The Inner Peace of Garden Art

My partner in life is an artist who works in many media. She fills the space around us, inside and outside our home, with beautiful things. Her gardens crowd with daily works-in-progress as she adds one more spot of life to a year-round creation. It unfolds in time as the season and color for one group of living things peaks and then fades, in a cycle that never ends and […] Read the rest»

Talking to Depression – 1

Some Rights Reserved by Daquella_manera at Flickr Talking to the depression of a spouse or partner is usually a no-win trap. I speak from the experience of having angrily fought off so many attempts my wife made over the years simply to let me know that something was deeply wrong. Depression is the intruder in any intimate relationship. It creates a replica of the person you know and love, like […] Read the rest»

Distraction, Time Management & Self-Esteem

Some Rights Reserved by david.nikonvscanon at Flickr Therese Borchard at Beyond Blue recently did a couple of posts on managing time. She described the Stephen Covey method of separating the urgent from the important, and a guest she interviewed emphasized a related idea of focusing on significant goals rather than isolated tasks. This is excellent advice if you find yourself getting distracted from the big things in favor of reading […] Read the rest»

Writing, Creativity and Healing – 2

Thanks again to isabella at moritherapy and her post about Mental Health Camp, I’ve been reading Louise DeSalvo’s Writing as a Way of Healing. She discusses at length not only the healing power of the writing process but also the need for a writer to care for the creative self. Her own breakthrough in becoming a professional writer started when she discovered a demanding form of Japanese painting that grows […] Read the rest»

The Recovery Tweets

Some Rights Reserved by glenn_e_wilson at Flickr. People – sorry -tweeple have been finding all sorts of uses for Twitter – live tweets from conferences, on-the-spot reporting from cell phones, group collaboration and even a webinar in 10 tweets, not to mention serious micro-blogging. You can tweet tweeple with common interests by using this format – #recovery, or searching at Twemes, and pick from many groups to join or form […] Read the rest»