Talking Honestly about Depression

  I’ve always had trouble talking honestly about depression, in therapy or out. Even though much of its influence is gone, this remnant of depression is still holding on. I was always able to report the latest news to a therapist – I’m down at level 2 instead of up at level 8 (or whatever other shorthand you might use). And talking about history was not the problem. I could […] Read the rest»

Making Decisions When Depressed

Like so many, I experience depression in various forms, yet each in its own way knocks out the decision control center in my mind. At times, I scramble in anxiety and can’t focus enough to pick out one among many possibilities. At other times, I don’t care about choosing – or anything else for that matter – and I let the alternatives fall where they may. Or I make all […] Read the rest»

When Depressed, Do You Feel Ugly?

I’ve published another post at Health Central. The opening is below with a link to the full post. Quite a while back, there was a TV series about a group of nurses in the Vietnam War. It was called China Beach. In one episode of this powerful drama, a soldier who had lost a leg from the knee down is back home, feeling lost and depressed about his life. Desperate […] Read the rest»

Re-Reading the Story of Depression’s Meaning

There are no more beautiful and moving stories of healing than those told by Rachel Naomi Remen. Kitchen Table Wisdom is one of those books I come back to again and again. Each of its brief stories renders a moment of discovery that reveals a life’s meaning to someone lost in pain or rigid routine. As moving as these stories are, I had never thought much about the relevance of […] Read the rest»

A Wheel of Emotions

Some Rights Reserved by at Wikimedia Commons Here’s something that caught my eye – a highly original classification of the emotions. This image is the work of Robert Plutchik, a psychologist who saw emotions, apparently as Darwin did, as playing a role in the evolution of animal life. He posited that all animals, including humans, share the “primary” emotions. Those primary are the eight shown in the middle of […] Read the rest»