Recovery from Depression’s Words

The words went up like walls, and I stepped inside to stay. I paced around in that confinement and after a while got to know the enclosure well. I liked its stillness and the sense of limits and order. Around me I read the names for mental things and emotions that I owned. They explained me, and I had a place to call home. I paid the rent in pain. […] Read the rest»

Healing & the Need for Roots

Some Rights Reserved by pictoscribe at Flickr I’m finding that healing the effects of depression has a lot to do with understanding the need for roots and what the experience of being uprooted is all about. The metaphor of roots growing into a nourishing soil kept me focused for a long time on just one aspect of this need. I thought it meant primarily having a geographical place to call […] Read the rest»

Aging Out of Depression

Some Rights Reserved by MVI at Flickr I’ve published a post over at Health Central about recovering from depression and the effect that’s had on my sense of time and the process of aging. The opening is below with a link to the full post. Merely Me’s beautiful post on the losses of growing old ended on a sense of acceptance about leaving behind people and events long gone and […] Read the rest»