Growing Up Blue: Picturing Depression

Some Rights Reserved by ssh at Flickr Have you ever wondered what a very young boy sees when his mother is staring at him through a camera lens? I don’t mean the digital cameras that do the looking for you, leaving your face fully visible as you press a button. I’m thinking of cameras that used film, had range finders, light meters and a combination of aperture width, shutter speed […] Read the rest»

The Sound of Written Words

Have you ever wondered what the sound of hundreds, no thousands of blogs on depression and mental health is like? I was looking over these sites at one of the blog-rating communities the other day and was struck by the differing tones of so many voices. They were sampled in clipped excerpts and thumbnail images which I could quickly scan in page after endless page. Although they differed in many […] Read the rest»

Forgiveness & Recovery from Depression

Recently, Melinda wrote a post about the role of forgiveness in her recovery and the difficulty she has had in forgiving her unrepentant father for abusing her in childhood. Reading this made me aware that I wasn’t very clear in my own mind about the meaning of forgiveness. It is always mentioned as an obligatory part of recovery, and yet there has always been something elusive about the idea for […] Read the rest»

Gaze and Notes

Revisiting: Writing Through Depression

I’ve tried to use the creativity of writing to engage depression, to take away its power and release my mind from its prisoning obsessions. I want to offer a few notes about how these basic elements help in my experience. Each of us responds differently, and what works for me may not work for another. So this is my take, a rough rendering of my truth – maybe it’s like […] Read the rest»

Real’s Men and Depression

The other day I looked back at a couple of posts by Therese Borchard at Beyond Blue about the behaviors that distinguish men and women in their responses to depression. She quoted two different studies in posts she published about a year apart, and that’s how long I’ve been mulling over writing about this subject. I’m less interested these days in explanations and studies than in looking directly at experience, […] Read the rest»