Getting Ready to Recover

In thinking about how I managed to rid myself of depression, I’ve realized the importance of getting ready to recover. This idea never occurred to me during many failed attempts to find a way out of the underworld of living. I had hoped there would be a quick, linear pathway to feeling fully alive again, but there was never going to be such a simple solution. I mentioned in a […] Read the rest»

Meditation and Treatment by Tweet

Some Rights Reserved by dicktay2000 at Flickr When deeply depressed, it’s not the fear of failure I carry but the fear that success is getting too close. When I’m living in the timeless Now, what happens to hope, to a future, to recovery? I think I’ll want them back if I land again in the tightly timed now. @soulful sepulcher said to me: Try this, you’re already recovered. Real recovery […] Read the rest»

Stressing Life by the Rules

Recovery from depression meant a lot of change in the way I lived, and cutting out the stress of a tension-filled job was at the top of the list. Once I had ended that life of constant pressure, I could feel the relief at the start of each day. A freedom and energy filled me, and I could step at once into the work of writing that I had long […] Read the rest»

Writing, Creativity and Healing – 2

Thanks again to isabella at moritherapy and her post about Mental Health Camp, I’ve been reading Louise DeSalvo’s Writing as a Way of Healing. She discusses at length not only the healing power of the writing process but also the need for a writer to care for the creative self. Her own breakthrough in becoming a professional writer started when she discovered a demanding form of Japanese painting that grows […] Read the rest»

Meditating through Depression – 2

Here are more journal excerpts from many years ago about my first experiences working with meditation to deal with depression. Unlike Revellian, as he explains so well in a recent comment here, I have not so far cultivated meditation as a long-term practice and discipline. Nevertheless, from these first attempts I found a method that has helped blunt the deep stress and anxiety that accompany depression. Sometimes it can even […] Read the rest»

Meditating through Depression

These are journal excerpts about my fitful beginning work with meditation as a guide through depression. After a day of feeling the chaos of panic, immobilized at work, I went to see JL, first therapist in years. This guy is real. He wasted no time, quickly running through some patterns he observed (explaining that he was hurrying things up because I had been through therapy) and then hit on something […] Read the rest»

Meditation, Recovery and Healing

In sorting through boxes of old papers today, I came upon part of a meditation and some journal notes from the period in my life when I was recovering from a cancer operation. I was dealing with depression at the same time and searching for new approaches to healing beyond the physical treatments and medications that comprised the aftermath of major surgery. I was trying to deal more with depression […] Read the rest»

How One Man Fights Depression – 1

Photo Credit – stewart charles – I’ve fallen back into a prolonged dark period after a few weeks of energy, buzz and a bright outlook. That’s the way it goes, riding one wave after another through it highs and crashing lows. I need (and I mean need) to write what I’m doing to counteract this latest drop as the full weight of a huge surf comes pounding down on […] Read the rest»