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Peak Experience in Depression

So much is written about peak experience, the feeling of oneness, the effortless flow of energy as you feel yourself at one with what you are doing. I often struggle with myself to achieve these moments, but depression has its ways of blocking them. If you’ve ever played a sport that involves hitting a ball, you know the rare feeling of the perfect swing, the perfect hit. There are a […] Read the rest»

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5 Comedies about Depression

Yes, there are such things as comedies about depression. Sort of light, often romantic, oddly funny, definitely quirky, and probably not for everyone. Perhaps depression has given me a strange sense of humor, but laughing at a deadly serious illness helps me from time to time. You need to have a pretty good imagination and a lot of nerve to make a light film about depression or any mental illness. […] Read the rest»

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We’re Relaunching the Storied Mind Newsletter with New Email Service

Please read this post if you subscribe to email delivery or are interested in signing up for the Storied Mind Newsletter. Newsletter: Starting with this week’s issue, the newsletter will come out every Wednesday. It will continue to feature original content available only in this email publication. Each week I’ll respond to a reader question that touches on concerns many others have also mentioned. I’ll be adding links to related […] Read the rest»

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A Recovery Valentine Revisited

There is a powerful moment in the film, Tender Mercies, when the lead character, hearing of the death of someone close to him, says he hates happiness. “You can’t trust it.” I learned many lessons like that when young. For a long time, I was fearful of a happiness that seemed to depend on being with someone. That was the only happiness I could imagine since I felt so empty […] Read the rest»

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13 Ways of Defining Depression

With all the conflict about defining depression, it’s not surprising if you’re confused about what it is, where it comes from and how best to treat it. There may not be much disagreement or confusion about what it does to you. But there is a difference of opinion about whether those impacts are a good or bad influence in your life. You may not worry about definitions at all but […] Read the rest»

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Does the Partner or Depression Cause the Breakup?

I’ve often described the way depression can break up close relationships, but does the illness explain everything? How responsible are depressed partners for the human cost that others pay because of what they do when they’re ill? One reader told me I’d confused her about this. First, I talked about depression taking over someone, as it had done to her husband. The angry stranger he became was the opposite of […] Read the rest»

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The Healing Stories of Rachel Naomi Remen

I keep coming back to the stories of Rachel Naomi Remen, and this video of one of her lectures reminds me what I value in her work. While advocates of the new medicine have been revolutionizing the paradigm of medical practice, Remen is one of those physicians who has changed many lives by applying these ideas in her unique way. She tells stories. She is a physician, teacher, story-teller and […] Read the rest»