Healing & the Power of Place

Some Rights Reserved by frapestaartje at Flickr In a couple of excellent posts, Susan at the Wellness Writer has written about ecotherapy, a form of treatment that seeks to restore the lost connections with the natural world that are essential to health. (She cites a new book of, the same name as a good introduction.) Of course, reconnecting is an important part of wellness, but it drove home the fact […] Read the rest»

Images of the Healing Garden

June Garden Early Morning © All rights reserved by Wild Rubies at Flickr The gardens my wife has created are so important to my own healing that I’ll keep posting images here from time to time. We’re planning to start a garden blog later this year, and these can also serve as a hint of what’s to come. Bog Sage with Blue Tile Wall © All rights reserved by Wild […] Read the rest»

What’s in a (DSM Diagnostic) Name?

When I started getting a diagnosis of “depression” years ago, I found myself assuming that this was the name for a permanent condition rather than one dimension in the changing nature of an unfolding life. Later, the term became more formalized as “major depressive disorder recurrent non-psychotic” under the DSM-IV classification system. In a way, it was a relief to know that what I was going through had a name […] Read the rest»

DSM-V: Medicalizing the Human Condition?

Some Rights Reserved by pedrosimoes7 at Flickr The ongoing revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has provoked prominent psychiatrists to declare that the next version (DSM-V) is in danger of medicalizing normality. Since “normality” covers quite a few people who don’t think of themselves as mentally disordered, I thought it would be important to look into this rather than keep pawing obsessively at the wrapping of […] Read the rest»

Talking to Depression – 2

I’ve written an overview post in this series on Depression Central, and I hope you’ll have a look at that. Thanks. Talking to a depressed partner can be more than frustrating. It can feel hopeless when you’re faced with a slammed door shutting you out completely or a furious attack full of blame and rejection. If your partner says anything, the words are likely either accusing you as the cause […] Read the rest»