Creating a Way Out of Depression -1

Some Rights Reserved by KayCey97007 at Flickr WARNING: IDEAS UNDER CONSTRUCTION Thanks to a series of compelling posts on creativity by Isabella Mori at changetherapy (part of an exchange with Psyblog), I’ve been trying to understand more clearly what happens when creative work takes place. I haven’t gotten there yet (can’t say I expect to solve this puzzle since more learned and insightful people than I have been trying for […] Read the rest»

Fear of Falling and Mad Men

Some Rights Reserved by Memotions at Flickr In the midst of writing about moments of spiritual insight, I realized I had to draw the other half of that picture. The lost side of spirit is emptiness. I don’t mean the emptying that can be a stage in recovery and spiritual growth. That kind of emptiness is a good thing. It means the stopping of daily noise, the frenetic pace or […] Read the rest»

Stopping Time, Stopping Depression

Are you ever able to get away from time in the sense of measuring what you do, day in, day out? I can’t seem to escape it very often, but I’m convinced that doing so is one of the ways I get myself out of depression. Of course, the clock is omnipresent, and almost all activities in the daily world are measured against it. Most people, with their usual ups […] Read the rest»

Spiritual Paths to Healing – 2

There is a longing for spiritual closeness just as there is a longing for an emotional bonding to another human being. But it is a form of longing, of human need, that I spent years ignoring. I’ve written here about longings arising from depression and inner devastation, emptiness and loss. Those longings tend to break up relationships, work life, family, but I’ve experienced spiritual longing as a draw toward a […] Read the rest»

Am I Normal? Am I Depressed?

Some Rights Reserved by notsogoodphotography at Flickr Which insightfully bewildered comic strip character was it who said: I never knew what I was missing until I lost it? I read that line about ten years ago after a series of surgeries had removed a few expendable body parts and left me in a lot of pain during the weeks of recovery. Suddenly I thought of all the things a healthy […] Read the rest»