Depression and Worry: Tales of Mere Existence

I hope you enjoy these classics. They’re good notes to end the summer on.

1. How to Cope with Depression

Lev Yilmaz: If you’re feeling down, go to your Co-Workers, Elders, Family and Friends for help. They are sure to give you great, great advice…

2. Things I Have Worried About

Lev Yilmaz: Just a few things I have worried about over the years…

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4 Responses to “Depression and Worry: Tales of Mere Existence”

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  1. Judy says:

    OMG – these are too, too great! I was feeling kind of bummed myself but can now put it in perspective :-0 Reminds me of a friend of my sister’s who would say, no matter what bad things happened to someone, “Well, it could be worse – you could be dead.” Well, some of us probably wonder if that would be worse!

    • John Folk-Williams says:

      Hi, Judy –

      That’s true, it could be worse. The claw of a huge monster could rise up from the murky depths of the bath water!


  2. Donna-1 says:

    This is great! I was feeling really down today and now I have these videos and can feed on someone else’s bizarre sense of humor!

    • John Folk-Williams says:

      Hi, Donna –

      I found these videos last year, and they never fail to give me a lift. He’s made quite a few over the last four years – you should check them out.


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