Seeing and Recovery

A long time ago, I came home from work one day and found my five-year old son carefully studying a pile of metal debris he must have just lugged into our yard from a neighboring hillside lot. We lived on the edge of a small city in the foothills, and there was frequent illegal dumping of trash by the side of the dirt road near our house. I was prone […] Read the rest»

The Gift of Belief

A strange thing happened recently in the midst of confusion over multiple recovery strategies. I suddenly realized that something had changed deep down – at the level of basic belief about myself. But before I can explain, I need to back up for a moment. I’ve been searching for some time to find the right combination of therapies, medication, spiritual practice, physical activity – anything and everything I could work […] Read the rest»

Authenticity and Recovery

Some Rights Reserved by solidariat at Flickr This is the first time I’ve participated in a blog carnival, and I’m grateful to Evan of wellbeingandheath for inviting me to contribute a post on the theme of authenticity. As soon as I heard that word, I realized how central authenticity is to recovery from major depression, but I had never before reframed the process in that way. What’s changed in my […] Read the rest»

Grief for a Faithful Shepherd

Here is a revision of another early post on this blog. I journaled this a few years ago right after the death of our dog. Writing it down helped me to realize the difference between grief and depression. At times, early steps to recovery can be taken in the midst of pain. Today we lost Maggie, our aussie who showed us what shepherding was all about. She was four months […] Read the rest»

Healing Waters in the Grand Canyon

Some Rights Reserved by efleming on Flickr This is another of the first posts on this blog that I’ve revised. It describes an incident from many years ago, but the experience gave me an image of healing that has never left. I come back to it again and again whenever I need to push off the weight of depression. My wife and I were hiking with three friends into the […] Read the rest»

Writing to Get Through Today’s Depression

Some Rights Reserved by Thomas Hawk at Flickr This is a revision of the first post I wrote for this blog. It came from a journal that I worked at daily for a time, and that experience convinced me that writing about depression was one way I could fight it more actively. I will be publishing revised versions of several early posts over the next few weeks. Fear wakens with […] Read the rest»