The Draft Revisions for DSM-5: Dimensional Assessment

Like many, I’ve been worried that the revision of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the source for all our diagnoses, could lead to what’s been called the medicalization of normality. But there are even more fundamental problems inherent in the classification system itself. It slots you into a fixed category based on a checklist that ignores many symptoms, and the categories lack any means for measuring the progress […] Read the rest»

Prozac for Crowd Control?

Some Rights Reserved by Image Zen at Flickr I’ve heard of a number of off-label uses for antidepressants, but turning them into non-lethal weapons for crowd control is a new one for me. The Soft-Kill Solution in the March Harper’s describes research on the use of “calmatives” or central nervous system depressants for just this purpose. The article describes the history of the use of non-lethal methods by both the […] Read the rest»

Stressing Life by the Rules

Recovery from depression meant a lot of change in the way I lived, and cutting out the stress of a tension-filled job was at the top of the list. Once I had ended that life of constant pressure, I could feel the relief at the start of each day. A freedom and energy filled me, and I could step at once into the work of writing that I had long […] Read the rest»

Reflections in Mind: Sherwin Nuland’s Recovery from Depression

An important part of my recovery has been exploring emotional memory when I respond so deeply to a story or song or even just a moment in a film that somehow reaches right inside. A feeling long held back flows out freely, even though broken away from the memory that stirred it. So I have to stop and ask – what is this, where is it coming from? The emotion […] Read the rest»

A Brief Story of Pablo Neruda

Some Rights Reserved by capsicina at Flickr A friend sends out a poetry email every Monday, and here’s what he sent this week. Pablo Neruda, toward the end of his life, was invited to read in Caracas, Venezuela, in the great national theater there. The theater was filled with people celebrating him as the icon and the conscience and the voice of much of Latin culture. He read for quite […] Read the rest»