Fear of Falling and Mad Men

In the midst of writing about moments of spiritual insight, I realized I had to draw the other half of that picture. The lost side of spirit is emptiness. I don’t mean the emptying that can be a stage in recovery and spiritual growth. That kind of emptiness is a good thing. It means the stopping of daily noise, the frenetic pace or the addictions that keep me riding on […] Read the rest»

Healing Sound and Depression

Have you heard it, felt it? In the sound of a human voice there may come a wave of healing. Of course, it could also be a scarring knife edge or shriek of pain that can hurt or terrify, but here I want to talk about the power of voice to restore lost harmony. Let’s put it as a question: in your experience can the human voice help move a […] Read the rest»

Dreams in the Castle of Melancholy

Some Rights Reserved by xip at Flickr I wrote recently here about masking emotions from myself as I grew up through my college years. Here’s what happened to change that, or at least start me on a different path. As often happens with me, it started in a dream: For so long, I lived in a beautiful fortress made of defiant walls. It stood remote in sheltered hills, safe from […] Read the rest»