage, a longing to act out fantasies, or a compulsion to blame and abuse those closest to them. That side of depression is the most aggressive and obviously damaging to relationships of all kinds.  In my experience, it […] Read the rest»

Why Depressed Men Leave – 2

Some of the comments on the last post in this series hit hard on two issues. First is the question of personal choice: is a man supposed to escape responsibility for destructive behavior by attributing everything to depression? The answer is no! Depression is never an excuse for inflicting pain and loss, breaking up families, violent rages or destructive behavior of any kind. The other compelling question that is asked […] Read the rest»

Move in Progress!

Welcome to this new version of Storied Mind. We have just changed to the WordPress platform, and we’re happy to say that Piotr Polak, the designer of this beautiful theme, has also shifted. Please let me know if you run into any problem, especially with links that don’t take you where they should. Either leave a comment on this post or email me at john@storiedmind.com. Thank you! Read the rest»

Why Depressed Men Leave – 1

About a year ago, I wrote a series of posts about my experience with the fantasies of a better life that often prompt depressed men to leave their families. You can find the first of those stories here, here and here. Those brief pieces tell only a small part of a long and troubling story. To stay in recovery I have to know more, and so I’m starting a new […] Read the rest»

Work and Depression

This is another reprint of an early post on this blog. It was one of the hardest to write, but putting it down this way marked another turning point in finding out what I had to do to begin recovering. One of the hardest admissions I have had to make about the effect of depression was to say bluntly to myself, after years of denial, that my performance in my […] Read the rest»