How Does Depression Change You? Can You Ever Be Yourself Again?

Fractures and Changes

Have you ever wondered if multiple episodes of depression change you so much that you’ll never get back to your old self? Most people I hear from say: I want to be myself again. That’s their definition of recovery. Can it happen?

I found an interesting discussion about long-term changes in an online journal called Medicographia. The editors posed a question to psychiatrists and researchers from around the world and printed their responses together.

Here’s the question: Is the patient really the same after a major depressive episode?

The experts cover a lot of ideas, and I can’t summarize them all. But here’s an overview of their findings. Most of them believe that you’ll never be quite the same again.

Full Recovery

Naturally, some people do better than others. Many cope well with depression, avoid negative thinking and can spring back from the illness. They’ve got good resilience. If that picture fits you, there’s more good news.

If you’re in great shape after an episode of major depression, meaning full remission of all symptoms, it will probably be a long time before you have another episode. You may even be done with depression for good.

Even if you do get another episode or a whole series of them, you’re more likely to get back your full health in between each period of depression. More depression is not a happy prospect, but being totally yourself after each episode is about as good as it gets.

Residual Symptoms

Others don’t do so well. (I wish I didn’t always fit into this unlucky “others” category.) They have repeated episodes that cause long-term biological and psychological changes. Those changes lower your threshold for getting depressed the next time around.

Any residual symptoms after you’ve “recovered” mean you’ll likely have a much shorter break before depression strikes again than the folks who get rid of all their symptoms.

There’s a big problem, however, in figuring out whether you’re symptom-free or not. A physician who’s treating you, whether psychiatrist or primary care doctor, usually doesn’t measure your response to treatment with a formal rating scale, such as researchers use.

Your doctor wants to know how you’re doing with the major symptoms you’ve been most concerned about. If those are going away, you’ve “responded” to treatment. In other words, there’s been a reduction in symptoms. Great. You’re both feeling good about the outcome.

But there could be other symptoms you haven’t mentioned because they didn’t bother you so much – or perhaps you never connected them with depression.

Research is showing that there are many differences among people who are considered to be in remission. To measure these differences, they use to a formal rating scale, consisting of a series of questions about the severity and frequency of symptoms. The Hamilton scale is the most widely used. It assigns points for each answer, and an arbitrary lower limit has been set as the boundary between full remission and illness. However, that boundary isn’t 0. It’s 7.

Many “remitters” have mild symptoms ( with a score of 3-7) and face a much greater possibility of having a recurrence than full remitters (0-2). Apparently, even mild remaining symptoms predict more rapid relapse. So medical professionals are now urged to keep treatment going until every symptom is gone.

Long-Term Changes

The changes depression brings with it can reach into many dimensions of your life: biological, psychological and social.

  1. Social:

    Family: Depression is an illness that affects the whole family. In the midst of an episode, you may have a lot of conflict in your closest relationships and try to isolate yourself from the people who need you the most. The damage doesn’t disappear overnight after you’ve started feeling better. If depression has continued for some time, or you’ve been through many recurrences, your family, especially your partner, can begin to get depressed as well. These are long-term wounds that take time to heal.

    Work: Depression can affect the way others think about and behave toward you, especially at work. They may regard you as unstable or unreliable and be reluctant to entrust new projects to you. Stigma can affect your attitude toward yourself as well. It’s easy to internalize an opinion that you’re diminished by the illness or that you should have been able to handle it better.

  2. Psychological:

    Fear: After you’ve been through a serious depressive episode and lived with its disabling effects, you don’t want to go through it again. You may feel a lot of anxiety and fear about recurrence. Everyone wants to avoid a return of the illness and usually follows a treatment path to prevent it from happening.

    Some people also get very cautious about avoiding stressful conditions that might trigger a new episode. That’s understandable and often necessary. But it can be hard to find a balance between realistic assessment of the risks you face and acting out of fear and anxiety.

    The risk of recurrence is all too real, so following the treatment you’ve chosen and adapting your life style to stay as healthy as possible are wise and necessary strategies. At the same time, though, there’s a danger of underestimating what you can do and avoiding taking action that could turn out to strengthen your sense of self and level of resilience.

    I’ve had a long fight with this sort of caution, fear and avoidance. Living with them has been a significant psychological change that has often blocked me from testing myself to see exactly what I can accomplish. I think of it as one of those scars of depression that needs its own therapy.

    Memory: Researchers describe a couple of long-term changes in memory brought on by recurrent depression, and sometimes by single, prolonged episodes. Memory changes have a lot to do with brain biology, but living with the effects can bring on major psychological changes as well.

    One is difficulty holding onto short-term memories. I’ve had a steady worsening in the ability to retain things people tell me as part of daily living. It’s a problem that also affected my work, which required me to track and summarize complicated discussions in large groups. This is a common effect of depression, but unfortunately it can continue after a depressive episode is over.

    One of the researchers in the symposium brought out another aspect of memory I hadn’t thought much about. Instead of emphasizing memory loss, he points out that depression is an intense experience that can etch some memories in great detail for permanent storage.

    These are the memories of emotionally and negatively charged experiences that occur during depressive episodes. As this researcher puts it, memory is a way of prolonging the past. Through vivid memories of negative experience, depression keeps up its influence long after an episode is over. Those memories can overshadow new incidents and cause them to be interpreted negatively as well. These memories contribute to a recurring cycle of depressive ideas about yourself and make you more vulnerable to a new episode.

  3. Biological:

    Social and psychological changes may be bad, but at least you can work on them in therapy and support groups. Biological changes are completely beyond your ability to control. Hopefully, medications will eventually help correct them, but right now the changes themselves and their relationship to depression aren’t clear enough to lead to specific biological treatment.

    The best documented change has to do with brain anatomy. The size of the hippocampus, an area linked to memory formation among other things, is smaller in people who’ve lived with depression – the longer the depression, the smaller the hippocampus.

    This could be related to a reduction in the level of BDNF, a protein which is crucial in the formation of new neurons. As BDNF decreases neuron cells lose the support they need to survive. BDNF is active in the hippocampus, among other areas of the brain, and a decrease in its availability may be one of the causes of its reduction in size. Depression also relates to higher levels of stress hormones that can have a variety of destructive impacts. More familiar from all the publicity surrounding antidepressants is the effect that the illness is thought to have on neurotransmitters. Reductions in the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine, in particular, have long been associated with depressive symptoms.

    The connections among these and many other biological processes and their relationship to depression are still under study. But the biological dimension of depression seems to have long-term consequences on brain functions and may make each of us more vulnerable to recurrence of the illness.

What Can Be Done?

Given the breadth of potentially long-term, even permanent changes, how effective are current therapies in dealing with them?

The consensus of the researchers seems to favor the use of varied treatments to manage each type of change. They recommend a holistic approach instead of total reliance on antidepressant medication.

The next post will explore the brighter side of treatment. As more is known about how antidepressants actually work, it appears that they may counteract some of the major biological changes caused by depression. A variety of psychotherapies can also help deal with the psychological and social changes that untreated depression can inflict.

So there may be hope that you can be yourself again, though perhaps showing some wear-and-tear.

What long-term changes have you observed in your life as a result of depression?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This has given me incredible closure knowing that those in the “others” category, myself included, virtually have very little hope. It sounds sarcastic but it’s relieving to know I can stop trying and accept my future and the way I will live and suffer for the rest of my life.

  2. Terry says:

    I have a question. I watched the movie “This is where I leave you” and one of the characters has depression and and she said because of her depression medication she has no filters. Is this true? Can you let me know what the word that describes this? She used it in the movie but I forget what it was.

    Thank you.

    • Dylan says:

      My medication completely took my filter off. I say all kinds of things and I’m not afraid to say certain things to people like I used to be. I like it.

  3. Witheld says:

    49 years old, depression since my late 20’s Antisocial introvert adrenaline junky. Just diagnosed with PTSD 10 years after getting out of the military. No sense of purpose and almost nothing makes me happy any longer. Add to it an unwanted divorce and never ending child custody battles. I’m ready to run away and live in a cave far from “civilization”

  4. Alix says:

    I had a really difficult time in my last couple years of high school especially my senior year. I would cry almost everyday at school and when I got home. I never told anyone what I was going to through until one day, at school it just got too much. I don’t think my parents even knew but that day I told them I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I still didn’t really know what is was then none of us did. I went to therapy but only for a few months because I was graduating and was feeling a better. Then I went to college away from my family and friends. The first semester was good I had made lots of new friends was having fun and studying hard but struggling (always had a hard time in school), but then the depression started to come back. Then some things happened that kind of knocked me down further. And then my grades started to fall. I didn’t really know what was happening at the time. At first I didn’t tell my parents I didn’t want to worry them and though I could just get through it. Of course if didn’t work and went to the school psychiatrist and was prescribed medication. I didn’t see any many friends anymore, and the friends I did see we would stay up all night and smoke and drugs. Then overtime as things got worse I wanted to spend more and more time alone. But then also the loneliness was too lonely. I started smoking more as a way to cope, but also because it’s all my friends did. I guess I was spending to much time alone the I developed social anxiety. I guess I was a bit quiet before but I’ve always had lots of friends and never social anxiety. After a year I was having a really hard time, I guess I hit rock bottom. One day I decided I wasn’t smoking anymore and I didn’t. But after that I was still in pain. I tried to take my final exams but couldn’t and decided that it was best to go home and continue therapy. Now I’ve been at home since Jan, and looking back I have changed a lot for the better. But I do look back a lot at the person who I used to be, the person who liked going to parties and meeting new people. Who would smile more and laugh more. Who loved to socialize and be with friends. I’m always wanting to be that person again. People say that if I was doing it before I’ll be able to do it again. I some what believe, that but I can also feel that I have changed after experiencing that episode. But I don’t know what exactly has changed, it’s kind of like the light inside me is a little dimmer, and I don’t think it will be as bright as it was before. I think part of that is also because I haven’t forgiven myself for the past, and accepted it. Whenever memories from that year come back I get a tightness in my chest, and I can kind of feel the anxiety and sadness that was there. And I just want it to be erased. But maybe it’s not about forgetting what happened, its about accepting that it happened. I guess now I don’t really know what to do. I feel like I’m either thinking about the past or the future and not being in the now. I guess I don’t really know what to do now, I’ve just enrolled in a online design course. But then I feel like I’m not really living life. I feel like I spend to much time at home or with family. But then I know that it will happen eventually and naturally. I just feel like I’m not really living. Excluding the traveling, I feel like since I’ve been home I haven’t really done anything. People say that this is a time for me to grow and learn about myself, I haven’t really done much since January. But then at the same time I don’t know what to do.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you for sharing this. I relate to a lot of what you said… especially about feeling like the light inside you is dimmer. I was a social butterfly before depression hit and even though I’m not experiencing severe depression like a few months ago, all I want to do is stay home and hide from the world.

  5. Unknown says:

    I want to share my story I have been blessed with very good parents always I have being treated like a princess all the time the thing is that I never felt confident and firm and beautiful never truely I m beautiful but this is my weak.point when anyone looks at me or speaks to me I don’t feel to look back or speak to any one when I was a child I have developed myself as a loner I have been always being alone when someone looks at me I feel hatred I feel like I would.kill them I can’t do things I needed to do I always dreamt of being someone big great but being a loner neither I would allow myself to mix WID people nor did I want to talk or ask help from anyone I used to always keep my eye outside from my home but I would never try to mix up … When I tried to mix up with my age group people I never felt happy coz every 1 was too much over actors and they had been I’ll treated by their I wold never mix up with my age group or people with people elder then me coz I won’t tolerate them any one not even kids I used to feel guilty always and even though I wanted to achieve the best I could I would never come out from home I have developed a huge shyness I can’t even express u I would never talk to any boy or Learn anything coz of my shyness and would always be with my parents always they thought she likes to be with them so they too enjoyed but I would treat them as friends whatever bthey would say me I would never follow coz I always felt that they are talking friend ly not serious my 10 score was 78 .%and in 12 I scored 60 % and then following the so called trend I opted for engineering there also I would seerch a friend I was not studying not even I took my studies serious ly I didn’t engineering 3 yrs the people there were so advanced and so forward these also I would not be able to fix my self then avoiding all and everyone I would spent my whole life sitting at home nearlynow I don’t know anything about the life where is what and Al the way I travel Lee alone due to this I had being got growth of unwanted hairs on my face belly so even more I m feeling so shy I always try to focus on what to do but m unsussesful in deciding what I really like to do I haven’t developed my speech and my mind so I talk very less or almost I used to not talk the whole day. I used to take things directly on my heart I would laugh at anyone and would go with anyone w/o anyone s consent would just run rylun run now I need my final yr I m always trying to save my life nad myself from people around I hate to talk to anyone but I always feel to make a friend a true friend who love me take care and giude me I will achieve great things but I really don’t know I don’t know how to make myself more active and fight doe my self I was topper

    • Anonymous says:

      I completely understand how you feel. For years I didn’t understand why I desperately wanted friends but at the same time I found it difficult to be around people. I find it hard to make friends and keep them. I also find it hard to be around people for too long as I am then desperate for my own space. I have come to accept that I am an introvert and that’s what introverts are like. I have met people like me in the past few months and it helps to know I am not the only one. Someone once said to me that I needed to learn to love myself. I went away feeling quite annoyed but they were right. I do love myself now and have accepted myself for who I am. I think that is an important step in being able to make friends. If you can love yourself then you can learn to love others. I am discovering the more social situations you put yourself in the better you get at being around people and finding things to say. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself the luxury of making mistakes socially. You can only learn from it and do better next time. My friend said to me when she first met me that she was socially awkward and that really helped both of us. It helped us both with our conversation and understanding each other. There are more people out there with the same problem then you may know. Sometimes you can feel alone and feel like no one else understands you but you really are not alone. You just need to find that one person who understands how you feel. As a Christian I have often told Jesus and my Heavenly Father how I feel and he has always been there to help me, guide me, comfort and support me. I have heard his voice in my deepest darkest moments. He has always been there, my truest and my most amazing best friend. If you are ever in need of a friend who will never let you down, then ask Jesus to be your friend.

  6. Many instances the mix of factors makes it in order that no one therapy will likely be effective sufficient
    to insure that the sufferer won’t ever experience symptoms of depression once more.

  7. Lorna says:

    I dont know how to feel differently than being depressed asI have tried for years to get help through my local hospital but alas I have been forgotton.
    I am on my own now not seeing anyone now for nearly 2 months.
    I really believe this world.
    I feel is no longer a nice place to be when I feel really alienated and dont have a good reason to keep going.
    Dont think the medical proffesion know how to help you and anti depreesants are not the answer look what happened down in Perth
    grand father murderedhis whole family daughter and 4 children.
    How do you hold out hope when you cant find a way out?

    • Anonymous says:

      Depression can feel like a very long and dark tunnel and like there is no way out. I am living proof that there is hope and there is a light at the end of that tunnel. My depression got so bad I was suicidal. I just felt like there was no hope. I kept asking God, “when is it ever going to end? “ “when will I ever feel normal again?” The doctors were not listening or taking me seriously. It was 100% Jesus who healed me. He showed me that there were bad things that happened in my family’s history that needed to be put right and once I had dealt with the things he showed me my depression completely went away. If it wasn’t for Jesus I don’t know if I would still be here right now. Things are so much better now and I am really looking forward to the future. I just want to encourage you and anybody who reads this that if you are suffering from depression, that there is hope and you will come out of this stronger and better for it. You may not be exactly the same you but you will have more tenacity and endurance. If you can get through this then you can through anything!

  8. Mimosa by the southern coastline says:

    Major depression, PTSD, and disassociation. 47 years old and I have had some of these or all, hard to say since high school. I only found out that I had these mental disorder about two years ago. Up until then, I just thought I was just dumb. Maybe I am still dumb, but at least now I am aware that being dumb doesn’t cause the weird, ridiculous, annoying, terrifying, isolating emotional/social/physical experiences I have pretty much often. And having to get overwhelmed by people, and physically being tired by those experiences that it makes me dull, sleepy, and check out. And always trying to control my body so I don’t exaggerate my expressions, or unnecessarily raising my voice, or sounding like I just woke up . It’s so pathetic, and weird, no wonder I rather be alone. Better, than see people’s reaction to it, and how they treat me for it. Or being unable to greet people when I should, but I can’t because I can’t deal with rejection.

    I am bitter. Bitter that those who knew about my abuse from my father, could have a least comforted me as a child, and maybe, just maybe I would be a different person today. And with those whom I had trusted to stop a teacher from molesting me, didn’t do a thing.

    So every time I am weird, and people react to me, it causes so much pain, and I remember again why I am the way that I am. No amount of toughing it out, talking or thinking a certain way is going to help.
    My brain will turn off when I am talking to people I can’t modulate my self, and my thinking, it’s a jumble mess of emotions, and thoughts, and nothingness. Sometimes there are no words for how I feel, I just don’t know what I feel.

    It would be easier, if people would react with kindness, and compassion. Instead of mockery, or disrespect, or perhaps fear.

    I managed to be married, and have children, in my defense my depression wasn’t always so bad, It just got much worse these last few years. Had I known that I would end up this way, I wouldn’t have gotten married. It’s kinda sad that I feel the need to apologize for having gotten a family, me with the broken brain. I think it’s guilt talking.

    They love me, and I wonder all the time what is wrong with my spouse for loving me, that something must be off with him. And I think that my children will one day see me for who I really am, the way I think all the others who know me, see me and be disgusted by me.

    I am faulty, and ridiculous and having these disorders would be funny if it wasn’t tragic and such a waste.

    • Hamid says:

      I am exactly the same maybe a little more depressive than you are. I am in fight with depression since I can remember. I am 31 male married . I have depressive episodes in weekly bases. Each time I recover from it I clean up the mess and the toxicity I give to my family when I am in the deepest level of hell. Hopefully I reincarnate again with stable mentally healthy. And I wish you stable mental health

    • Lorna says:

      Its not that you think you are dumb it is because you trusted other people would do the right thing by you. It is not people like you and me that are the sick ones. If you are different people take advantage of you. I dont smoke or drinks or drugs and because of this people do not want to socialise with you that in itself maks you feel unwanted and unloved.I lost my boys to an alcoholic husband whu told me that I was an unfit mother who is he to judge me.I am the fool I trusted him for 19yrs and not once did he or my sons ever said they loved me.I gave my boys up to himas I could not keep them th way they were used to so I walked away from the marriage and left them with him.
      Always remember It takes two to tango not everything is your fault it is also the other person.

  9. xyza says:

    hello…im 17 yrs old….n i want to share my experience of battling depression [that im still doing]…i hope some1 out there may relate to it…not feel alone …n also help me … 2016 i was done with my tenth n guess what i scored 98% in my boards…..actually it wasnt a surprise …i actually cried coz i wantd full marks ….really i was such a different person then frm what im now …n sometimes i feel to just close my eyes remember the previous me n do things differently …bt its nt that simple!…i was brilliant at academicd n other activities i learnt kuchipudi n gave few performances .i liked to give my 100% to any task …..i was a tension taker bt then the tension ws good……or atleast it never had a negative effect on me …..n i was also a filmy buff ……i loved acting in front of a mirror ….n really somewhere aspired to b an actor….the idea really excited me bt then i knew its risky n tough too..aftr 10th i ws really confused on which path to choose ….i had 2 options like any1 out there in india… or medicine…..medicine ws nice bt then i realised ill have work fr many yrs…n so i chose engineering with no true goal of becoming one….there wasnt any passion……i went to a residential college … ws new to me….i wasnt independant till then …i was homesick n scared bt i knew i had to overcome all fear……i remembered ppl saying me that THESE TWO YRS [11th n 12th]R VERY CRUCIAL …YOU HAVE TO WORK VERY VERY HARD …..YOU SHOULD SACRIFICE MANY THINGS N NOT SIMPLY HAVE FUN …..YOU SHOULD BE VERY DISCIPLINED N BE AWAY FRM PPL WHO TALK N WASTE TIME……I srsly took a paper n noted few points like these to follow …..i had taken the words far too srsly ……i wasnt spking much with anyone ….i wud just reply …….ppl started thinking that im too proud n selfish …..i used to ask my doubts to others …..i was trouble to understand stuff there …..ppl wud often nt want to answer to my doubts ……n few days before our weekly exam i wouldnt even take bath fr days in a row as i wud have to wake up at 4 or 5 am to get an empty washroom…..i wuldnt drink water ……i wudnt comb my hair properly…….in the canteen i wud sit wid ppl bt i felt chatting is a WASTE of time so i wud keep planning the rest of the day n further too…..i was surrounded by many ppl bt i was LONELY……my head wud plead fr help… used to pain in b/w my eyebrows ………few good roommates of mine wud do a head massage sometimes……once i simply caught the girl who had pressed my fore head …..closed my eyes n said some thing abt my worries n then wept badly……i was so used to talking in head that in the class room once the teacher wud arrive …..i wud started saying in my mind…..OK SO NOW ITS OK LEAVE THE PAST OK SHSHSH…..NOW FRM NOW ILL CONCENTRATE WELL N LISTEN TO SIR….. ILL UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT N NOT HESITATE TO ASK QUESTION…..OK SHSHSHSOOO….LISTEN OK GOOD….123 ….OK START SHSHSHSHO……123…I WUD ALL THESE BT BY THEN THE TEACHER HAD ALREADY EXPLANED A LOT N THEN I WUD PANIC N AGain try to spk to myself i wud want ti stop the muttering in my head ….i wud say the shhshhshh 123….without my control n i was really frustrated of the habit…..i fell really sick …..n my marks became very low….just single digit marks …..i kept tring i never gave up…….i wud open my book to solve a question n then i wud read 4 words of a question n again come back to the first word …..i wouldnt be able to even finish the question ….n even if i did i wouldnt understand it at all!….i wud call my dad everyday n cry…n then finally my dad took me to a psychologist who prescribed tablets …..i shifted to other clg n went frm home…..the twist being that i shifted to medicine in the middle of the year!……onths slipped into an year ……i used to feel my heart beating faster n me taking deeper breaths ….i wud pinch myself to concentrate n i wud say that i wannna become an actress so firmly that now i laugh on myself fr that … then i was stubborn even the doctor tried to convince my mom instead to join me fr acting!…..then i simply liked to bunk clg…..i wud have no regrets n no fear nnnoooo tension!!…..i was enjoying it to simply lay on my bed……finally somehow i completed my 12th n now im actualy only getting repeated episodes of depression which occur once in 2 or 3 days … bw im kind of myself …bt the prob is that i m not suicidal….infact i really want to get back on track n study i keep makin plans n timetables bt when i open my book something stops me i cant study … scared my dad wont allow me to take a year so as to study well this time n get a mbbs seat in a good govt medical university …..n somewhere even i have lost hope …..i hav given up externally in terms of trying bt my intrnal mind isnt accepting defeat it still wants ti fight…..

    • Margarida says:

      Omg your story seems so identical to mine. I have had my depression in high school too because I wanted to get in medicine, and I had a lot of pression to concentrate and study for the exams. I usually had always had great mark, but at the end of the 12th grade my head was so messed up with my thoughts and sadness that there was a time that I couldn’t understand a phrase that I was reading. I managed to go to veterinary, I coulnd’t enter in medicine. But still, I was not well, I gave up vet university because I was not enjoying (I actually couldn’t enjoy much things. I lost hope, no one helped me they thought I was just stressed and agressive, even my family. Then I went to pysiotherapy university to study, I got some really 2 good friends who helped me go through the depression. I never gave up, I knew that I was and I am a good person, inteligent and funny. In my last and 4th year of the course of physiotherapy I thought I was strong enough to go to Erasmus. I wasn’t, 2 months after I had a recidive and my depression attacked because I was vulnerable and my family was far. I needed to go back to my country, I thought I was going to loose the year in university but that didn’t matter, I was not feeling ok. Finally my parents took me to a psychistrist and I started medication. Now, 5 months later I am feeling almost normal with my emotions but I am not the same. I always feel that my relationship with my family is not the same as it used to be. I cried so many tines in front of my mom that I don’t feel strong, I feel a needy person, quiet, and I still hope to be the person that I was. I fight every day. I didn’ losse my year, I went on in 2nd semester and made some subjects from the 1st semester. But sometimes I just think how unfair this is

      • xyza says:

        i get what u say n feel……..i feel angry that that there is so much stigma associated to it…..fever cold cancer n even aids is ok to b a topic to be spoken abt bt things like these r supposedly odd n wrong …..i think you should read this book-LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT by Preeti shenoy……it revolves around the same incidents that we both r experiencing…….n i think you should take up some hobby of urs….i know you feel the lack of energy n interest bt just do it….smthng like writing ,painting ,dancing ……take it easy….dont be so harsh on yourself….n most importantly dont isolate yourself though u want to… then DONT compare yourself with others ever .thats the worst thing to do….your life is YOURS…….you can take up creative writing,hotel management etc remember its nt a sin to do smtng most others arnt doin….if U like it….if u have any advice pls share it with me…im giving u so many bt srsly im nt following them …i WANT to bt i feel defeated….my inner me is just nt listening

  10. Grazie says:

    I have a non cured depression since i was very young. Today I’m 26, almost 27 and It’s back stronger affecting many fields, my job, my relashionship, and everything that surround me. It’s like all over the years I have to be stronger then it, but all my thoughts are confused, I doubt everything. I left my family one year ago for many reasons, they didn’t understand, now my bf doesnt. He only notice my change of behaviour and mood all the time. Maybe he’s used to see me strong, but haven’t notice this part of me. I have the constant feeling of no belonging nowhere, not feeling warmly welcome nowhere. I dont want to leave him, i ve been learning how to handle , however, sometimes seems the things are getting out of the control. And i even doudt him and his real intentions. When the things get crazy, i constant feeling of desappear. He also has his issues, I understand. So I decided to keep to myself, but he notice my begaviours. I tell him, it’s too much for one person. It’s like if was carrying the world over my sholders. Things like these, remi d’s me Robie williams, he made everybody laugh but he was the only who was carrying his pain and personal hell, the battle in his mind.

    • Lorna says:

      I dont think depression can be cured you just have to learn to live with it.I too have felt similar and yes it is a 24/7 battle in the world we live in now you can never be sure about another persons motives.
      I was married for 19 yrs and you would think you would know the person you were married to but he stole my boys from me.
      Robin Williams was great in the movie Patch Adams have you seen it?

    • My episodes of depression happened in my last 3 semesters in college. I had given up taking the govt exam-CPALE because I can’t handle being empty and unhappy anymore. So sad that my passion in studying lead to overworked then lead to depression. Worst, I can’t get a job because when I relay my story, they assumed that I can’t handle stress and incapable. And the hell, people keep on misunderstanding me(because I can really see how they expect alot from me); even my family and closest friends, so i have learned to isolate myself too. I am okay right now- I have won my personal battle,so sure with that, but I admit it is equally harder to fight the battle against the world ( especially I am affected with how my family feels).

  11. Prerit says:

    Felt relaxed after reading this article. I thaught I was the only one who cant get rid of all the depresion syntoms. Has gone through a lot in the past 2/3 years.

    • Nick says:

      Same I’ve been treated and am still experiencing issues, before it hit I was happy and giddy, and all around swell, High on life really. I may be over the brunt of it but I’m far from back to normal, I can still laugh, and enjoy things but to a much lesser degree. Sometimes I cry when I remember how things used to be, because I want nothing more than to have that zeal back. Yet, it hasn’t, and in its place it’s left a deep vengeful hatred, it’s because of these experiences that I became anti-social and even lost faith in religion. Over time it chipped away at me until I got angry, furious even, and over a period of 2 years after the first successful treatment I am an angry, hardened shell of who I used to be. Where did everything go so wrong?

  12. Lorna says:

    What makes having all these problems that all these writers on this site have and I can also relate to is when you have been lied and bullied by the people that you go to for councelling etc You are supposed to be able to trust them but they let you down even further.
    Now I feel really lost and unloved and I can only say as others have also that you will never be the same as you cannot put it all back in the box.

  13. Michelle says:


  14. Michelle says:

    Hi my name is Michelle and I guess I went through depression because of how people were treating me and saying bad stuff to me and that made me upset and I send that how much I hate my life and I now know that how much it was wrong to say that and most importantly to my Almighty GOD that was wrong of me to say stuff like that. Also I sed that I want to pass away even though I don’t want too I want to live as long as GOD says it’s time and all I want to say to GOD is that I’M TRULY SORRY for MAKING THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I HAVE EVER MADE IM MY LIFE. GOD PLEASE and PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY and THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR ME and LOVING ME. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN

  15. Ares B says:

    All I can say to all of you is that you need to “Be Here Now”, YOU EXIST. Your sitting or lying there reading these words that I typed here in Ocala, FL on 10/22/2017, and WE EXIST :), smile (even if you have to force one do it right now!)

    Every time you think about looking into the abyss concentrate on what’s in the room, what’s your name? what day is it? how old are you? do you still have all your fingers and all your toes? is anything missing from this room? if so go look for it, are you hungry? if so go eat….is this room clean to your liking? if not go clean it… you like how you look naked? no? time to go to your local 24 hour gym. you would be so absolutely surprised at how fast you can fight back against this demon if you just keep your mind busy when you start feeling down.

    I have a permanent reminder starting from my wrist and ending at about my elbow of what can happen when things go too dark. I wanted it to be over and I did my best to get there before passing out but luckily my brother had decided to stop by that day and he just so happens to be an emt. Some of you aren’t going to be that lucky, so don’t even try it. Just keep your mind busy, and if you find that you are always TRYING to think about your anxiety or fear then it might be a good sign that it is time to adopt a pet or a/several new hobby/hobbies. It works I promise it does but you have to actually go in with hope that it can get better.


  16. Kari says:

    My depression was brought on by pregnancy. I was crying over stupid stuff. Then when I asked for help from my obstetricians, I was told that because I was now ” fat”, and my “self esteem wasnt what it should be.” I never went back to her. For the following year, I had several family members die and also watched my dad almost die and he stayed in ICU for over a month in a coma. I was his ” next of kin”, so I was responsible for his care management. This was the icing on the cake for my chemical imbalance. Suddenly things started to spin. I mean REALLY SPIN. Vertigo. Ill skip to the fun stuff… My ENDOCRINOLOGIST ( not a vagina doctor) said that my body isn’t making enough serotonin to maintain balance. He said the biggest side effect of low serotonin is vertigo.
    My baby is now 10 and I deal with bouts of depression everytime major life stuff happens. Im on paxil and it helps, but after an episode, I seem to be hung over from it. The latest was Hurricane Irma covering the entire state of Florida and then a big bit of turmoil at my job and it all resulted in, I was a hot mess. Im looking forward to seeing my doctor next week. He wont raise my meds because its important to him that I cope on my own. My fear is, what about when I cant?

  17. terri says:

    I’m 58 years old and suffered with persistent depression for most of my life. I have had many episodes of major depression over the years and have usually managed to return to my normal, albeit mildly depressed self. Last summer, I fell into the deepest depression I have ever experienced. I’ve been fighting it for over a year now. For a while, I felt like the medication and therapy were working, and I felt hopeful that I would recover soon. Lately, the depression has gotten much worse. I just feel like my life will never be good again. No hope of ever being happy again. I just don’t want to exist anymore. I’m not suicidal–I just want it to be over. None of the major episodes I’ve had in the past lasted more than a couple of months. This one is so different, and it’s been over a year. I’m tired and I just don’t have any hope left. People that have never experienced true depression just can’t understand the anguish and pain that it causes. There is no way to explain it. No one knows how I feel. I don’t even want to tell my therapist how far I have slipped back into the despair. I just don’t have the energy.


    • Dawna says:

      Hope you mentioned is vital. Bottom Line. There is hope and Love is the need. Power of Prayer helped me fall into the depth of dispair.
      Understanding God’s plan & purposes has given ppl a new prospective & outlook on life, work & relationships. Read that 10 minutes of walking helps with mood. As a Nutritionist I’d say eat fresh food. Anything in a bag, box or cramed into a can is dead food. Lightly steam veggies since to much raw food some ppl”s gut can’t take it. Expend Energy to Get Energy.
      Music: changed my choice. It got me moving.
      Remember Your Never alone. Many Good Samaritians in this Beautiful World we all share.

    • jason says:

      hey man im jason this is such a mirror image of myself and it does bring a tear ..i ve had depression and anxiety for 24yrs with 9 major replapse s .when i was younger the realpses were more severe but were shorter and i recovered some what but not completely as i got older with more relapses my relapse episodes have got longer and longer .less some what severe but that i can drag myself to do stuff but it s like im so still detached form everything and everyone s like a numbness and im having to fake everything to seem normal which doesn t help much …but listen as im writing this im in another bad place .and yes i constant battle thoughts of suicide .but one thing at the moment keeps me in the game of life and thats hope .without it it s a game changer ..the hope is knowingly better treatments for treatment resistment depression are fast approaching and work in hours .not weeks or months or not at all like curent treatment and don t get me started on current treatment because at the moment i don t have much hope in it .but that s what depression does to you ..negatives everywhere .yeah i get you terri im tired form this illness and im ready to lay down too ..all the best terri s my email ad,if you ever want to chat . jas [dot] md76 [at] gmail [dot] com i probably won t be back on this site but if you want to talk email me ..thanks ,,see ya

      • terri says:

        Thanks, it’s good to know someone else understands. I feel like a ghost sometimes. I think it is like the detachment you talk about. I think about suicide constantly, but then I think of how much it would affect my two grandchildren. I could never do that to them. They are 6 and 10. I could never lay a burden like that on them. I’ve managed to get through 15 months of this. I’m functional–more or less. I go to work every day. I pick up the grandkids every couple of weeks. When I’m alone, I cry. Mornings are the worst. Anyway, I’m okay. I’m not going to hurt myself. Thank you for your kindness. I hope you feel better soon.

        • Lynn says:

          Hi Terri,

          I’m 38 and currently going through a bout of anxiety/depression. This is my 3rd in my life. I have nothing but love and respect for fellow strugglers.
          I’m currently on lexapro and starting to feel a small lift in my mood, still a long way to go.
          I read a few places that men can have low testosterone and that will contribute to depression. If medication is not doing it’s job for you, have you had your hormones checked?
          I will pray for you,

    • Alex says:

      I feel exactly the same . So very sad and tired that it is even hard to write this …

    • robert says:

      at the age of 59 I had a major depressive disorder that lasted close to 3 years. Believe me you can come back from it. Talk to your doctor openly and get the help you need.

    • Kim says:

      I so understand exactly what you said. My latest episode has been on going for over 2 years. I am done, not suicidal just want this life to be done.
      I have had episodes of depression since my teens, making it worse my mother would get angry at me and tell me to pick myself up by my bootstraps.
      I am also 58 and just tired of dealing with life. I keep trying to look at the positives in life but many days I just don’t see any positives.
      I do pray that you feel better soon. I would not wish depression on my worst enemy

    • Angel says:

      I can relate to Terri so much. I’m 53 and trying to believe that I am coming out of 18 months of a major depressive episode. There is no way to explain it at all. I lost 80lbs, and people kept saying how great I looked. If they only knew… I found that after a while, being honest and telling people about it was helpful. Everyone seemed to have a story. I put aside the shame and opened up. People care and although you know they really don’t get it unless they’ve been through it, they end up provideing resources and options and one thing leads to another. A few months ago I had zero hope. Wasn’t suicidal but just wanted out of this horrible place. Suicidal thoughts remain. Appetite is very slow to come back. Hard to listen to music. Being alone is hard. My two teenage daughters and my dog keep me going every day. Friends who “get it” also keep me going. I worry about going back to the darkest time. Fear, cautious, avoidance… have a great therapist who referred me to ketamine treatments which I believe propelled me out of the dark. They were a trip though. Scared me, yet may have been the boost I needed. Day to day here. Used to be minte to minute. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t think about this horrendous disease that struck me and I wonder if I’ll ever be the same again. Thanks to this forum for helping me feel so not alone. It means the world….

  18. Carolini says:

    Its funny how all the articles seem to say the same thing and how, inside, I KNOW what helps my depression and what doesn’t, but making the conscious changes until they become a habit are the toughest part… but SO worth it. I just want my brain to fix itself, I’m exhausted mentally from depression, it feels like such a normal life though. There was a short time in my life where I had FINALLY experienced life changing, genuine happiness.. and I was begging to hold that feeling for the rest of my life.. I thought the nightmare was over. But it crept back.. slowly over a year period. And I know what I need to do to get that feeling back… diet and exercise and positive reinforcement.

  19. Lisa says:

    I have just went through the first MD episode in my life, after 2 years, and right back into my rather stressful working environment, almost without support….(i’m a graduating medical student) i think one good thing is that i learned to avoid (excessive) caffeine, which can make the brain feel unhinged and funny and it needs so much time to recover from it. its a burnout trigger for sure. if one has the habit of taking in many cups of coffee i’d say drink lots and lots water, eat healthy meals to help the liver metabolize and get rid of it.
    during the period and shortly after, my memory and concentration suffered, for example, i could not even read comic books, let along textbooks and slides, it was quite scary and it felt like one is suddenly 70 years old.
    the “good” side is that the apathy helped me professionally. like one can appear calm all the time. lol
    I’m still figuring out a new way to cope after it, my new favorite quote is “no one can tell you to stop, except yourself.” its hard, but i’m on my way…..
    and you have my best wishes for anyone who’s been with it.

  20. Vickie says:

    I struggled with persistent depression for over 20 years. Some years/months were worse than others. I managed to work (sometimes) and study, but other times I couldn’t get out of bed, didn’t bother showering or even changing my clothes. House was a mess, lost all social connection, overwhelming sense of hopelessness and helplessness. The thing which got me on the path out of depression and back to myself was not believing I was ill. I knew I was desperately unhappy, profoundly distressed, emotionally numb, but I couldn’t identify as sick. Yes, i went to the doctor and I took antidepressants for 7 years. Felt marginally better but not much. I realised that drugs don’t really cure depression because depression isn’t an illness. My life on antidepressants wasn’t actually much better. I’m pleased for people who feel a complete sense of normality on antidepressants, but I’m not reading many stories where life is great despite ADs. Depression is a response to stress. It’s totally normal to feel ‘depressed’ / ‘pressed down’ in mood if something in life is out of balance. It’s not our brain chemicals that are out of balance, it’s our lifestyle and our emotional response. There’s not shame in that. We do the very best we can with the knowledge and resources we have at the time. Changing what I believed about depression was the key to my finding myself again.

    • Richie says:

      I’m now 67 yrs old. When I was young – 6 yrs – 24 yrs I was terribly anxious T 25 I got my first taste of depression. I got suicidal. For the last 42 yrs I’d say I’ve spent 35 in the terrible grip of Major Depression. Gone thru all therapies and all drugs . Work for a while and then BAM back worse than before. 5 hospitalizations this yr. Last 5-6 wks were great. Felt amazing. Woke up Fri. 9/15 & depressed as hell. So bad for last 3 days I don’t know what to do. I can’t believe how I feel makes no sense!!

    • CB says:

      This is a very profound and insightful comment and if more people realised that Depression is a flag that one has exceeded one’s stress tolerance set-level then perhaps AD’s would never be needed.

      Recognising the signs of low stress tolerance in our young and teaching them how to structure and make lifestyle choices that suit a low stress tolerance profile would be incredibly beneficial.

      As Vickie says – there is, “no shame” in this admittance and I would go further and say that we should teach young people – who are susceptible to depression – to appreciate all of the things that come with a low stress tolerance character profile; things like strong creativity, empathy and communication skills either verbal or written. Not true of all but I’ve met enough people that fit the profile with these traits to convince me that there is some merit in bringing it to attention in these comments.

      There are some incredibly brave people on this comment thread – I wish you all mental peace every day.

  21. Jonathan says:

    I had a “major depressive epoisde” I went to a bunch of doctors who prescribed various medications. The wierd thing was that I while I was most “depressed” usually a fuzzy headache coupled with inability to concentrate my heart would go out of rhythm into a-fib and my muscles would twitch. I told my doctor this and he told me it was anxiety. I started to wonder if they knew what they were talking about as I was in the middle of a chaotic house renovation and very stressed and I looked pale and my digestion was off. I took photos of myself as I even thought I looked kind of strange. It took me alsmot 4 years to get well and it wasn’t depression. I’d been exposed to lead paint and my liver was full of stones and I had two different types of parasite in my gut. The experince of getting physically ill and being told your are depressed and not being able to do anything about it eventually needing heart surgery to correct the afib was all pretty traumatic. Especially the part where you are judged as being deficient after formerly being an athelete and a consultant. The place that brought me back to life is called angel farms on the big island of Hawaii. I’m back country skiing again though not at my peak. My conclusion is that your depressive symptoms can be part of an undiagnosed illness and when you heal your bosy your brain works much better. Read the ultramind solution by Hyman.

  22. Andy says:

    Yea it takes a toll on you, long term effects are actually symptoms which need to be addressed. I battled dysthymia (I recentrly recognized it) for long time and ended up in a major anxiety episode (which is often a byproduct of depression).
    I’ve just read too many comments below stating that “depression caused” codependency issues, that they feel lonely (though they already were before, and they maybe have a nice family), that they struggle with their job… oh well, based on my experience and from the last researches it’s like a dog biting its tail. Sure depression worsen and can trigger those issues and they worsen depression, but keep in mind that for many, those problems were already there before they recognized to be depressed. Not everyone have had childhood traumas, but most did, even more if we include those people who don’t recognize dysfunctional relations in family (which is common, that is your only reality and it looks normal to you).
    So, although I’m not recovered yet, I can assure you I was in a terrible shape, double depression panic attacks and unbearable anxiety, but I can actually live my life again even if I know that changing my dysfunctional and maladaptive reactions will take more time, hard work, time and hard work.
    I.e. to the guy who talked about codependency, it is well known codependency (which is now referred also to dysfunctional families, with or without any addiction, in which one grows) can actually cause emotional problems, chronic depression, anxiety etc, it takes a long time to solve it but you can get much better. Same applies to who wrote about long-effects like feeling disconnected from others or work-related problems, you need to figure out what’s wrong in your perception and work on it which can take months/years (for me it’s years, given that I’ve been in a disfunctional “non-family” for most of my life).
    I wonder how can you not link how bad you feel to the loneliness you have in your life, you are missing on the most foundamental need of human beings. I guess you should ask yourself “What prevents me from having meningful relationships ?”. I’ve been lonely and without a family (actually an abusive one) since I was 10yo, so I grew up scared about relationships, I had to touch the deepest of my sufferings to understand how unnatural my life was. Once I turned 27 I started working but I didn’t have an emotional life, no emotional support, no love, I couldn’t survive once I entered the world of work, working didn’t make sense to me. It was like slavery… Why should I waste my life that way? It took the only part that made me feel alive. Well, I can tell you that you can’t find any meaning in any sacrifice/effort if you don’t do them to reach what is important to you (in my case it is “meningful relationships”), this means I have first to work on the issues that prevent me from feeling , giving and receiving love, I have to heal my wounds and disrupt that fear about relationships. Find your problem and work hard fixing it (connect with persons who recovered, do long-term psychotherapy, not cbt one that usually works just on fixing supercial problems, and make a toolbox for skills needed to calm you down and boost neurogeneration like meditation, if needed take medication, for some also engaging in spiritual practice is a big support to recovery, approach at it holistically) I promise it is worth the effort.

    • Ruhaan says:

      Hi Andy, I relate to every word you have written here.

      I grew up in a dysfunctional family myself. Had several other challenges one after the other: bullying at school, coming in terms with my sexuality and so on. Not being able to reach peace with my parents, I left home at the age of 17 and have been living on my own for close to 15 years now. I was diagnosed with dysthymia some time back and have been in therapy for the last few years.

      After trying to fight the symptoms of depression for a long time, I am actually beginning to accept the reality now. I have had a fairly successful professional run so far, reaching the top 5% of people in my field but I realise that I cannot push myself anymore. I am putting my health and recovery on lower pedestal and pushing too hard to keep my job.

      Reading this blog and your comment is a sort of Eureka moment for me. I need to approach things differently. I am not the one to give up easily. I love to love myself and fight for the life I have always wanted to live. I think there is no substitute to resilience and hard work.

      Good luck in your journey.

    • Dixie says:

      Andy I’ve tried meds and therapy but I’m so lonely. I just don’t know how to connect to anyone. Try reading everything I can find but I don’t know how open myself up to a new relationship or even friendship. I had the same best friend for 40 years and I lost her 5 years ago. She was the only one I ever had that believed in me and really loved me. I’m so lost without her.

  23. RZheGadh says:

    A long term effect of depression for me is the failure to connect with others. In my worst moments, I become an extremely violent, foul-mouthed, manipulative, and verbally abusive friend, and I treated my closest friends horribly. Somehow when I start to grow close to someone in particular (or having a BEST friend, in other words), the relationship always spirals into a codependent, abusive, unhealthy relationship . The worst case I’ve ever had was with my good friend, Dee (not her real name). She refused to leave me alone when I was suicidal and ready to stab myself in the neck and (hopefully) sever my carotids. Due to the fact she stopped me, I physically assaulted her and she ended up with bruises on her neck and long cuts on her forearm from my nails. Ever since that incident, I have been sent to a ward for treatment and finally released after a few months. However, ever since that incident, I find myself apathetic to others, therefore failing to form an intimate bond with others. This seems to be for the best, since I have no idea how to maintain a healthy relationship anyway.

  24. Kari says:

    Long term effects of depression, for me, diminished credibility. People think im a low life and behave towards me as though I’ve never had anything going for myself. (at least this is what my mind interorets based on my experience of how I used to be entrusted and treated when i wasnt in major depression and ptsd was in check)
    Also my physical body. I never go outside and just look for the beauty and ironu and comedy like i used to. My arches have fallen,my knee has been injured and will never be the same. My blood pressure is low and my hearr rate is high. Im protected by a layer of fat that didnt get there from eating. Normally im quite physically amd mentally active. 13% to 9.5% body fat…. My face looks different and everyday i look at myself less and less. Its a walking, or not walking nightmare.
    I love the question will i be my old seld again. Because it really IS a honestly DUMB question. Meaning we are never our old self. Even tomorrow we’re different than we were yesterday. So I laugh when I ask that of myself. What i will be is different. From past experiences (thank god) I have a choice to redefine myself. Forget what I USED to do. Its history. If parts spark my attention then far out. I won’t set up expectations. That would put pressure on me and I am pretty sure that I would be depressed again, quickly.
    This depression im in now has lasted 3 or 4 years. Im scared now. Older, not as resourceful. My name means nothing anymore. Even to myself. But my heart beats and I feel the darkness is wearing itelf out and I feel a little bit of my wounded warrior tire from this inertia. Im not claiming but am hoping i wont be afraid to grab that rope and pull myself back up on to tje deck of the ship of the living.
    Theres a lot to interpret from what i said, as far as how this has changed me. Nobody understands. Its dreadfully painful. But I’m not going to look back for anyone’s approval ever again.
    This is a very fabulous article.
    Thank you for writing this piece.

  25. Busi says:

    Hi I have been living with depression for as long as I can remember. I don’t know why I have this depression because nothing traumatic has happened to me thus far. However I thought I could take it, actually I took it until I realised that my mental capabilities are not as strong as they used to be. Now I am in constant fear because I hardly understand when people try and explain concepts to me. This is scary because it affects my work. I don’t know what to do.

    • Kari says:

      How did you happen across this article? I am wondering if it was the same way I did… Are you unbelievably lonely? I am. I never ever thought I’d be lonely let alone this lonely.

  26. Jebanks says:

    I’ve had dysthymia since I was a foster child and I’ve ha had bouts of major depression throughout my life. I’m sixty years old now and after living overseas for twenty years, I moved back to the States to be near my sister. We had a falling out and I am now on my own in a city with no friends or support system. I have been suffering another battle with major depression, failed suicide, and unemployment. I had a good career, but I know that I now can’t cope with that level of stress or technology. It’s just beyond me now. I need to find work, but when you can barely get out the door for fear, it seems unattainable.
    I am at the lowest I’ve ever been; depression has made me unrecognizable – I no longer know who I am or how to begin to find a new life – especially at my age. I all feels insurmountable.

  27. Noname says:

    Hey.. My name isnt important. But i want share my experience cx i dont know what it is. I am 17 years old. i have depression since 14. and by god’s grace i never give up i fight and fight may b thats why im still alive.. but i tried alot to kill myself but everytime i just end up doing nothing just thinking about the things i will miss when im gone just thinking about my family and friends. But i cant even live cx its really difficult to fight and live with depression. i dont really take pills and never consulted someone who can help me. it was just me. juts me fighting with this since 14. I am experiencing every every every symptom of depression . just everything. the only thing is im not dead but inside i am dead. i know i am adding loads of more things in it which is useless but all these r things i kept inside me for years.. nobody knows about my depression idk how im doing it like its something which kills.. but still im doing fine too.. Im happy sometimes i smile and b okay. but may b its cx that i am used to it.. so lately i have been experiencing weird things cx of which i cant come to an end whether its depression or not. So it was one night. Tbh i was crying my eyes out and when i was okay i went to kitchen and just suddenly i felt like someone was near me and it grabbed me and touched me. i felt like that. and i came to room cx i was scared as i dont know what it was. and then i felt someone was near me. and i can feel it lately alot of time. And its like my brain isnt working and my brain is talking to me or someone inside me just came out and is near me trying to talk or i dont know what it is. or to explain it. And in the morning (after that night when i felt someone was near me) i saw my favorite thing in the floor broken. Well it was something i made for my lover, who isnt my bf but i love him.. but he dont may b we have loads of issues..i dont remember whether i did it or anyone else.. i just know nobody else did that cx even mom and my bro knows that how special it was for me. and they wont break it… and i have been overthinking alot cx of him.. Is it possible that i did it and i forgot? something like this never happened.. is it possible to forget things we did when we r depressed? may b i was depressed and i just break it thinking abt him and forget? is that possible in depression? feeling someone near you.. touching you grabbing you.. trying to talk to you as if its someone inside from your body.. plx tell me whether its cx of depression or not? help me!

    • Alsononame says:

      Hey Noname:)

      I just read your story and I think it would be the best idea for you to find some help. Maybe from your doctor? Your family does not need to know if you don’t want them to.
      I know how depression feels and talking with somebody about it really helped me personally. And the other things (like feeling somebody near you) might have to do with depression, but it might be something else too. But these kind of things can be too hard to fix on your own, almost impossible. It would be a good idea to find a doctor who can help you understand your problems and making them easier to cope with! I really hope you do take care of yourself! You’re worth taking care off.

  28. Warm05 says:

    Hi im not writing about my own story but my girlfriend’s. Im 14 and and my gf have been together for almost a year. We broke up at one point due to how bad her depression was she was very suicidal and i needed to give her time to heal. Although i didn’t realise that she may never be able to heal. She has taken antidepressants and some have worked which caused us to get back together she was happy and lovable but she got off them because she said “she dosent feel like herself” shes been depressed for so long just beinh happy isnt who she is. All she knows herself as has always been unsocial an introvert and sad. She has no answers and is havinh trouble coping i can see her getting close to her breaking point again. So far no answers but if she dosent get help soon i wont doubt her trying to end her life again. Not sure if theres any answers or if its gonna be like this forever? Will it get better? She has seen a therpaist of course but always the same thing more antidepressants but how does she find herself she feels stuck

  29. Ritesh says:

    Hello myself ritesh from India. I want to talk about my friend. Recently she got some boyfriend issue and also due to work pressure she got so much depressed that she dint sleep for 3-4 days and was not eating any food and all of a sudden she was showing symptoms like murmuring to herself, repeating the names many times, Suddenly crying and also blaming that somebody has mixed something in her food. Suddenly became violent and wanted to do suicide. Did some suicidal attempts. As this is my first time looking to someone like this. I took her to hospital they gave antidepressant medicine and then we took her to a psychiatrist and he gave many medicines including sleeping pills. As my friend is a working lady who works very far from her family. I wanted to know how she will get cure. What are the things we have to do to make her normal. Is it necessary to eat the medicines as it has many side effects. Should we allow her to join her company. What are the steps we have to follow..

  30. Yasin says:

    I have been suffering from depression since teenage. now am 32. I was doing great a year ago I relapsed ???? Increasing medication again hope i will get out of it though i do not want to try does anyone feel like i am giving up and does not want to try.

  31. A. R. says:

    Hello my name isnt important. My story maybe. Like so many of you I have been depressed. I often feel like my life is a lie. I feel like the hardwork and great achievements Ive made in life have only lead me back into depression. I’m 27 and married with a 3 year old. I love my wife and my son so much. Ive tried to explain myself to my wife but she doesnt understand and she doesnt know what to do. I cant blame her because for years I havent known what to do either. I know my wife hurts inside for me and she terrified for me and often worries whats going to eventually happen. I was raised by two great loving parents. I was given so much love, memories and more. So I often wonder why and how I got to this point. It’s been so long that I forgot. I am not holy roller but Ive always believed in god and had my own relationship with him. I feel as though over the years through some major struggles I somehow managed to get by and believed it was because I had a purpose and its what was planned for me by god. But I dont know. I’m so unhappy, so alone and things have only gotten worse over time. After loosing my bestfriend in highschool I lost it. It took many years to be normal again as I became seltered, quiet and even socially awkward. Eventually with great friends and hopes and dreams I was able to find myself again. For the last 6 years Ive been through horrible break ups all sorts of painful realisations and unforeseeable consequences. I destoryed my once good credit, many of my friendships and bonds with people I trusted. During this whole time I always managed to keep calm and collective and failure was never an option its how i was raised to just keep moving on and that life wasnt going to be easy but you just do what you have to. I found the love of my life about 4 years ago and my life wasnt great but i was stable and working towards a better tomorrow even know i always felt the world was against me. After we got married we had my son and it was the happiest day of my life. I knew than in that moment that it wasnt about me anymore. That i would do whatevet I could for him to be a great dad. To give him the tools to succeed and to spoil him with love. Besides the normal stress from work and conflicts of being married with financial issues things were good. It wasnt until may of 2015 when I lost my longterm job with a company id spent so many years working for giving them my blood sweat and tears that things took a turn for the worst. I felt cheated i was fired for something that was out of my control I was lied to and told I was fired for other things than what they put on paper. The general manager had mental issues herself and we often conflicted with work related things on company policy as i learned to be by the book so i would get into trouble. So i was fired because a customer lied about something they had delievered and said they never got. That item was a few thousand dollars. The company later concluded an investigation and found I was telling the truth. I got unemployment but I wanted my job. I was tired of working so hard and never being acknowledged. But I was great at my job the best so good that the guy i worked under for many years came to me for answers. After being unemployed for about 5 months I took a job with the postal service. They paid great I figured theres a fulltime opportunity and there’s always work to be done. It was a change of pace. Instead of physically being prepared i was mentally unprepared. I made it through became a carrier and tried my hardest to get good at it. The money was good during the holidays the hours were overbearing but it meant a great pay check and a happy family for xmas. After the holidays the crew became nasty and raged that I was to slow and that I didnt belong. All the things I was once told starting the job was a lie. After xmas i only recieved 2 days a week you can live on 2 days and being available the hours they needed me to be were untealistic with trying to have another job. So I resigned but not before getting another job making a dollar less with instant fulltime. So I was feeling like shit and worried, scared and completely nervous about liking this new job. Over the years as someone who bust his ass and has been super laidback and nice people have only exploited my kindness and hardworking ethics. So I dont believe working for someone else making them money is for me. I feel like I need to be my own boss. I love working outside and I love working in the yard so my goal became i want to start a landscaper. But I dodnt have the money and I got screwed on taxes because of dumb mistakes I made 6 to 7 years earliers and so the irs took a hit on debts in owed and I had to pay the taxes on that. It wasnt unfair it was my fault. But it hasnt only effected me but my family. So I took that new job after the postal service. I started doing vending and was filling candy machines and soda machines. It was good pay the work was fairly easy I got to be home early although getting up at 3am sucked. I kind of liked the job at first. Than someone there got ill so i had to cover his route. I was only suppose to do it forba short term and a few weeks turned into months all the sudden i was running the show getting paid only a quarter of what the normal guys earning were. Which didnt bother me that guy had worked hard and been there for years but all the sudden things got really busy and fast paced clients got rude and started hurrassing me daily i became a victim to bullying. I could take it because I was bullied growing up and as an adult it still hurts but you learn to not let it bother you because people are assholes. But between that the disconnection at hone with my wife never seeing her than fighting when we did. Never being able to have energy to be a dad for my son who I adore and just being a horrible lazy dad. I feel so stupid and I started getting panic attacks at work. I felt i was having a heart attack and someone told me that they felt maybe it was a panic attack by the way i described it. Ive never believed in using medication to solve mental issues because big pharmaceutical companys are poisoning us. So ive always tried to use rational things outlets for expression as i write music and play guitar and various instruments and very well. I used to tour years ago. But all the things that i used to do arent helping me anymore. My wife and my son matter so much but Its not fun when i feel them being effected by my unhappiness and depression. So I made hard decision and probably a horrible one to quit my job so that I could get help and be home for even just sometime to work on myself and my family. I was nervous as hell and scared id overwhelm my wife with the bills because I had no income and like angel she is shes only been encouraging and scared but loving and she hasnt been jerk. Shes just worried we will loose our apt and everything weve been through since we met and worked hard for would be for nothing. So I sit here rightnow in a blowup chair home alone wondering what to do when i have no motivation, I just lost another close friend to drugs and I devistated. I feel as though no matter what happens no matter what i do and no matter how hard i work to get stable to be able to start picking up the pieces again that I’ll always feel like this I always be miserable, happiness will always be temporary and I’ll always feel like I wasted my time and life never accomplishing a damn thing that matters. The only thing I have that many others in my position maynot is a wife who tolerates me and loves me and a beautiful funny and sensitive son who looks at me as his hero. But I fear even know I have them now whois to say ill have them forever as I’m slowly loosing them. And they are loosing the silly often rediculous and sometimes crazy buutt funny dad and husband that I used to be. I’m not sure what to do. Ive always given advice and have been one of those whois helped others and never had to recieved help but never got when i felt i needed it. My heart goes out to everyone and anyone who feels like this or worse and even just the slightly hurt that comes with being depressed. I know im not crazy and I know im not dumb Im not the smartest man in the world but I also feel like im loosing it that I’m going insane in my own mind because I cant shut my mind off anymore. I dont feel like myself and its like a viral infection or a curse you want to be better but nothings changing.

    • Tina says:

      I know so well of that feeling in life, I been through this period in my life I want to in courage you to hang in there, depression is a serious mental illness, that people don’t understand how serious it is. I want to in courage you seek some help, if you don’t want to go see a therapist, find you a support group. There are a support group that teach you how to cope with mental illness like depression. I work a place called peerlink. that help people learn how to cope and deal with depression and all kinds of mental illness. we sometimes just need a person who will listen to you and no judge you or say you just going through this and that. some one who will support and in courage you through this. I read your store to my group. they wanted me to tell you hold on, keep fighting, and please seek some help. and we are all praying for you and your well being. feel free to email me anytime you need someone to talk to..

      • Hanna says:

        Hello, i need someone to help me with my depression too.

      • Anonymous says:

        That was so inspiring. Wonderful group of people. It has ecoraged me as I am battleing depression.

      • Frances says:

        I am trying to find a support group, I am so depressed I can hardly stand it. It seems like it’s getting worse than better, I have been thinking a lot about dying lately. I need help, I can’t stand it, I cry everyday. I feel so helpless and alone. I need help, please help me.

        • Lisa says:

          Please see a doctor. You can make an appointment for a cold if youre embarrased(which you dont have to be!). Then you can explain in confidence. It will be a good first step!

    • Lorna says:

      Dear AR I can relate to your position very well. I have tried all my life to please people only to be backstabbed for what ever their reason.I was married 20 odd years ago to an alcoholic and I left him I walked out and never went back 2nd attempt he was abusive.
      He nicked off with our 2 boys 11&14 now 33&36 to America and have not seen them since.Your wife must really love you and you need to understand somehow she would not stay unless she felt respected
      I do wish you all the best and try hard to make it work as from my experience from my life is it is a hard world out there.

  32. Sarah says:

    I’m 19, have been struggling with depression since I was 14. My biggest fear is that I will never be my old self again – introverted, curious, intelligent, focused, kind, calm and observant. I have become someone I cannot stand and have been clinging to the idea that this is just a phase and I will go back to being my self again, but my sense of identity has become so weak that I now wonder if I am still that person at all. I had some issues with anxiety as a child but it was never severe – just some OCD ticks and whatnot. Then, in grade 9 I developed an eating disorder (which stemmed from my anxiety/ need for control) that brought me to 70 pounds. I was able to gain the weight back but mentally, I was never the same. I obsess over the flaws of the people that I love to convince myself that I don’t have anything to be grateful for, yet it is those same people who I berate in my mind that occasionally make me feel alive again. I am constantly sad and anxious – it physically hurts to smile, so much so that I get very anxious in any social situation because I know I will have to pretend to laugh and smile and that will only make me feel worse. I feel so extremely disconnected from the world around me and I am terrified of the future. I feel so much guilt and shame because I feel as though I have ruined myself and my life and my potential and I don’t deserve to even be happy again. I’m especially terrified because all of this happened to me in some of the most formative years of my life – I was just beginning to feel like a fully-formed, truly happy individual when the anxiety and depression swept in and took over my life. I often think about what an incredible person I could be now if my depression hadn’t interfered with my life. I look tired all the time nd the stress has given me acne like I have never had before – I hate the way I look, and I know that the only way to be content with my looks again is first to be happy. The only times I feel at all OK are when I am drinking or having sex. I am so tired of living this way. I am so scared of disappointing my friends and family because I know they want me to be my old self again and I so badly want to be that for them. I just feel as though my brain works totally differently than it used to and I am so afraid that I will never recover. I just wanted to share my feelings because I don’t feel comfortable talking to anybody I know.

  33. Lisa says:

    Hi guys.
    Well where do I start. I’ve been depressed now all in all on and off for about 8 Years. Been through the whole process, anxiety , panic attacks, chest pains, light headed etc. I’ve had 2 ecg’s a ct scan and an MRI. All came back normal. However I’ve been on and off medication. Most of the time it has sorted me out and gradually works. I’ve had two rounds of councilling , tried energy systems and Bowen therapy. However the last year or so I’ve been off medication and I feel I’ve gradually got worse again. I normally take prozac but found last time it didn’t pick me up. I’ve started with memory blank really bad. I listen to what people say then a minute later its gone. I feel I struggle talking now and can’t get my words together. Does anyone else have this? Is it a symptom of depression as I don’t feel it is. I can’t concentrate on anything and all I want to do it sit and not talk. Which is so not me. I feel like can’t think of anything to say. Nothing is in my head. I’m worried. Can someone else tell me if they have been through the same. I normally have a super memory but I feel its gone. I’m worried it’s more serious. Going to start medication again and hope to pick up. I just want to be me again. Its awful going through this. Someone help please.

    • Tina says:

      I know the feeling all to well, anxiety and depression go hand in hand with each other. I want to in courage you to get some help, find you a support group or somebody you can talk to. depression is serious thing. i’m always open to talk

      • Dennis says:

        Dear Tina thank you for replying. You do seem to be familiar with these issues and give great advice on how to counter-act with depression. “Find a support group, someone to talk to”.

    • Frances says:

      I feel like this too, all I can say is we have to think positive, I am looking for help as well. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know you are not alone, I am here going through it too. I cry everyday and I can barely get out of the house. I want to be around people, like you I can’t focus or get my thoughts together. Just keep your head up the best way you can, I will keep you in my prayers.

      • Jj says:

        I feel I can’t think straight and can’t remember anything and feel like I am brain damaged. I dread leaving the house, going to work, running errands, I feel my friends have given up on me, I have no pleasure in anything….will I ever get better?

    • RZheGadh says:

      Depression is different for everyone, and your symptoms sound similar to mine. When I experience a really bad episode I rarely remember the days and what I’ve done or what anyone had said to me (and the days blend together). I also become basically unresponsive, and once I’ve gone for three days without talking at all. Memory loss is also another effect of depression, and it can recover. It took me three years of continuous therapy sessions, CBT, and medication for my memory to finally recover close to how it once was. Believe me, your memory will improve, as long as you keep fighting and find suitable coping mechanisms for stress/anxiety/depression.
      My recommendation to you when you’re experiencing a particularly bad trough is to seek help with your therapist, and connect with people who can give you the support you need.

    • Damilola says:

      OMG! This is exactly the way I feel…I feel so blank all the time,it feels like I don’t think anymore. I dread having people around me cos I feel I’m pathetically boring, dull and weird these days.I can’t even get a girl to date me, my grades are bad and I was always among the top 5 in my class. I forget things easily and it feels like I can’t keep a train of thought or relate ideas…I feel so lonely that I smoke heavily and frequently just to feel like I’m doing something at least…the way I feel now is even better compared to when I had the depressive episode(with suicidal ideation) but is dis all I have now? Or I can still be that bright like I used to be? It pains me a lot that I really don’t want to be like this but it seems this is d best I can even get cos I feel so damaged…I’m as well too self -conscious that it makes me feel awkward always…I’m definately just existing and not living in any way…

  34. Ptrk says:

    I´m at the point if nothing changes I will probably kill my self. idgaf anymore I don´t think I will ever be able to enjoy life after this long a period of depression. I have been depressed since 2009- and things have only gotten worse.. Even if I get over this chronic depression, I have nothing left. not mentaly emotionally or generally. The only reason I haven´t killed myself several years ago is due to not wanting to hurt my family. No one even knows I have been depressed these last many years and people just assume that the reason everything with me is so unstable is bc I´m lazy etc, and this only brings me down even more. I have already planned the suicide out in details and I have various scenerios, but the one im sticking with will make my family think that I have moved to another country, so I can spare them of as much pain as possible. I know they will find out eventually, but it´s the most considerate option of many possible scenarios. I have never written anything about this shit online and i dunno what I am even writing this, bc that won´t change anything. I have always felt like ” thing will eventually get better” but now im somewhat older and I have experienced that it´s not the case. I can keep believing this bs, but that´s just denying reality. The sad part is I just turned 23, and I feel like no matter what I do, shit doesnt change. All my teachers are telling me, you could do so much more if you werent so lazy & came too school, but they just don´t understand that it´s getting incrisingly harder to act normal & live life each year. and the fact that everyone assumes I´m lazy is tearing me apart. And the fact that people haven´t been able too detect that I´m dying inside is rather astonishing. anyway, its my own responsibility.

    • Deb says:

      Dear Ptrk
      You hit the nail on the head when you said you don’t want to hurt your family but if you really want to “spare your family as much pain as possible” then that is why you must keep holding on and never give up your fight with depression. Never…. ever ….give …. up….
      Remember the song: ‘ When times get rough you can depend on us, don’ give up Please don’t give up. Rest your head . You worry too much. Its gonna be alright”…………..
      Us depression sufferers have each other to understand how shit it really is to fight this insipid illness throughout life’s trials and tribulations And we can fight this illness- together-
      Your deprressed mind is stuck on a negatively skewed recording of evrything negative you feel about yourself, your life, your family. This is too painul, of course, so you want out, But becuase you are a beautiful, yet tormented soul, you don’t want to hurt your family, despite your great sadness and pin. I do get it Been there oh too many times and it really is shit and I do very much feel for you and for hat you are gong through.. I too have suffeed this way off and on for over 30 years now (I just took a deep breath when I realised how long I have been sometimes suessfully, sometimes not ao sucessfully fighting this hideaous illness that is depession… .
      Don’t let go of your instinct to protect your family and do not go ahead with any stupid plans coming from your depressed mindset The depressed mind will not make sensible plans only plans that greatly hurt you and your family Your famly will suffer terrible sadness and grief at losing you – that is a fact
      focus instead on 1. Eating fresh foods only-high veg, high protein diet & absolutely no pakaged or junk food
      2. walking/running/jogging/exercise daily
      3.vitamin tablets as reommended by a naturopath/ check out your health store
      Hang in there hon, you are NOT alone xxxxxxxxxoooooooooo

    • Kristin says:

      Ptrk- how are you doing today? Recently my boyfriend did a DNA swab to see which medicine works best for him. You should try it. A nerve med is better for him than the regular anti d’s. Also – continued therapy helps many. Please don’t hurt your family. You can feel better – you just need the right combo of therapy & meds & cognitive therapy to stop the negative ruminations. Please update.

    • Damilola says:

      I’m just so with you on this…I hate it when they attribute my actions or inactions to laziness…that sucks! It really sucks but what sucks more is my reality due to thus shitty illness…

  35. Samantha says:

    I am 27 I have 5 children. And am married and I suffer every day with depression my children are suffering as well having to see me like this they wanna play and I don’t I sit here and just cry I am taking tofrinol I don’t think its working I have taking other meds that didn’t work neither I’m hopeless and don’t know what to do everyday I say how much I hate my life I love my children but is this gonna effect them badly will they suffer it I dont know what to do and how to change I use to be so happy and a goofball now I’m just this miserable blah who wants to do nothing but cry and be by myself

    • rahul says:

      Calm down my brother.
      Follow what i tell u.. initially drugs will not work.u will have to be patient. Certain type of drugs work on each bodytype. So if one one not working other will do its job.donot give up keep hope.u can change ur psychrist.
      I tried 4 drugs then found suitable for me.
      I know its hard i fought hard. Once u hav found a dose suitable for u. U r not far from the destination.when ever u start taking antidepressants they will worsen the symtoms first,after then will start lifting up your mood.
      These are the sideeffects of certain antidepressants on certain bodies. These are called black box warning which can make a depressed person even more depressed and suicidal behaviour.when u have gone thought this stage u will hv to start exercise(even you can try this very soon as u come to know about the benefits).start taking green veg. And fruits)
      Start ur hobbies afain as soon as medicines are on their job.its a 7 to 8 months fight u will have to be brave and fight like a warrior.
      Man look at me i even have cured my ocd
      And major depression was not a great challange. If u cry usually,some time its good it will make u feel light headed. Google for the healthy habits and follow them and start making notes of your daily perfomance.mention ur medicnes their dose what healty habit u followed and whatvever u eat write that reguraly.soon you will be feeling a great change.look what works best for you.donot stop taking medicines once u start feeling goodFollow your habits increase their
      Rate and start reducing your medicnes gradually.once you find a working drug stay on it for at least 5 months.u will be back in sun again. If you can mail me i will guide u.dont inly need patience and zeal for life.
      Become a fighter u will do.
      One more important thing when u start or miss one day it will affect ur mood greatly.either u will feel better or worse.and even if u have taken medicines for 2 to 3 weeks or even more and withdraw it u will feel well immunse uplift in ur mood,but again u will be depress.just take medicines 5 to 6 months.find a suitable dose slowly adopt good habits and gradually reduce ur dose.And u wil be out of it but u wil have to follow the suitable habits thought out the life.
      Best of luck

  36. ash says:

    I’m 22 ive been depressed since I was 14. I have periods where I am depression free but they are very small periods. I can tell when I am becoming depressed again and breaks are very short. they buit up quickly. doctors say I have severe major depression and anxiety. I am taking medication because I cant function the way I am fully. I don’t eat, I just sit here and nothin makes me fee anything. I’m past sad now I’m just numb if that makes any sense.

    the only thing I have found that’s helping is my son. he is 2 and ahalf and he is the best thing in my life. I used to self harm and I attempted suicide but since falling pregnant I have managed to avoid that through coping techniques. I just coudnt leave him without a mum.

    his father was abusive oue entire 2/3 years together verbally and physically and I feel like this has obsiouly impacted on my depression and made me fearful of new relationships. But right now I’m so indecisive I don’t know how to commit to a relationship if I’m honest.

    I am so snappy everything is making me irratablle. I cant focus and its annoying me so much.

    To all other suffers I don’t want you to read this post and see the negatives, the one thing to take from this Is to keep fighting. I am doing it and its not easy but once you have even a spark of hope there cling to it. My son is my spark of hope. I hope you all find a way to manage. and remember no matter how bad it gets theres allways someone out there who cares, I care because I kknow how shit depression is.

    Don’t let depression win
    stay strong
    Much love

  37. Gabby says:

    Im tweleve years old. I was diagnosed with depression at ten years old, anxiety at eleven. I always put on a fake smile. I also think im bipolar. I can be super happy at times but mostly sad. The slightest thing makes me sad and i honestly wish i was normal. I have a fear of throwing up, and people cant deal with me. I tell everyone im not depressed anymore but honestly its getting worse. Ive been bullied three times and now my brother picks on me and most of the time my parents dont care. No one understands and ive reached for help but nothing works. I just wish people understood me. No one fully cares and no one really wants me first apart from my bff. I was confident and outgoing before my ex-bff pushed my emotions around a couple of hundred times. It went on for two years and i finally learned to let her go. Ive made so many mistakes and im a horrible person. I wish i wasnt me. I tried killing myself three times. I cant trust anyone anymore.Im not who i really am

    • James says:

      Hi gabby,im james….just reading your blog and it is very much the same feelings i am going through and im 43….i am very suprised it has taken hold of such a younger person.i just wanted to let you know you are not alone.i cant really describe how i feel coz i dont know where to start and without sounding boring.but i can relate to your blog,thats all.keep safe ????????

    • Jane says:

      Hi Gabby
      You have so much going on inside your head and being still quite young that can feel overwhelming and isolating. Please try and get to know your depression. It’s not a disease although it feels so awful. Your mind and body are trying to talk to you. It feels like they are in conflict at times I suppose. But please be patient. Surround yourself with people or a person who you know cares about you and wants the best for you. Avoid negative people. It’s important Gabby to communicate and let those you feel you can trust know his you feel. You cannot get through this alone. You must ask for help. The greatest advice I ever got was “ask for what you want”. As a child and a growing adult I felt I couldn’t do this. Now, even though it still feels hard to do this, it helps so much when I do. Nobody can ever truly know what you’re going through because they’re not you. And the more you think yourself a horrible person the more alienated you become from people. You are not a horrible person. You have a whole world if wonder to live. Just because it feels so dark and hopeless at times, please don’t let you internal thoughts and feelings become yet another bully in your life. There is always a reason for depression – sometimes it’s just way to complex or too hidden in our unconscious to understand. When you think about or act out suicide, it’s a definite sign that you are struggling and therefore you must seek help. I would suggest you try and confuse on someone about this and sometimes a person like a therapist (who you don’t have to worry about) can help. Obviously family and or close friends are ideal but it you feel for some reason that you haven’t that relationship with them them a therapist or counsellor may be the next best thing. I admire your strength Gabby. It takes so much strength to talk about and own your feelings the way you have. I hope you know that. The mere fact that you have written on this blog also takes great strength. Just be mindful that you don’t leave yourself open to unwarranted responses from individuals. I would certainly suggest seeking professional help – not psychiatric- just a talking therapy. Your mind needs to express itself but it needs someone safe to help you fathom what it’s actually all about. That’s where therapy is useful. You sound so bludgeoned by your thoughts and feelings – I know his painful that can feel, believe me. But they will make sense in time. Something in you matters enough though Gabby otherwise you wouldn’t be reaching out in your blog. That’s good – help that strengthen by seeking the right help. Take care Gabby. Jane

    • ash says:

      Gabby stay strong

      I know how hard this is or you but please don’t give up.

      Depression is a horrible thing and after a while it takes over your body and you forget who you are. I have been there so many times and you can fight through it I promise.

      I know it also makes trusting a difficult thing but try remember your depression is trying to trick you into being alone don’t listen to it. start somewhere with a small amount of trust. you have posted your story here which is a start , keep going and soon enough you will get there.

  38. Lee says:

    I was depressed for two years in 2009-2011, and had smaller run ins with depression after that. I don’t feel very depressed these last few years, but I feel I put on a facad for many years to mask my depression. I pretended to be happier than I was and acted more outgoing than I was before I became depressed. My sense of humor changed too. I kept up this act for so long that now I feel friends and family think this is who I am and expect to me to keep acting this way; otherwise they think I’m depressed again (I had a dry sense of humor and was an introvert). I resonate with some of the other long term effects of depression, but I think overcoming the facad I put up during my depressed period is the most challenging.

  39. Mel says:

    I am currently experiencing severe depression. This hasn’t been the norm for me. I had post natal depression followed by a short episode a few years later (that the doctor felt was connected).

    Then I had what seemed like a nervous breakdown (although no loss of reality) after a traumatic loss. I can’t seem to pull out of it no matter what medication I try.

    I am in late perimenopause and although it is probably a stretch can’t help wonder if hormones are contributing to my depression. It is hard to tell. I just know that it is pretty severe. I don’t want to have ECT but it is hard to wait this out and see if it is going to lift after hormones settle.

    I can’t tell if I’m delusional for thinking hormones could be playing a role or if I am on to something. I don’t think my pdoc really knows what to think at this point. Neither do I.

    I feel no particular reason to be depressed but do feel stressed about being this way which I know isn’t going to help me feel better or get better. It is all very maddening.

    • Ann says:

      I think my depression and anxiety is also related to peri menopause. I also had post partum depression. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown everyday and I am unfunctional. I sit on the couch and am completely overwhelmed by life and even menial tasks. How are you now? Have you received relief from anything?

    • Kari says:

      Mine was brought on by ” baby blues”. My ENDOCRINOLOGIST said it is absolutely brought on by low serotonin. He said it will be worse during menopause. Im on paxil and it helps with daily function, but I still have an overreaction to drama. Then I feel hung over from it. Im even feeling like its affecting my vision as I readjust. My short term memory is messed up for at least a week after an episode. I have to write everything down. I see my doc next week and look forward to sharing my latest hang over feeling with him. Call an endocrinologist.

  40. nick says:

    At 59 i’m realizing i need help, but its really too late.
    I have ruined things again, i can’t keep a job,. i ‘m always quitting about something trivial, i have an inflated idea of myself, i drown in my own arrogance and end up a wreck, grovelling for forgiveness trying to hold onto something. I can do nothing but sit on the couch for days, just wallowing in my misery. I’ve planned my suicide, but don’t because of the anguish it will bring the family,. and yet i resent that because i can’t get the peace i want. I need to go , at 59 you should have things sorted out.

    • Shauna says:

      Hi Nick. I am so sorry for your suffering. I completely understand. I came to this site to just read about others,as depression can be so so lonely. I am 56 and also just get so frustrated at myself and my struggles, but I have hope. I read about everyone here and I do know that a true sense of well being and happiness is possible, because I have had that in the past and I will have it again. I work hard to pay attention to my mistakes, my stress levels and people I choose to associate with. These things have changed through time. I seek for higher ground everyday.
      Be well. My heart does go out to you and others who struggle.

  41. Peter says:

    I’ve been thinking this to myself for the last year but never really considered that it wouldn’t be possible to go back to who I was, which pisses me off but oh well at least now I know. I used to be popular; had a lot of friends had no troubles with girls at all. Then after years of small depressive sentiments rarely filling my mind I got my first and worse depressive episode in 2012 which should have resulted in me committing suicide but by chance I was hospitalised by my life-long blood disorder for a week and received a transfusion which put me off. Since then I’ve had other episodes and I feel as though I’ve lost myself. What I understand from reading I should try to just live my life as best as I can. Good grief, why do our brains even do this? -_- I miss being myself.

    • Tash b says:

      My depression is the worsr thin eva its been 9 month since I have been with tthis illness an for mi seems like 10 years i ave headache chest pain lost of weight thought of dead an suicide. No interest in anythin i jyst don’t know what to do. Sumtime i feel like i should uld just give but i say no becuz im not the only one with this sicknes everytime I try to be happy it just get worse

  42. alexis says:

    Is it even possible, from a biologic point of view, being born with depression? I don’t ever remember an healthy self. I can’t remember if I ever were cheerful, joyful, active or stuff like that. I’m only 18, yet everything seems unbearable to me; sometimes, in the past, I tried to open myself and talk to friends about this, but I feel they won’t ever truly understand as my never-ending, irrepressible, insurmountable sadness is not mood-related whatsoever. Same about parents. It’s been quite some time now that they started to stigmatize me.. every single time I’m nervous, or deadly tired, or simply sad, they yell at me and say that I’m a disgrace, that I’m not good at anything, that I’m only a waste of time, which eventually is, by my sight, totally true, but they are not able to offer me any kind of help. No one is. The scariest thing is that I came to the rational conclusion that death is my only and last escape, as living, breathing, approaching other people just makes me even more sick. If only I found the courage to cut all this off, if only

    • Liam says:

      Alexis you are not the only one to feel this way.
      I’m 22 and Ive felt exactly how you just described for as along as I remember. So do not think that you are alone.

      • Clark says:

        I am 23 and have the same experience. Talk of treatment that might “restore” me to my old self is disheartening as even my earliest memories were clouded over by depression and anxiety. It is at this age, post-college that I am reaching out for help. But I have found that in opening up to my family and accepting a diagnosis, I have reenforced and given power to my hopeless thoughts. Now it is nearly impossible for me to do anything at all. I quit my job a week ago largely in response to pressure from my family. Now I am once again dependent on them. I sincerely hope that you are not experiencing what I am going through because it is truly dreadful.

  43. Rachel says:

    I was first diagnosed with stress aged 9. I am now 36 and have experienced bouts of depression at least annually since I reached 16. Each bout has been more severe and debilitating than the last and I live in expectation rather than fear of the next one. Between bouts I experience a numbing sensation and a total lack of connection to those around me. My memory is deteriorating and my sense of identity also. Along with my depression comes suicidal ideation and have acted on this in the past. I am convinced that my quality of life will continue to deteriorate and do not hold out much hope for successful clinical intervention. I have finally decided to register with an organisation that will help when I do make the decision to end my life on my terms. I hope the research above will produce a preventative for others in the future. I truly wouldn’t wish this on any family.


    • Sara says:


      I have had almost the exact same experience as you but have been plagued for over 25 years by this illness. All clinical interventions to minimise my symptoms have failed – I sought help from numerous physicians, specialist clinics etc. and over the last 15 years have tried virtually every type of medicine and diet.

      My all-out efforts to take matters into my own hands continue to fail. How did you go about finding and registering with an organisation to assist you end your life?

      Please help.

      • Rachel says:

        Dear Sara, you have my sympathy. I went online looking for solutions and immediately thought of Switzerland. There are a number of organisations that may be able to help though most of them only assist with physical and not mental ailments. The peaceful pill offers advice on methods and they have groups in the UK but these are limited. I am looking into a treatment called Kambo which is supposedly very effective in treating depression with even curative effects. I would be glad to keep you updated if it works. Good luck xx

    • Libby says:

      The interesting thing about having depression as a child (6th and 7th grade for me) is how you don’t really have a “you” to really return to. Also, I’ve noticed, that although I would say I am definitely not suicidal, I’ve also noticed it feels kind of normalised? Like if I’m really sad, often my first idea is to attempt suicide, despite the fact that I really don’t wanna die anymore, and I quite like living, and if I don’t die, I’d probably just try to forget about it. Like I’m so used to suicide being my go to for being sad, that now I don’t think I know how to handle sadness.

      • Julie says:

        Have you ever read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle? I have found it very helpful in dealing with my depression. It’s not totally gone, but it has helped me to understand my thoughts and emotions much better.

      • Anna says:

        To Libby
        I feel like you just described me and my feelings. I have never felt like I ‘fit into’ any group. I have tried suicide several times myself and now like you think of it as a safety net if things get too bad. Now I live a dull life dreaming of what could have been without much hope for the future.

    • Hr says:

      Rachel, What is the organization that will help make the decision to end life on your terms? My case is even worse then yours and would appreciate getting this info from you. Please write back ASAP.
      please write to my email

  44. Sharreldean says:

    Plz help me…ths depression is mkng m feel im going crazy,i just want to be normal again..plz plz hlp me

    • Leah says:

      I don’t know if you have had episode before but if you have not I can say from experience you will feel better. I had an episode just over a year ago where I had no motivation, couldn’t eat or sleep for a month and half and had to check myself into the psychiatric ward just to get some strong enough sleeping tablets to let me sleep for one hour. It was horrible but I feel great now. I have been taking antidepressants and practicing mindfulness since that episode and I am as happy and probably calmer than before my episode. I know it is sucks right now and you feel you wont be normal again but amazingly you can and most probably will be. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help.

      Sending my love

    • Jen says:

      I’m so sorry. I know it just really hurts. I was hospitalized last summer after months of major depression. I can’t remember most of those days except just the severe body aches, no energy and all the symptoms of depression that I am sure you know so well. Looking back now with some healing I see how far I had slid into that abyss. I am not myself again, I am not sure that is even possible now but I am better, I am functioning, i am loving my family again, so there is hope. Pleas do not give into this monstrous disease, please reach out for the lifeline of professional help. Go to a hospital, call your doctor or therapist. Healing is hard but possible, I pray for you.

  45. Prashant says:

    Hello to all. I am telling my story about how I recover from clinical depression. 3 years of medication( Venlor, Nexito, Buprion, Mirnite etc.) ended in 1 day because of Mindfulness Meditation, a technique of making co-ordination between brain and body. The moment I started applying this to myself, there were some thing happening in my brain. I was feeling it. For the next two three days I follow this meditation. and now it’s simply second life. Though I am not the same person, but I not on medication anymore. Anyone wants to know more or need any help, can contact me. I dont want you to suffer anymore. Life is awesome now.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi, which meditation did you use?

    • Debbie says:

      Yes I would definety like to know more…I have been suffering 3 years also ECT treatments various SRI medication many hospital stays. Any helo appreciated. Debbie

      • Ryan says:

        Hi Debbie. I was depressed for about 15 years and mindfulness was my savior as well. To be succinct, mindfulness means living in the present moment. We have only 2 types of thoughts, either thinking about something in the past or thinking about something in the future. Why do either? Focusing on the past can only bring more depression about what has happened to us, focusing on the future only anxiety about what is to come. The other option is to live in the moment, this moment. In order to do this we must begin to become an observer of our thoughts. A good start is to begin catching yourself thinking. “Aha! I’ve caught myself worrying about the past again.” Usually you will immediately begin worrying again after, but take solace knowing that every time you catch yourself you are making progress. It is a practice, but in a short amount of time you will be living more in the present moment than in the infinite cycle of proliferating thoughts.

    • Lata says:

      Please help I am suffering since last 2 yrs and 2 mnths

    • Pat says:

      Hi, I am suffering from depression from from last 20 years working on it but not helping..I am always feeling guilty and keep thinking wished I had done or behaved in so and so way….some days are really happy and some days am so sad that I feel like dying like there is no way out even universe is not looking out for me…Will this meditation help me.

    • Priya says:

      Please tell me more about mindfulness meditation

  46. Lesley says:

    Many thanks, John. I have had both clinical and mild depression, and anxiety, for approximately 30 years. Reading your kind and insightful article does help. We all change and do we actually want to be the old “me”? In some ways “yes” maybe because our ego does. In other ways we can emerge with greater depth and empathy.

    I have found that trying to live a life of routine, which my brain screams against, is useful. We have circadian rhythms for a reason – for our homeostasis. When I start to go against this, I go downhill.

    Anxiety beset me after my first clinical depression in 1989 and I didn’t receive psychological or psychiatric treatment (stigma, shame etc) at the time. I mourn the loss of many years of health and understanding that my thinking was faulty.

    Depression is a physical illness, described as a fracture of the limbic system.

    I think far too much about the past when I get stuck in a situation I feel unsure about. I have lost a most wonderful life and marriage in another country because I fell into adrenal fatigue and then lost all my confidence again and didn’t apply for work or just surrender to a new life.

    I have lost my career at least three times over. Anxiety, muscle spasms and adrenal fatigue set in.

    Depression can be a sign change is needed, a sign to listen to our body. We also need really true and sound friends around us – ones who aren’t scared of letting us talk and not treating it as our being self-indulgent.

    I find that the “small steps approach” has a lot going for it. It is against my nature of leaping into things and I have been deemed to be on the bipolar continuum by my good hypnotherapist.

    Mindfulness, being kind to me and breathing help me with this condition for which I have taken meds for 21 years. I love Moodscope; its daily blogs refresh me and give me a community who understand.

    Thank you to all the contributors who have commented below. Peace be with you.

  47. Brenda says:

    I’ve also struggled with depression. I was in depression for 4 years before I finally got out this January. Some of the effects I feel are still clung onto me. Its amazing how it can affect you so negatively. I guess in a way I felt it is sort of selfish even though consciously thats not the intention for people who suffer with depression I would think. Sometimes I try to have friends but it seems that no matter how much I try I end up pushing them in the end and I sometimes feel its so useless. After coming out I’m aware of the feeling of others and didn’t realize how badly I feel I treated them and now I keep close attention to my tongue. When I hurt someone’s feelings I feel like the worse person ever. I feel I even push away my family. I don’t like anyone like leaning against me, or touching me, and I never used to be like that. Now dealing with the consequences has been such a challenge for me. Most of my faith is build on God though. I don’t always understand why He would let us go through things like this but I want to trust Him. I never was aware of my feelings of wishing I were dead until I laid my problems on the alter and that was this January. I guess maybe that was dragging me down but after I laid something down I had instant relief. I felt I was able to go outside and such. Its nice to know that I’m not the only one who feels that way because sometimes it sure does feel like it. Thank you to all who commented on others posts.

  48. Crystal says:

    Hey I am going to try and answer your qstueions in the same order you asked them..MILD DEPRESSION:Because this is only the mild form of the disorder, the symptoms are not very severe. Sufferer may carry on with their normal lives, only appearing low in spirits and possibly less sharp in their thinking or in their interest. They may stop doing things they do not actually have to do, but will often continue with the essentials, such as going to work or carring for the family. However, they will tend not to be as conscientious about these things as previously, or will become upset because they feel they are not coping as well as they should because they feel too tired. SEVERE DEPRESSION:Severe Depression includes markedly depressed mood complicated by symptoms such as slowed speech, slowed (or agitated) responses, markedly impaired memory and concentration, excessive (or diminished) sleep, significant weight loss (or weight gain), intense feelings of worthlessness and guilt, recurrent thoughts of suicide, and lack of interest in pleasurable activities. This form of clinical depression is a dangerous and excruciating illness. The emotional structure of the brain has frozen into a pattern of misery that cannot be altered by willpower, a change of scenery, or the most earnest efforts of friends. In a sense, the brain has locked up like a crashed computer.BI – POLARPeople with Bipolar Disorder experience extreme mood swings that can take three different forms: manic, depressive, and mixed episodes. Symptoms can include both a lowering of mood (depression) and an exaggerated elevation of mood (mania). MANIC BI POLAR EPISODESIn a manic episode, some people with Bipolar Disorder may experience an elevated (extremely happy) mood, often described as feeling “on top of the world.” Others may feel very agitated and act uncooperative and aggressive, which can be frightening for themselves and others. Patients often report that these episodes result in consequences that must be dealt with after the symptoms fade.A diagnosis for a manic episode includes either an elevated or an irritable mood lasting at least a week plus three or more of the following symptoms: •Talking too fast or too much•Risky or impulsive behavior, like sexual promiscuity or excessive spending sprees•Needing little sleep•Being easily distracted (your attention shifts between many topics in just a few minutes)•Having an inflated feeling of power, greatness, or importance•Intense focus on goal-directed activity•Racing thoughtsDEPRESSIVE BI – POLARA diagnosis for a major depressive episode requires having a depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure in activities a person used to enjoy. In addition, four of the following symptoms must also be present nearly every day for at least two weeks: •Significant weight loss when not dieting or weight gain (i.e., a change of more than 5% of body weight in a month), or decrease or increase in appetite•Insomnia or hypersomnia (excessive sleeping) nearly every day•Feeling restless or sluggish to the point that others notice•Fatigue or loss of energy•Feelings of worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate guilt•Diminished ability to think or concentrate, or indecisiveness•Recurrent thoughts of death (not just fear of dying), recurrent suicidal thoughts without a specific plan, or a suicide attempt or a specific plan for committing suicideMixed episodesA mixed episode includes symptoms that are both manic and depressive. ABILIFY (aripiprazole) is used for the treatment of manic or mixed episodes associated with Bipolar I Disorder in adults and in pediatric patients 10 to 17 years of age.Bipolar is verry different from clinical depression Was this answer helpful?

  49. Joe says:

    Gosh…been depressed for a full year now..thought I was alone,Things got so worse that I had heart problems and significant weight loss…Memory loss forcede to quit my job and I still struggle with memory and attention…Wish I could be like my old self again but it’s not gonna happen..thought of ending my life almost everyday but to think of the pain I’d leave for those who care about me…The true healers of this is only time,patience and someone to talk to cause therapists sometimes sound like they don’t hear you at all…
    “in the darkest of hours,that’s where you’ll see your strength”

    • Sarah says:

      I’m trying to recover myself and it’s such a struggle. I hope you’ve found some relief since you wrote this. Sarah

      • P says:

        I can relate I’ve been in an episode since August 2015 I had to quit my job at a crucial part of my life and it seems like I’ve let people down I struggle just to go out my front door .I have to find a way to make a living but I have so much anxiety and i just want myself back!!!

        • thoris says:

          I know what you’re going thru and I have been on a real good one for 3 years, maybe longer. I cant leave my house. I cant see a dr. I refuse to go out my front door and its not because I’m scared but it is at the same time. Idk ,I’m alone I have lost everything I have no power or water, my family turned their backs like I have some disease so I rely on neighbors who know what’s happening. I wished for death a million times cuz nothing seems like it will ever get better…i have no income. I’m stuck. Please dont allow urself to get to the point I am. If there’s help for this get it before its too late. I am a college grad, had my own business and 12 grandbabies,5 children that I would give my life to see again. But humiliation,worthless, weak, anything not good is who I am… I apologize for butting in I just want to at less think I could help someone from being homebound…end up like me. God bless all of you.

          • neha says:

            Never give up. Treatment for depression exist and you will definitely come out of it. I have suffered depression but treatment did finally help me come out of it. So don’t delay seeing a psychiatrist.

  50. Cindy says:

    I feel like giving up, but I don’t want to die, I just want my life back!

  51. Cindy says:

    I have been suffering with extreme memory loss for 3 years now that has ruined my life. they tell me it is depression but I have trouble believing there is hope. I have tried to kill myself 16 times. I feel so alone.

    • Ahmed says:

      Dont cindy. I dont know you or any of your struggles (i am patient since 5 years) but i know for a fact that killing yourself is not a solution. It is selfish and would wound others. You dont want an exit like this. Maybe you killing yourself will cause someone who loves you relapse and fall into depression of their own.

      I hope you get better. I hope i get better too.

    • Lesley says:

      Dear Cindy
      I can only send a warm hug. I have not tried to take my life but have been near it. I know someone who did and someone who tried to. The effect was deep distress to their families, anger and possibly trauma still to come. It’s the reason I have not done it.

      If you are on medications it may be that they are not the right ones or making you worse. I am assuming that you have a very clean diet and have removed sugar, gluten and all carbonated drinks from your diet. What we eat, and what we don’t eat, has a considerable effect on our mental health. I also assume that all your bloods have been tested.

      Have you tried Pranic Healing? It has a good reputation for helping us heal.

      Sending your much love
      Lesley (female from UK) xx

    • Geoff says:

      Hey Cindy. I’ve been depressed for 14 years and am slowly coming out of it in the last year. I’ve finally realised that two things were holding me there – not living in the present and thinking only of myself. I was always stuck in the past feeling guilty and ashamed and scared and hopeless of the future. I didn’t realise it but I had somehow got into a huge cycle of thinking about myself. To get out I had to try my hardest to put myself in others shoes, think about them and not think about myself. It’s the hardest freakin thing but I can be done – slowly. You will notice when you are reading or listening to something interesting you will feel momentarily okay. It’s because the focus has been taken off you. Training yourself to always focus on the world around you, the present and thinking of others is the Golden Rule and God help you – be persistent and you will finally be happy again. Geoff.

  52. Jay says:

    Hey..friends same story of my life…I don’t knw which type of depression hit me
    .BT I m totally kkk now…BT I want to myself again…plzz tell that how can I be urself after that..n plzz anywon who is suffering from depression plzz contact me…I want talk with coz no one understanding our feelings except yu all guy’s…plzz anyone contact me…

    • Kennedy says:

      I don’t think we can ever be what we were in the past before depression again, but instead we are a stronger person than before. At least that’s how I see it! 🙂 You can email me anytime if you’d like to contact me.

      • francis says:

        hii,i have been suffering from depression from 3 months ,I was a very jolly person ,I was very energetic with lot of self esteem .but I have totally changed ,I am not the same person nor I am stronger than before ,I want myself back,so please tell me any therapy or anything which help me get stronger and to revivie myself.

    • Ryan says:

      Hey Jay,
      I’ve been pessimistic about the same thing–not becoming my “self” again. When the worst wave of depression hit me as a teenager, I would look into the mirror and wonder who is doing the staring; before that I could think a thought in a millisecond, then I noticed I couldn’t think as I did before.

      One of the worst steps I feel I took after my first few episodes was trying to piece together whatever this “self” is. Now, I have let go of this self and my episodes aren’t as worse or as long (even without antidepressants).

      I believe that one of the causes of depression is clinging to one’s self. Let go of the concept of self and dive into the flow.

    • Jayanth says:

      Hi Jay….My wife is suffering from major depression…. i dont have any clue on it on the way how it impacts the patient feelings….could you please help me understand this…cpuld you please call me ..

  53. Christine says:

    My memory is so messed up since I became depressed 4 years ago. It makes it nearly impossible to write or have conversations, since I repeatedly forget what I was saying, (just a sec or 5 min, trying to remember my next point…) I usually never remember and just get quiet (the new me is boring and isolated) sometimes it frustrates me but I think stuttering is my frustrated response these days so that’s… New enough to still be very awkward… (I now actually have to take the time to re read what I’ve been doing on this page, I’ve forgotten the original post and what I’ve said so far in response..) ….I’ve now spent too much time trying to remember what I was going to write here so I’m just going to move on from this post. I’ve deleted posts before posting for this reason in the past but I’ll just post this anyway. Perhaps it will help someone with the same frustrating issues feel less alone while they read it. What kinds of jobs are even possible for people with such poor short term memory? I can’t seem to make it past a 90 day trial once they notice how many times I ask the same questions during training, not sure sitting at home watching movies and immediately forgetting everything I saw is going to do anything but keep me depressed.

    • Kennedy says:

      It will take time to recover from such memory loss. It can take years even, but just don’t PUSH yourself or force yourself to remember things. It will only frustrate you further I think. I’m still remembering a little bit of new things every day, things that I’ve pushed in the waaaay back of my mind because I just didn’t want to remember. I think it might be different with you if your depression is there with you 24/7 every single day?

      Recently I’ve researched quite a bit on Bipolar disorder and I surprisingly could relate to the mentioned symptoms.. I think I mostly have the depressive one and at times the mania because it’s like…at one moment in the day, I feel like I could do anything in the world I set my mind to and I feel so motivated, and then in an INSTANT I crash back down again. Before I knew anything about Bipolar disorder, what I’ve been feeling I think since…15, or 16 years old didn’t make sense to me and I’ve really just called them ‘depressive episodes’. But then once I turned 17 I think it’s gotten worse. I’ve read somewhere that it can definitely show up in ones late teens. And in addition to all this, my real biological dad (I have a step dad currently) has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and it’s a good possibility that I could have it. I’ve read that the offspring coming from one or both parents that have the disorder has a great chance to get the disorder.

      Anyways, enough of my rambling! I just want to say that you’re definitely not alone and even though you have memory loss ailing you, it doesn’t make you any less human. I think what could help you when you mentioned job training and stuff like that, maybe you could take notes during it so that way you can look back on them and refresh your memory. You can do the same with regular tasks that you’re going to do for the day as well and you can write down any important dates you need to remember as well. Just a suggestion if you haven’t tried this already! 😀

      Most importantly, stay strong. ♥ & don’t hesitate to email me if you’d like someone to talk to!

    • Clark says:

      Hi Christine,

      This resonates with me exactly. Only instead of 4 years, I feel my depression has been with me for me entire life (23 years). It has been 5 months since I started struggling with getting up in the morning, and realized the degree of my memory deficit. I can’t seem to remember anything. The start of a conversation, what I was working on, etc. Now I am afraid to engage in conversation. I just quit my job out of fear that I would make a terrible mistake as a result of my memory issues. I even have memory problems with directions when I am driving. I understand your struggle with training for a new job. I know for a fact that I cannot learn anything in this state, so it makes me not even bother. That is the scary part. I look at my barista and wonder how she can remember what she is doing. Watching movies is also extremely depressing for me. Everything I see characters do serves as a reminder for everything that I cannot do. Very frustrating. To date I am the only person I know who is experiencing this kind of short- term memory loss. It is devastating, especially since humor and intelligence are the two attributes I value the most. I wish I had some advice on how to get out of this. But I got nothing.

      • christine says:

        Thank you for making me feel so not alone in this. I never knew anyone with memory problems from depression as bad as mine. Doctors all tried to tell me it was all caused by being preoccupied with other thoughts but that’s not what it felt like at all, it felt like what I saw happen to my grandfather when he had Alzheimer’s. Good news though, my memory has started to get better, I think. Slowly. I hope it continues. Not exactly sure why my depression has lifted, I made some big changes. I left my fiancé (who wasn’t a bad guy at all), became a stripper because I hd no other option to make money and moved back to the last place I liked. Avoiding getting close to other people seems to be the only way to keep my chin up daily. It’s screwed up but I like my new life much more than my old one, just me and my cat and my tv. I figure if it’s working and I can smile and have fun with old friends again I shouldn’t think too much about it, I’m getting better everyday, that’s all I know. Perhaps soon I’ll be fit for regular employment but I’m going to try not to stress out about a regular job for a while while I get my feet back on the ground.

  54. Colin says:

    Reading this page and all the comments. It breaks my heart to hear so many people in so much pain.
    I thought I was alone. But there are a million other people sitting under the darkness of depression. They sit alone too.
    I’ve always been a bit emotional.
    Five years ago I got my dream job. In the city, big money, big ego etc.
    I gave them my everything. Working 12-14 hours a day. I took 4 days holiday in 18 months. Then I started to crack. I got stressed and angry in the office.
    I got suspended for swearing at a colleague.
    I fell to bits. Became physically sick. I never ate, or slept loosing 20 pounds in a couple of months.stopping all my external activities and pushing away my friends.
    My relationship has fallen apart after 20 years with my love, she doesn’t want to be around me anymore.
    Two years of hiding in my home. I spent all the money it had taken a lifes work to save.
    I turn 50 next year. It feels as if my life is now over.
    I’ve lost my career, my love, my money, my health. I was fit, very fit. Easily running 10k every day.
    I did martial arts all my life. Often saying that if not for the martial arts I would be either dead or locked up.
    But I stopped training. I stopped teaching. I stopped living.
    Colincentric was the word someone used to describe me. I was devastated. I’m in emotional hiding again.
    Finally this Easter I lost it. Freaking out completely.
    My partner/ex said I must get help.
    I went to the doctors. I cried when I told my story.
    She said I had made the biggest step by seeing her.
    I wanted to talk to someone. I needed, still need to get it out of me.
    I asked for help. I got sent to a cbt therapist.
    He didn’t listen. He just pissed me off.
    He wanted to put a positive spin on a turd.
    Not listening to my problems.
    I quit cbt. When to the gp again. 3 month waiting list to see someone else.
    I tried to get some financial help too as I’m now skint and living on my ex’s sofa.
    But DSS won’t help me because I “live with someone”. I think she hates me now, but she has a heart and won’t put me out on the street.
    I’m at my wits end.
    I feel like I can do no more. I reached out reluctantly for help, but they don’t care.
    Everyone I cared for has moved on in their lives.
    Years have passed amd I still sit alone with the darkness surrounding me.
    This is my story so far. Where it will lead and how it will end I can only imagine.
    But the I know the Colin of the past is dead. I can never be who I was even if I Finally lift the veil of depression that hangs over me, suffercating me.
    Too much hurt too much pain to ever be the same person again.

    • Christine says:

      I’m not one to dole out advice so I apologize if I’m going to come off that way;).

      Martial arts taught you discipline, set a schedule (of shit to just fill up your day) and stick to it everyday. Try to fill it with activities that keep you fit and outdoors, take vitamin d, say nice things to people (even compliment strangers) even if it’s only to make you feel like a nice person. eventually one way or another you’ll get off your x’s couch and you’ll be happy about that, try to focus on how good that will feel to take care of yourself and not on how shitty things are as is.

    • Kennedy says:

      Therapists are there to help and, most importantly, LISTEN. People struggling like this need to feel like they’re heard otherwise, it won’t help at all. It won’t get through to them. Sorry that the cbt therapist didn’t work out! & I’m glad she didn’t put you on the street. That’s enough for me to say that she does care about you in a way as to not take away the roof over your head. What needs to be done now I think is to start over. You don’t have to be the you from the past because the you right now and in the future I think is even stronger from this experience, even though you may not feel strong. What I mean by starting over is finding some sort of job that you think you’d like to start off with and go from there? That way you at least have some money coming in. Another way is to get back started to do the things you loved to do, or even do new things! Try out new foods, learn something new every day that you never knew, something. Currently what I’m doing is mostly schooling because I’m a junior in high school xD but I’m also working on a book that I hope to publish (probably self publish) because I’ve re-found my passion. Why I say re-found is because the depression part of the equation in my life has literally made me forget what I wanted to do and has made me feel so lost for the past…1 to 2 1/2 years? See I can’t even remember that! But what I still remember to this day is that I LOVED writing so so much ever since I could remember. My first/second grade teacher ignited that flame of writing for me when he told me that he loved my stories and that I was his favorite writer. Those words still encourage me for doing what I’m doing today and in the future, I hope to find little writing jobs where I can write for someone for money to get myself started. Like an article or something? And of course I’ll have a job on the side to help support myself. But ya never know, I could be the next J.K. Rowling! (I honestly don’t think so but, hey, that would be awesome. Never hurts to dream. 😉 )

      It’s just that, in order to ‘get out’ of this state in a way, I can’t do it for you. No one can push you to do it the hardest but yourself. But I’m also not saying that you shouldn’t have support as well from those that love you. And if you don’t have any, I’ll gladly be one of them! Just some advice, not sure if it will help but yeah! By the way, one of my best friends’ name is Colin as well so that is really cool! 😀 Keep fighting and if you ever want to talk, you can always email me!

  55. Kennedy says:

    I’m not even sure if this even depression, but I have had some points in my life so far including now, and I’m losing hope. I’m currently 17. I’ve been shy ever since I was a wee toddler, and I guess it morphed into anxiety..? I always worry worry worry and it doesn’t seem to stop. I used to love the night because it was a time of finally relaxing after a long day, but now it’s like the time when the ‘monsters’ come out and I either 1. End up crying myself to sleep 2. Scare myself somehow 3. Get anxious or worried about something/over think or 4. All of the above.

    When it comes to anxiety, I hate public speaking. HATE. I used to have a communications applications class, and the teacher said I’d still have to present for this assignment or I’d get a zero, even though I told her about my anxiety. She said that it would be like I was scared for nothing or that it will be better after I do it the first time. I don’t think that really helped at ALL. All I wanted to do was run run run run run run. Im feeling that now as I type this.

    We also had a mock job interview in that class, which I guess leads to the depression portion of my life. We had to dress all nice and I dressed as nice as I could because I don’t have much.. I can’t remember what I wore, but I guess it was more casual instead of formal. But anyways, an adult eventually called me over for the mock interview, we talked and I felt horrified the entire time. Then afterwards I felt I guess a little accomplished or happy because I did the best I could and I got it over with, right? Wrong. For the mock interview, I didn’t get hired. Even though it wasn’t even a real one, I felt crushed. And to this day it doesn’t make me feel any better. So far, I’ve applied to 3 jobs. It isn’t much, but I haven’t even gotten any replies at all from that yet. And that furthers me into this depression and anxiety I have with this coming to mind: what if I don’t find a job? I would be homeless, and whenever my parents die, I’m alone and on my own. I feel silly talking about it because I always feel like I’m overreacting. But it hurts. My chest feels heavy. I don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning because I feel like I won’t even get far in life!! It even brings me to the point of wanting to kill myself, and I obviously know that it’s not the answer. But I’m so dang tired. Physically and emotionally. I don’t know if I can even take this anymore. Thinking back on it now, as a kid, I wish I never wanted to grow up so fast. If only I knew what lay ahead. Then I’d probably appreciate my childhood more. But that’s too late now, isn’t it? I’m a year, if I’m correct, from being a legal adult, and I feel helpless and lost and without worth in this world.

    I’m sorry if this sounded all over the place. I just wrote what came to mind.

    • MMM says:

      Hey kennedy,
      I felt like I was listening to my deepest inner feelings when I was reading this. Can you please e-mail me to [email protected]? It would mean the world to me.

    • karen says:

      I really really feel for you Kennedy and you wrote what you feel very well. I’m 59 and have had bouts of depression through out my life so far since age 16. I really really understand everything you said about your thoughts and feelings,but never give up on yourself no matter what. The main things that have helped me during those times is reaching out to someone who can offer assistance and won’t judge you.when others help by taking you to your dr. to get medications or even if you have to go to the hospital short term it’s not a crime. Millions feel same as you and we all need compassion. When i was young certain medications helped me tremendously and usually you feel alot better for a long time. hopefully you have at least either 1 family member or friend who helps and supports you and loves you but you also have to keep loving yourself no matter how tough you think things are. Also keep exploring all the things that you really like to do and feel proud of even small things you’ve accomplished every day. As you get older you will see you’ll go through good periods and rough times. but it’s your life your journey unique to only you! I hope this helps you never to give up on who you truly are, human like everyone else!

      • Kennedy says:

        Thank you so much for your reply! It’s really helped. I hope that you’re doing the same for yourself and doing better! 🙂 I’ve had various ideas of what I wanted to do as a career but eventually something always discourages me from wanting to pursue that career anymore. It’s an endless cycle that I’m so tired of. It sees like I can’t find something to actually want to do. Though recently I’ve read about a school psychologist/counselor and from what I’ve learned about this profession, I think this is a possibility. I’m hoping to shadow someone in this profession this coming summer or somewhere throughout my senior year just so I can get a feel for what it’s like in a day of their lives and see if it’s right for me. I want to be very sure of my career decision before money and time is wasted on the college education. Wish me luck!

    • nihal says:

      hi kennedy.. reading your article was like reading my own story.i am 17..although i was not as shy as you but now i feel exactly the same.please be my friend and i know talking to you will me and i will try to help you in any way i can

      • Kennedy says:

        Of course I’ll be your friend! I hope you’re doing at least ok. ♥ I’m trying to restore my faith and just hand over all my worries to God. Not rely on a job or money to feel safe & secure. I’ve had something all along and I didn’t even realize it.

        Apologies of religion makes you uncomfortable! But anyways, hopefully we’ll both survive in the adult world whenever we enter it, ha ha! Be strong and never give up, always persevere. There are always ways to get through things and opportunities are everywhere.

  56. Nicola says:

    Hi all,
    I would say for myself, one of the long term results from a serious episode of severe anxiety & depression, (Total mental & physical exhaustion)
    The new term for “break down’ is lack of motivation & isolation. My “break down” six years ago was a result of physical illnesses, surgery, lack of professional medical help (Not on my part) I tried to get help several times!! combined with a very stressful emotional situation concerning my biological father.
    At least for me, I know what “Tipped me over the edge” this knowledge has been helpful for my recovery as I frequently tell myself it was a logical response to extreme circumstances over a long, very stressful period of time. Everyone has a breaking point.
    I eventually found a doctor in my practice that did help me, thank -God. I am eternally grateful to that doctor as between her & my mum I dread to think.
    I recovered with conventional treatment (Anti depressants) As much self help strategies as possible as I was having operations through out this period & limited to physical capabilities.
    I have not been taking anti depressants for a 3-4years now. Not that I was ready to come off treatment (They where not recommend for patients with heart health issues) so was told to STOP immediately!
    We all know that would of been the wrong way forward. I slowly decreased my dosage over a period of time (even cutting pills into quarters) I am now reluctant to go back on anti depressants if I can really help it. But I sometimes wonder if the feelings I have are the long term, after effects of depression or actual depression still with me?
    I think from a particular bad episode you are never quite the same? Logically, how could you be? You have mentally & physically gone through a traumatic experience to your mental & physical health as a result. I tell myself it’s probably normal to “Feel different” ” Not the same person I use to be”
    It is a struggle at times as I think your outlook is always leaning on the negative side & it’s hard to live “In the moment” as recommended.
    But trying to accept these changes helps me. I look at the forgetfulness & different perspective no different to how you are after a physical trauma, let’s say. You are trying to adapt to your new life.
    Obviously everyone is different & I think a lot also goes on personality traits. Crucial is support from family & friends for a long term positive outcome.
    But I do question & think “will I ever rid the hung over & hanging on effects of severe depression totally”
    I think I’m best to accept probably not & make the most of how I am now, compared to the place I once was. That alone has got to be recovery & positivity.

  57. Jim says:

    What did your diet consist of. Is it still working for depression. Thanks

  58. David says:

    I’m David, 39 with one 10yr old Son from a failed relationship. I’ve been battling depression for 30 years of my life, since my parents split in an acrimonious divorce. My Father who was a serial philanderer, has been the absent parent. My Mother has been the present parent, but I’ve had serious resentment issues with both. My first official diagnonsis was 18years ago, when I/my depression pushed away the first real love of my life. Since then, whenever I’ve engaged in a genuine loving relationship, ultimately depression has intervened to make sure my partner leaves. My Son’s mother left when he was one due to my unreasonable behaviour, brought on by the big D and my inability to understand or control it.

    You see, I start such a relationship charismatic and interesting, even suave, and usually during a lull in my depression. But over time, I’m ambushed. I change slowly and become further and further away from being the worthwhile, caring, attentive, loving, exciting and interesting partner I was at the start. Eventually, I destroy the love felt for me, making her feel unappreciated, unloved and devalued, because I’ve COMPLETELY withdrawn into myself. My sense of humour has died, doing things together, talking together and any sexual intimacy long gone, the person I love, still love, because that bit doesn’t change for me, and I can’t see it changing for them, decides to leave me because my behaviour has been completely unresonable. I’ve effectively created and handed over the amunition and gun to justify such a course.

    This is what has happened to me again over the last 22months. Another wonderful, beautiful, lively, exciting and interesting woman came into my life, although this time, she arrived at a time when I was already feeling depressive thoughts due to feeling bored and undervalued in my job. But, she was a ‘distraction’ from that, until it became too much and I quit quoting suicidal feelings (I’ve attempted suicide twice in the past), and not having another job to go to, only a dream of being a graphic design/web designer and artist. Suffice to say that her having a child with mild but difficult behavioural challenges, and my depression/intolerance for him were far from an aid to success, but I never really recognised this as a further trigger until it was far too late. I withdrew into myself more completely than ever by focusing on an art easel, and allowed her to do TWO jobs to support us while I clammed into my ‘building my business/doing my art’ shell, which isolated me from her childs behaviour, her and the rest of the world, doing no work around the house. I became obsessed by porn using it EVERY morning repeatedly after she had gone to work, whilst ignoring her sexually for 14 whole months. I even looked online for real physical excitement which she found out, and I managed to convince her it was my own body insecurities were causing me to not believe her interest in me… This gorgeous creature, I love completely and who loved me and provided for me and my Son, I rejected every day for 14 months and it didn’t once occur to me that it was depression at the heart of it, I ignored it, put it down to her not having the perfect body(two kids), she didn’t ignore it however, who could? (this is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever written, am in tears.). She kicked me out a month ago, leaving a letter as she went to work asking me not to be there when she returned. I packed the essentials into my car, and drove to my Mum’s, thinking I’d been released from the misery of her Son’s behaviour only to realise now, that depression has done it’s dirty work again. She’s already seeing someone else within 3 weeks of decimating my existence (hardly a surprise you might say given my neglect of her). I’m now living with my Mum, without a job, with a Son in a two bed flat. She still has ALL of my things and I’m as low as I’ve ever been as an adult. She’s angry, and ruthless, cutting ALL ties as you might for someone who had committed a criminal act on you and your family, and I’m in hell….Still in love with her. Even though I can see it now, in the midst of it, I see nothing and this time the results are pushing me right to very edge of the edge.

  59. Stefan says:

    I think ive been depressed or messed up since i was 8-9-10 when my mum split.
    A lot of things have happened over the years that caused me to go into a shell.. very negative very angry and stopped caring or thinking about anything.. stopped going school i ruined my life and no one helped me. Im 24 now with 2 kids and a partner struggling in life with a crap job that i hate and never thought i would be doing i have anger issues and if honest violent thoughts. All my life ive been like this.. i feel bow ive somehow hot a full time job and a roof over my head people leave me to it. And ive tried to get through all of this because i want to be strong. But i have blips every few months where ill flip out one day… shout at my partner throw my weight about and leave the house in such a negative mentality that i cannot help but speak to everyone in such a negative miserable way. i even feel enticed to get into arguments and fights because it feels like i have too much adrenaline and it affects how i think and how i act.
    I smoked weed since i was 15.. before that never smoked always played football.. but since my mum left i stopped trying went quite and throughout my teens just basically skipped school and hung around in a gang of lads that later i would come to realise weren’t my friends.. now i find it hard to friend anyone and i only consider 2 people as real friends and one is in thailand the other is in the army.
    I have pissed my local gp off because ive messed them about a lot.. booking appointments and not going… i usually always go even walking 3 miles to the gp. But end up either getting to door and turning round or have got actually into docs waiting room got called up walked to docs office took one look at doc and said im sorry i gotta cancel and walked off.. i get hit with anxiety or something and i guess. its fight or flight and i go into flight mode… i have so much stuff to share i could write a book i think. I dont have family around. I have problems looking in mirror. I only feel work clothes… i am so messed up. Even now i feel like im acting out.. and deep down i really dont want the attention or to be labelled as someone who has mental issues.. i got so much stuff and no one to talk to for years and years. Im nearly 25 i want to get better and live a life and do things go on holiday take my driving test.. even go to park or into town with kids or partner and kids.. all i do is go to work and come home and stay home.. and i used to be the complete opposite… as in skipped tea to go out and never came home til very late to the point i was locked out and had to wake people up. I used to be a show off.. i used to be a little vain but never a bully or a violent person or nasty or vindictive… even when i went through a thuggish stage i still helped old ladies struggling to walk through an alley or on side of the road collapsed it’s my nature to help. Even if i knew they were shit scared in all blacked out tracksuit and a hood up. I m not a bad person i dont think
    But ive done so much stupid shit. Because i had to act hard.
    I dont know why im even writing it because i feel like this every morning i wake up like i need to release then i get stoned and i cant be bothered to think about any problems or life. It just basically puts me on pause every time im stoned.. oh and i cannot sleep without getting stoned at night i get real.bad back ache like my spine is going to snap. Every time ive gone to bed not stoned ive been up all night and end up falling asleep an hour or two before i have to go to work. My job is hard graft industrial cleaning sleeping pattern differs every week. Its messed me up. And caused me a lot of bad feelings and caused a few episodes of rage and negativity
    But all i want do is work and provide but im earning just over a grand a month bills are over 900 and that’s not having luxuries of sky tv or anything i dont drive. Cant afford to.have 2 kids 3 dogs. We dont want to send them to school and they make friends who have a dad with a nice car and takes them out to places and all i do is act depressed negative and either at work or in bed and doesn’t make enough to live a good life … i dont know how im supposed to treat my family to a holiday or ever run a car…
    My life is screwed and i blame my self and my.mum and dad/s for it. Oh yeah at 20 my mum told me my dad that brought me up wasnt my real dad – my real dad left before i was born and wanted now 20 years later to get in touch
    (Not gonna happen)
    And then that made me understand my dad (not biological) anger and violence towards me was mum left for years and left he had to quit his job, lose his car and house because of that and i hated my mum for years after that i wouldnt speak to her.. at age of 10 if she wanted to speak to me over the phone id be quick to take the phone and yell to her fuvk off u bitch and slam phone down every time.. i hated her for leaving me
    … like i say i got so much, lots to talk about that all join up i dont know where to stop so im going to now i dont know if im loading this in the right place or whether ive said too much. Im young im not educated.. clearly…expelled from school… etc etc… i literally look back now and wished so much that i was thinking like i am today. No one ever made it clear to me or forced me to think about my future then no one.. not even teachers but thats another dot… if anybody can speak to me.. i dont know what i want i just feel so alone and i have for years and i hate what im becoming and i dont want to waste my life.

    • Bro says:

      Thanks for sharing even though it’s tough because just reading this has already helped me feel a little less alone in all this. It sucks, a massive under statement, to be set up for failure from the start by those who should have looked after us more than anyone. I hope you can focus your energy and breakout into a life you enjoy.

    • beef says:

      Thank you very much for sharing as reading your words has helped me start to look up again.

      For me different situation but same outcome. Started for me when I was 14 and I’m now 37. Last year it got to it’s lowest again and finally ruined the relationship between my 2 year old son’s mother and myself. Coming through it though has made me more determined to conquer this affliction as somewhere amongst all the chaos I have seen my strength.

      Up until last week, for the past 6 months I’d been doing great despite everything being pretty fucked up, I was coping exceptionally well. 6 months ago I stopped the weed. Last month it pulled me back and now I’m drifting back to the sadness and negativity.

      For a long time the weed has enhanced the depression, anxiety, etc. for me, but only recently I have been able to admit it. For quite a while I have known it.

      I can deal with the problems when I’m not smoking, I am more myself, the person I remember, when I was happy. I feel if I could conquer the weed for good I will be who I should be.

  60. Ravi says:

    My name is Ravi.I was suffering from depression since 2011.
    The most problematic part is that I lost significant part of my memory.Initially I lost most of my linguistic skills(most of my vocabulary is gone) in 2011,but I tried hard and improved my language.Still I forgets most of what I learns but some chunks are retained.I have troubled making new memories.Before depression I have a very good memory and excelled academically,but now I failed my engineering.I have to quit my college because I can’t recall what I learns(regular 4 year+3year on extension). So I’m 26 years old without graduation. I am just fed up of this struggle and wants to quit.

    • Adrian says:

      Don’t quit mate,hard as it is. You’ve just described similar to what i went through and at approximately the same age! and i’m not as clever as you! …I’m still here by the grace of God. I’m not pretending it’s easy…it isn’t! and i’ll never say,’i know what you’re going through,as it’s unique to the individual. Please mate,hang on in there. It’s an illness,don’t fight it,learn how to live with it,but you’ve got talent and all this will come together for good and make sense one day. God Bless you mate.

  61. Ellen says:

    Hello, I’ve been in recovery for depression about nine months now (with a little blip a month ago) I only sought to get help for my anxiety, which I wasn’t given because of long waiting lists, and so I eventually self-recovered from both anxiety and depression. Only now though did it really hit me that it’s what I went through, and that it was real and happened to me. It felt like a bad dream that wasn’t really real and maybe that’s because I never got professional help but I don’t know. So my question is, is has anyone received treatment once they’re considered healthy to correct any reasons/lasting affects of their depression? And also has anyone grieved for the days they lost to mental health (which is what I seem to be doing.) I was depressed at 15/16 years old and I’ve just turned 17 if that offers any context.

    • Anet says:

      Hi Ellen – In response to your question – are you entirely certain you are fully ‘healthy’? I will explain my question:
      I suffered with undiagnosed depression from about 16. I didn’t get help because I thought it was normal – just teenage blues. I struggled through recurring bouts until I was 25 and had my son. Which resulted in full postpartum depression. This segued neatly into post-traumatic stress and depression (won’t go into that). Finally it all came to a head when I was about 37 – resulting in years of acute depression/anxiety and agoraphobia. This is the point of my cautionary tale: I never realized how ill I was. I struggled on without asking for help thinking that what I was experiencing was normal, or just part of my personality (and in my darker, more irrational moments – terror that I was insane an would be institutionalized). It didn’t help that my family had labled me as a lazy drama-queen, instead of realizing I had an actual illness (bit foolish, considering that depression runs in my family).

      I often wonder how much quicker I could have recovered, and how much trouble in my life could have been avoided, if I had only faced my fears and got help (or if someone in my family had realized what was going on and helped me get that help).

      I came searching today to find some answers about the longterm effects my years of undiagnosed untreated depression had left me with. And I thank John Folk-Williams from the bottom of my heart for clarifying things for me. I had (again) put my symptoms down to me overthinking things. But it is clear my memory problems and lack of concentration and residual social fears are really a left over from my depression.

      Please learn from my mistake – go to your GP, do the simple test to find out if you are still struggling with depression, even mild depression. And get treated. If you have recovered fully – I am very happy for you! In that case – learn what the symptoms are, and if you do have a relapse – please, do get help.

      From all of this, I suppose I have answered your second question. Yes, I do grieve for my lost years. I also grieve for who I was before I became so ill. It is slowly becoming clear to me that I will never be that person again. You’ve lost something and it is ok to grieve for it. But don’t grieve too long – you are still so young and will have more than enough time to make new, better memories x

      • Anet says:

        I thought I should point out – I did finally get that help. Years of medication, CBT, and counselling has brought me to a point where I am almost entirely without anxiety, only have minor depression episodes, and can function fairly normally. I’m even (slowly) getting back into work. It was only after receiving all this treatment that I was able to patch together the course of my illness. There are still whole months missing from my life, and a 3 year period which is mostly a blank. But I’m making up for lost time now :).

    • Calista says:

      I became depressed at 7 years old… And I’m still depressed yet it’s been three years…….

  62. vaibhav says:

    I m in depression past 6 months..i seeems nothing is good on the earth i dont hv any joy neithr in day nor night..i feel fear about my future…i forget things easily evn sometime before i was a brilliant student i was topper in my college..plz help me i want to do study…plzzzzzz

    • Ayushi says:

      Same case vaibhav. I m also suffering from this past 3 years. 3 years before i was a brilliant student like u. Bt ths tym like looser.same feelings like u. Bt slowly slowly it increasd n i dont know now how to fight with it. Before ths study was my life.. still. I want to do something for my parents. For a student its really hurtful n shocking tht he cant learn things like before he cant perform well. I was too. It made me more depressed. As i was loosing my memory i got more down n down. I could not find what was it.i lost my self confidence my memory. I had failure grades.
      I could not recieve proper treatment. So it made me more dull. I really can’t express my feelings. This tym i m a loosder person. Everyone make my fun. I even can’t remember small things. I lost my study. I don’t know what to do as i hve no help.i can understand ur felings about study.
      for u i want to say that u should meet a psychologist as soon as possible. So u can prevent ur memory lose. U r a topper still. U can’t study bcoz ur problem. So u should prevent it. Find help before it increase. U hve to reman on the topper position. Only u can help u.

      • vaibhav says:

        Thnx ayushi….my confidens is very low n if i forget smthing thn chahe jitna bhi remind kr lu bt vo mujhe yad ni aa skti…thts my problm…mujhse mere parents ko bhut hope h..i m preparing for civil services n u know for civil services ur memory is so imp. Aapko chize yad rkhni pdengi..log mujhe topper bulate h bhut ajib lgta h bcz mai apne aapko 0 smjhne lga hu…

        • Ayushi says:

          Ohh so ur main problam is u should take memory sharpning remedies like brahmi tonic n omega-3.isse tumhri problem kam ho sakti h. Best of luck.

          • vaibhav says:

            Thnx ayushi..hw r u?? Plz tell me about ur present…which u defined for urself same for here…bt ab mai kch si ho rha hu…n mai tmhari prblm smjh skta hu bcz mai bhi vi face kr rha hu…but dear tm ab bhi topper ho n dont loss hope like me…sb kch si ho jayega n log hste h to hasne do bt u care only urself…n tm mere liye unknwn ni ho srry fr tm bcz mai tmhari age ni janta bt anyway i want to see u hppy bcz i knw depreesn is the worst feeling my frnd aaj se hi khush rhna shuru kro jaisa maine kiya n ho ske to walk jitna jyda ho ske kro khub ghumo…i knw its not easy for u…but plz do it…n dekhna kch time bd sb thk ho jayega…my wishes is always with u…n pray jaise mai thk ho rha hu vaise tm bhi….n if tmhe meri koi bhi help chahiye 9451348951 my contct…i pray to god for u…n i m with u…n plz meri ek bat manna ki koshish kro plz tm sb kch kr skti ho aur abhi bs khush rhna h tmhe….bst of luck my dear frnd…

        • Ayushi says:

          Thanx vaibhav for understand. Acha h ki tm thk ho rhe ho. Wish good luck to u. Thnx for advice n inspiring me.m jrur koshish krungi. Take care of urself…god bless u..jldi thk hone ki koshish wishes

  63. richard says:

    my name is Richard, and I have battled depression for 15 years. It has been horrible. I have been trying for years to build back how I feel towards myself in a positive way, but no matter how hard I try I always fall apart. I cry so much that my self confidence and self esteem are at rockbottom levels. I feel so alone, and I hate it. I don’t know how to fix it. Depression really is the worst feeling there is, because its you against you .

    • David says:

      Hi Richard, I just wanted to say that I empathise with you. I hope you have made progress since December. That’s about when I was destroying my relationship through the symptoms of depression, forcing my partner to leave me, without me even realising it. You’re right. Depression is the worst, it’s you against you, destroying everything good in your life and forcing away everyone who cares about you.

  64. soni says:

    hey i am suffering from depression from last 3 years …..m fed up of my suicidal tendencies ….it affecting my close one’s also…i want to live a happy life ….but sometimes i feel very helpless …i cant share anyone what i feel when i am depressed plllzzzz help me as i dont want to die i want to live like a queen plllzzz

    • Alisha says:

      Hello soni, I want you to know you’re a strong human being for dealing with it for three years. Truth be told, we all feel helpless at times though I cannot fathom the degree at which you must experience it. Stay strong and don’t be afraid to do what you love. Start doing the things you love and your close ones love you, okay? They love you that’s why they’re still there. God bless you.

  65. any says:

    i dont know what is ths..i m suffering since 3 years . hopeless..dont know who i m ..i hveno any base ..untreated.. surviving..noone knows …alone no one all abilities..only pushing myself..breathing hardly..worthless no more

  66. Desiree says:

    Ive had chronic depression for almost 2 years now.. I had the best life anyone could ask for. I had a family, i had friends, i had a boyfriend that i loved more then life itself. I lived it up everyday being thankful that i had a family to come home to, friends i could rely on if i ever needed anything.. About three years ago my dad got into a horrible accident. He ended up having major back surgery, and bad problems with his legs and feet. He could’nt walk for days, he still has trouble walking.. He got addicted to the pain killers and things went downhill from there. Our family wasn’t a family anymore. My dad got into car accidents, social problems, family problems.. and of course problems that we will never forget. I would have to call an ambulance for my dad almost every week. One day my mom and i where driving up to camp and i saw my dad , i went to wave him goodbye and he collapsed on the ground. As my mom was driving i opened the door and jumped out. We called the ambulance and he had a heart attack. My family slowly started to fall apart. I got into drugs and alcohol. I would sneak out every night and go to parties with a bunch of people i didn’t even know. I got into car accidents. Everything was horrible. My mom found a new boyfriend and i hated him. He spoiled me just to get me to like him by buying me dinner, phone cases, Xbox games, head phones (beats) ect , a flat screen ect.. But he wasn’t my dad. My dad tried killing himself when he found out my mom found someone else to make her happy. They where together for 17 years. As i explained to my mom one night i wasn’t happy and that i missed my dad and i hated her boyfriend she heard me out. I set my mom and MY DAD up on a little date night and they clicked automatically. My mom broke up with her boyfriend and went back to my dad and they’ve been together every since. Now the accident that my dad got into a while back that i was telling you about..? My dad sewed them and we won the law settlement which meant $$$ . I stopped going to school.. i missed days. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. I started doing drugs and drinking again. It fucked up my head pretty bad… I tried committing suicide plenty of times. I spent nights in the hospital 2 or 3 times a month. A few weeks later i found out we where moving to Florida.. that meant i had to leave everything and everyone behind. My friends my family my boyfriend MY LIFE. I was with my boyfriend Nevan Palmer for a year an a half. My family was like his family and his family of course was like my family. Moving to Florida ruined everything we built up and worked for together. Well.. it came the day.. time to leave and start a new life , a “fresh start” in Florida. The entire trip i cried, for hours on hours until i eventually passed out. That was probably the worst mental , and emotional pain ive ever felt in my life. I’m here now in Florida and well.. to tell you the truth. Its a fresh start.. i hate it. I have no friends, i have no social life, i have nothing. I have a beautiful new house, and a new dog but no life. i miss my friends , i miss my old life. I got back into cutting. I went four months clean but all the stress and hopeless memories… made me break that four months. The point of this story is no matter how hard things get, do not give up. No matter how long things take, never lose hope. Believe in yourself, love yourself, BE YOURSELF. This is my story. Thank your for reading

  67. Matt says:

    Hey I believe I am having purely a situational bout of depression, meaning I’m pretty sure I don’t have chronic depression. I have one question, as my situation improves will I experience some of the long term affects of depression? I would imagine so but I feel as though I’d be less likely to fall back into a depressive episode.

  68. tony says: name is a 58 year old male. ive a afew bouts of depression over life. but this latest one has lasted over a year now i was hopilised for a month due to sucidal thoughts.i have everything in life i want. 3 lovely grown up kids 4 beautiful grand kids lovely partner.good job 38 years service.on the sick at the monment.its a struggle every day.

  69. Conni says:

    I found this article today and it gave me some useful insights. I have a family history of depression [father, mother, brother, etc.] and have gone through counseling/medication from time to time to deal with it. That is why I am so surprised that I missed it with my husband! He lost his father in 2008 and his oldest brother in 2010, both of whom he was very close to and visited daily. After his brother’s sudden death from complications following a surgery, there was a great deal of family turmoil due to no will having been made and an estranged daughter coming onto the scene to stir things up. My husband not only was grieving for his brother, but felt guilty that he couldn’t carry out his bother’s wishes because no will had been drawn. First he was very angry with everyone then, like a light switch being flipped, he just shut down. It took me 2 years to get him to agree to see someone about this and by that time he was showing signs of dementia [He was 55 at the time]. This year he has had to quit working because, after 35 years of running his own mechanic shop, he couldn’t remember how to do simple jobs any longer, couldn’t understand what customers were saying, family and friends names, etc. Luckily his son is running the shop for us, but it is just another loss to him. Several rounds of neurological and physical testing showed no physical reason for his signs of dementia. A neuropsychological workup determined he had pseudodementia due to depression and anxiety. He has been seeing a psychologist for 2.5 years with trials of numerous anti-depressants and boosters with no lasting effects and some awful side effects. We have also been seeing a behavioral therapist but he has been unable to get my husband to make any lasting changes. At this point, my husband just sits around the house all day and broods. Next week he is to start ECT therapy and, while I hope it does work, I fear that he is set on being in this down mood and brooding.

  70. Mike C says:

    I want start by saying how thankful I am for finding this article and all of your posts. I have been battling depression off and on, mostly on, for around 12 years now. I was un-diagnosed for the first 3 of those years. During that time I self medicated with drugs and alcohol. It wasn’t until after a suicide attempt that I began the road of real recovery. It has been a rocky and winding road but I now have 5 years of continuous sobriety. I wish I could say just getting sober curd my depression but that wouldn’t even be close to the truth. I do believe my bouts with depression and recovery would have been more difficult had I not been sober. Five years ago I lost a job and that combined with the loss of a significant love relationship sent me into a depression that I still struggle with today. My experience has been I have periods of improvement followed by periods of relapse into depression. I can’t say I’ve felt like I’ve fully recovered t be the person I use to be. I don’t think it’s realistic for me to think I will be the person I once was. (Btw I’m in my mid 40’s now). I don’t view that opinion as a sentence to being depressed the rest of my life but the pathway to accepting and loving myself as I am. New activities can bring me joy. I’ve tried several different antidepressants trying to find the right one or combination. For me, it feels like they work for awhile then stop or don’t work at all. Right now I’m taking Pristiq and Prozac and feel like I’m getting good results. Anyway, I’m not sure where m going with this post except to say I’m so grateful to have read all your stories. They are helping me get perspective on where I am with my depression and they le me know I am not alone.

  71. Lisa says:

    I am 16 – before depression I was a healthy, active person who passionately enjoyed various hobbies and loved learning. Since then I have had to take a year and a half off from school – I went from a straight A scholar to someone who is no longer capable of basic studying. My concentration is shot, so is my ability to memorize and form coherent sentences – especially to what it used to be. My family has had to pay for all the expenses regarding a private school, therapy etc. and nothing is getting better – I remind myself that they, in essence, have lost a child. Don’t know why I am sharing this.

    • any says:

      same case lisa. i m 17 years old. i m totally lost. i m suffering since 3 years. before this i was a brilliant student. i wanted to do something for my parents for me. i wanted to make myself. at this tym i m like a looser. i cant remember even basic things. feeling worthless.its hard to identify my self. no one is here to care about me. i cant express my feelings bcoz no one can understand. my parents thought that i m lazy so i make excuses. every day i motivate myself. no therapist to help me. my friends laughs at me bcoz i cant remember anything. daily survive. hopeless.i dont know i m a student or not

  72. Marissa says:

    I am going to try and make this as short as possible. I have never posted in any kind of forum for any reason at all before so i am new to this. I lost my father at the age of four to a fatal car accident. I come from a patriarchal society which eventually led me to become weak. My family made me believe I rely on no one but them specially older sister, aunt and mother. I was never taught to be independent. I learnt myself. I have been depressed since age four. My memory of how life was like initially after my father passed away is vague. Although, I remember events from before his death. I have been underestimated all my life by my family and friends. Bullied at the age of 12, penalised and suffered from joint families drama. Im going through a serious financial crisis right now. I was sent abroad to attend university but was asked to come back due to lack of funds. I have been going through financial problems since the past five years. Started university two years ago. Had to take a loan of my friends to attend this one time. I have been in an abusive relationship and a lot more but I dont want to ramble on anymore. I have never seen a psychiatrist because the country where I come from its considered as a big deal. I believe and I am convinced that I suffer from depression having done excessive research. I usually stumble upon my words, forget names/words, cant retain memory, social anxiety, complex, not confident , isolate myself. I feel hopeless and helpless sometimes. And I can’t fix myself regardless of how much Ive tried. I believe people are smarter and better than me and I partially blame my family for making me think this way.

  73. Marie says:

    I ll try to be short at telling this. I am from Portugal, a small country that everybody know is in deep economic crisis. But let me tell how this started. As a child, I was always a fun, hyperactive, creative and adventurous girl, grew as a teen being that as well. I aimed for big dreams, for backpacking nature, very active, very . Unfotunatelly i am from a low income family. So my adult life has been a hell of a struggle. I was in a career i struggled hard to get, i had a nice income, not a big thing, but enough, i was building my life, my art, my passions and all that has meaning to me, and being near who i love. But then, four years ago, then lost it due to things other people did, others guilt and irresponsability of them. My depression then, i know, much sorrow, loss, stress, started when the attorneys could not solve this case and when the contract of many workers there in the institution ended, we were put away into an increasing violent unemployement as the crisis ravaged my life over and over, people i love died, or some got sick, still i made efforts, close to poverty, I studied, graduated and paid all with my hard earned money under the violent pressure of getting no job. But i struggled still. But I got no job. No benefits. For more than long time. Humiliation, suffering, no open doors, nothing. Poverty sets in and it is an unbreakable cycle. All i got was a temporary job, near my 40’s and about to come an end. The job will end there is no more jobs anywhere, and i cannot emigrate due to personnal reasons and if i do, loneliness from who i love will destroy me, i just cant!. I have no choices left and all these hopeless years took away my happiness and my life. Pills dont really solve anything they just make me sleepy when i feel suicide urges. When my heart races so fast that i really have to stay away from windows or i jump. I am suffocated, it does not stop, i cant change my life and the crisis dont go away. What started to be a sadness, became frustration, hopelessness, hate and now i just cannot smile anymore. I want to retire me due to psychiatric illness but social security does not allow me (it would be barely 200 $ per month as income…) but even so they dont let me. I think i am making it to the end of my days, i cannot smile anymore, i hate everything and mostly i dont feel nothing but a deep hole where my heart was. Pills are doing nothing, because the economic crisis just dont lift and the true root of all…i feel fear when i feel suicidal, but i think i will not avoid it.

  74. Lisette says:

    I have been dealing with major depression formore than 25 years, now. The influence this had on me is that I fear life. I recently got fired from a job I had been hating for over 6 years now. Fear of change had kept me there way longer than was good for anyone. I have been single for the past 11 years because I fear the effect intimate relationships can have on me. Strong emotions have resulted in depression in the past.
    Today I find myself 46, single and out of a job. I am very depressed and I am acutely aware that it is my fear of depression that got me here in the first place.
    I do hope there is a way out of this.

    • Jane says:

      Hi Lisette

      Although I have been depressed since I was 15 years old (I am not 50) I have found several things throughout my life that has helped. Exercise on a daily basis – I don’t like exercise but it is better than taking anti-depressants and I feel help me much better. Also my severe symptoms of depression left me when I went gluten free 4 years ago – it took 4 months and I could not believe how the cloud lifted from my head and shoulders – weird. I did go gluten free for depression, I did it because my husband became a celiac and later I found out that gluten does cause depression. You might want to try it, I am not saying I don’t have bouts of depression, but they are extremely managable now, everyone should try it.

  75. Bill says:

    Hi Folks,

    I’ve had severe depression for a little more than 3 years. I’ve tried almost every medication. Recently, I underwent Ketamine infusion therapy for treatment of my depression. I’ve had 5 treatments so far and feel much better. Not perfect but so much better than before. If anyone on here is almost out of hope due to medicatioons not working, you might want to consider this therapy.


    • Keith says:

      Is that still in trials .are there any side effects

      • Bill Foster says:


        To answer your question I have not felt any side effects other than a kind of euphoria type feeling during the IV administration. You can find outpatient clinics in most big cities offering this treatment. The only down side is the expense. I’m not sure yet if my insurance will cover any of the treatment expense. You can find more information on Let me know if you have any more questions.


  76. anna-lisa says:

    I’ve been off work now for 1 year going into my second. This is my 2nd and possibly 3rd episode of depression. This time round it was debilitating in every way. I’m still not out of the woods but to learn I may never be is at best disheartening at worst he’ll on earth. How have all of you managed to keep going knowing it WILL happen again. I’ve wasted years of my life feeling lost and hopeless. It’s scary to think it may never change.

    • Michael says:

      Anna-Lisa, I am writing to tell you that there is hope. You do not have to remain bound by depression and anxiety. Are you familiar with Jesus Christ?

      He died for all our sins and our iniquities.
      Do you understand what that means?
      That means everything that could possibly go wrong in our lives whether emotionally or spiritually and most physical things are brought under his authority. We cannot control other people. Plus we are not responsible for the thoughts, feelings, and actions of other people.
      We are responsible for our own lives. But if we give our lives over to Jesus then he is responsible and he will make all things right if we surrender to his will.

      • Micheal if there was not hope in Christ we wud hav no hope . Christ is r hope r redeemer r healer of both physical & mental illness . By his strips we r healed . I hav know the healing power of my saviour when on life support & expected 2 die but r hope is in God Christ is my anchor in every storm of life . Giddy loved us so much he sent his 1 & only son 2 die on the cross . Nothing in my hands I bring simply 2 his cross I cling . Because of Christ we r free & him who the son sets free is free indeed .

        • Julie says:

          This Jesus stuff is really annoying. There are depressed people out there who have different beliefs. Also, your Jesus doesn’t cure everyone, or no baby or child would ever die from disease. It’s just silly.

          • Ma says:

            I’ve been on this board off and on for years. If you don’t agree with a comment don’t respond. That simple. It’s always been peaceful and respectful here. I’m not religious myself but everyone finds their way and can share it without reservation.


    • Kris says:

      Hi Anna-Lisa
      Just hold on. It sound like we have similar depressions. I went through about a year and a half where I just slept or was in constant mental anguish. I pulled through that and went on to finish college, and do many other things. I know it hurts and it feels so lonely, like no one could possibly understand, but there is hope. I actually now work in mental health and I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who ‘get it’–I’d recommend connecting to a support group like for help. It helps me to think of this illness as a physical one that affects my emotions–just like someone with diabetes may have mental symptoms based on their condition. Good luck and there are people out here rooting for you =-) it will get better.

  77. Nancy says:

    I have been on antidepressants for 4 years. I know that I need more but cannot afford ability . I can honestly say that I do not expect to ever be my old self. My family always asks why I feel this way. The best way I can describe it is:

    I do not have the mental capacity I used to have . I am not “sharp”. I don’t catch on as fast as I used to.

    My memory is terrible and requires constant written reminders of even the most basic things.

    I have lost my drive and ambition. I really need both since depression has bankrupted me financially .

    • Julie says:

      I’m sorry you’re going through this. I had to file for bankruptcy because of depression, and I’m still going through it. I’m convinced that anti-depressants don’t work for MY depression, but they do help my anxiety. As for Abilify, I wouldn’t touch that stuff with a 10 foot pole. It’s an anti-psychotic with a host of terrible side-effects. I also know a lot of people who tried it, but discontinued because it did nothing. I wouldn’t take an anti-psychotic unless I was schizophrenic. I worked at a mental health center for 8 years, so I know a lot about the different drugs. Good luck to you.

  78. Angela S. says:

    Thanks for this post. I have never read your blog before, but am glad I found it. I have been feeling really blue, and this helped me feel less alone.

  79. Wendy says:

    I have suffered with depression since the age of about 17 and I am now 52. Every episode seems to wear me down more and I am scared I will not come out of it. This episode has been about 2 months and is not lifting has anyone got any advice.

  80. Naresh says:

    I am also asking the same is there a permanent solution for this i want enjoy my life but i can`t ..quickly scientist as to answer this i am waiting i feel hopeless hanging on drugs is this my life i f… this thing

  81. Sarah says:

    Letting you know there is so much hope! I have been in the ugly grasp of this stuff and honestly wasn’t sure I would ever make it out. Even though it doesn’t feel like it now, things can get better.

    I’m doing great.
    Wanted to let you guys know that happens too.

    • Clemence says:

      thank you so much Sarah! I’ve been fighting against depression since decembre. Sometimes I feel like i’ll never see the light again.

  82. Katie says:

    Hi Guys!

    I’m just coming off a six month bout of depression- I’ve been fighting it for the past 20 years & this past one was particularly bad, it almost ended a six year relationship- I’m worried about my lack of ambition towards anything. I have time off work & should be going to the gym to prepare for going back (it’s a construction job & it’s vital that I’m fit), I should be looking for some supplemental income also, but I just can’t muster the motivation. How do I start caring again?

    • antonia says:

      I never get depressed, ever, I mean, no matter what. Thats what the doctors should be studying, people like me. Don’t understand why they are not doing that. I’m hoping they will find a cure soon, with the advances in medicine these days, they will probably find a cure. Charlotte Dawson, Former Australia’s Next Top Model Judge, Found Dead at Age 47. She suffered from depression and took her own life, how terribly sad. I saw on the internet how they scan a depressed persons brain to study it. They are on the right track, but I still don’t understand why they are not studying the brain of a person who is resilient to depression and compare it to the scan of a person with depression. What are they waiting for, I don’t understand why they are not doing this. I’m not a doctor, but I think personally, that they can find some answers there, even a cure that doesn’t involve those tablets

      • C.j says:

        It’s probably a money thing. Antidepressants are big business these days. I’m sick of being on meds – they don’t work and you just feel numb. I don’t take them now, can’t afford more. There’s no enjoyment for life anyway.

  83. exo says:

    lately i found that i dont trust anyone, not even my close family .

    • Sue says:

      I encourage you to trust anyone still “there” for you. Trust those who you have neglected or even hurt and they are still present. I found those people had no other reason to be there for me unless they had good loving intentions. Just my hindsight and experience.

  84. Mike says:

    Hello all,

    As somebody that has gone through several torturous episodes of depression over the past 17 years, I can say that I think each one may take a little piece of you but these can be recovered in time.
    I’ve resolved myself to the fact that I do need medication for life and that studies show that this is the best way to maintain brain plasticity and the potential growth of new neural pathways.
    The hardest part of depression for me is the rumination: bad/painful/doom thoughts that tend to cycle over and over for months at a time. The loss of self, as so many have described, is awful. You feel like a stranger in your own skin. It’s as if you have some unfamiliar brain in your body that you reason is not your own.
    The key is that you have to force yourself to get into daily routines and do the things that you normally take enjoyment from…..even if you don’t get any satisfaction from them at all. Constant exposure to normally pleasurable activities can lead to actual enjoyment after time. Even the most horrific, deepest depressions can be overcome. I have overcome every single one of them and had long periods of normalcy. As hard as it may be, you need to try and redirect your attention outside of yourself. A depressive’s biggest downfall is that we tend to focus internally and ruminate and that only adds fuel to the fire. Exercise does help with anxiety symptoms. If you can sleep, it is very restorative to the brain.

    All the best.

  85. alicia says:

    oohh this really helps me understand depression and helps me for a class project. this is really deep stuff that is good. but bad for people but thanks for all this stuff that is on this site.

  86. cristin says:

    My suggestion is to pray for happiness and to read the bible. god holds true joy. He loves you and willing to give it to you. Just ask. Believe. Things will get better. you are loved. You are important. You mean so much to God. Just believe it.

  87. Mark says:

    I have been suffering from depression most of my life. I dread every single day. If it weren’t for my job I would rarely leave the house. I haven’t been able to have successful relationships/ friendships. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. It is extreme torture. The only time that I’m at peace is when I’m sleeping. If you have a family you are way better off than me. I only feel comfortable when I’m alone. When I’m alone all I do is kill time. I have wasted my life and continue to do so. A normal life just seems so far out of reach. I feel like the only way for the pain to end is when I die. I can’t find joy in anything. I’m sorry for being such a downer. I’m just trying to convey how my depression feels. I think I have what’s called walking depression. Thanks for reading!

    • faith says:

      I have struggle with depression for over 4 years. The first year I couldn’t sleep couldn’t eat. My sister took care of me. My mind just couldn’t function. I remember those dark times. Nobody understands unless you have been Through it. I wanted to commit my self in a ward hospital
      . I just couldn’t take it. Yes they also proscribed me medication. I took it for a month because I decided I did not want to live off medication to get by. But that was my choice. I believe if you need to take it and it helps then that’s one step to recovery. I took another route and that is to continue to cry out to the Lord. To pray and go to church. Have those pray for me. I can say its my faith in God that got me through. How am I today I’m 90% recovered. I believe I will be 100%. I will not give up hope. I’m working and living. Do I go through a spell yes. I find my self crying but I cry to the Lord and it passes. Its hard and painful. But I will not give up my faith for Nothing impossible with God. How do I know this I know how I was 3years ago and know that i overcame because of the Lord. It gets better not worse hang on! I’m praying for every post I read. Have faith in Jesus. I know I do

  88. Myra says:

    Although I hadn’t realised it at the time, I’d suffered with depression for some time but it reached a climax in July 2012 when I had to go to my GP and was signed off for a month and diagnosed with chronic depression.

    I was prescribed all sorts of different medication to try to alleviate the symptoms but nothing seemed to help and eventually I was passed onto my local mental health team who prescribed even stronger medication. Nothing seemed to work and my mind seemed to be totally ‘broken’ as did my spirit and love of life.

    My recovery was almost non-existent. Eventually and, heartrendingly for me, after eight months on sick leave, my employer felt that they couldn’t keep my post open for me any longer. This broke my heart and my dismissal came in February of this year(2013). After 11 years of hard work and being reliable, I was just cast aside and the rejection I felt was enormous. ABSOLUTELY HUGE. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for me.

    I have however, another 10 months on, I have now begun to come to terms with this rejection and think that it’s actually their loss and that they should be ashamed at their heartlessness. It was a company that supported vulnerable people and I, a staff member who was ill, became vulnerable and they cast me out.

    I’m still ME – Myra – and I’ve just been ill, nothing more. Although people that I thought were friends avoid me as if I’m contagious, I know that this is just fear and ignorance.

    I don’t even really know what I’m trying to say here. I’m sat at my kitchen table typing this because I’m so scared of life now, scared that at 55 year of age, my life is over and that I’m a waste of space.

    Apart from my dear husband and children, who have been so supportive, I see no-one. But when the opportunity to see others arises, I don’t have the courage to meet them. My self confidence is so low and I don’t feel that I can hold a lucid conversation without stumbling over my words or over-explaining what I’m trying to say. It’s as if someone else has moved into my body and taken the sensible, outgoing, lucid Myra away and left us with this shell of a person who doesn’t particularly like herself.

    My memory is so extremely poor that I despair. I used to work with computers on a day-to-day basis, ran a successful office and dealt with staff and the public efficiently. Now, apart from the simplest tasks on my computer, all the skills I possessed previously seem to have become so very, very jumbled up. My brain just seems to be a mess and I can’t seem to retain any information beyond the simplest of instructions. Even crosswords defy me now – a favourite pastime.

    Will I even return to my old self, my healthy self who was a worthwhile and productive person?
    Does this strike a cord with anyone out there because sure as dammit, no-one seems to understand here.

    • Julie says:

      Yes, Myra! Yes! Our stories are very similar, but I’m too depressed/apathetic to write out my whole story. I am not married, now broke and having to live with my mother. I’m 45 and have never been married. I fear that I’ll never be able to find another job or get my life back on track. I have no answers. This all started 3 years ago for me.


      • Joy says:

        Hi Myra, I’m in my twenties and I relate to everything you mentioned. I can’t hold a proper conversation, I can’t concentrate or remember things. My mind is blank and I’m numb most of the time..I feel very detached from it all..

        • Dawn says:

          I have just been reading your comments and I am crying. I suffered depression from the age of 17. I got better at 22 but then had a major episode two years later where I was bedridden. I just languished in bed putting on weight not wanting to speak to my own children and partner. I then got better two years later but since then I don’t know who I have become. I thought I was going mad. I tried to tell my fiancé and he didn’t seem to understand. I thought maybe I am imagining things because who else can I be but my self. This was 10 years ago and since then I don’t like myself, I am negative 80% of the time. I used to be so bubbly and confident but now I prefer to hide away at home. The odd times when I do make a friend I can’t keep up the friendship because I find it to too tiring so they give up and I’m relieved. I used to have a lot of friends. I still struggle with my hygiene. I buy things that I think I like but then I just put them in a drawer and lose interest. However, the main problem is that I find it hard to communicate. If I am part of a conversation I find it mentally hard to keep up with what is being said to give the right response. Then afterwards I reflect on what I say and realise it was stupid. Other times I structure what I want to say but when I speak, it doesn’t come out the same. I over babble. I forget to include information so I stick it in later in the conversation and sound like I’m all over the place. My mind goes blank trying to find the right words sometimes even though I used to have a large vocabulary.

          Yesterday I had an interview for the biggest job of my life. I know I can do it with my eyes closed. I had a telephone interview and I babbled, incoherently. I didn’t answer the question properly. Then after the interview I could structure what I was meant to say but the point is I didn’t say it at the time.

          My last episode was mild and two years ago. I am supposed to be recovered but I don’t think recovered. I am 33 and I feel as though I lost the best years if my life. I can no longer tell if I am depressed or not because even though I am not in a black hole. I am still trapped. I have had this hope that I will be the articulate, quick, slim and positive person I used to be but it’s been ten years and I am tired and scared to accept the person I am because if I do that I fear it will destroy me but I keep on like this. I am wondering if I take anti depressants again will it help me with my issues, maybe I should have stayed on them for longer. I am doing yoga. I have done the mindfulness etc. I feel as though I am running out of options. Sorry to write this. It just after all this time I have keep this to myself thinking I was alone and the sheer relief that I am not has made me feel less alienated. Thank you.

    • Diane says:

      Dear Myra- I understand so much. I got deppression out the blue 7 years ago and almost didn’t survive. I had never had anything before so wasn’t sure what was happening it took almost 3 years. They tryed every drug there was but nothing worked then finally I came out of it but that was 4 years ago and I have started down the same path about 3 months ago. All I ever wanted was to be myself again. I have memorys everyday of who I was why she can’t stay present with me. I guess I will always wonder if the damage was just to much and my brain can’t stay balanced now. I too am scared because when this is happening I feel so embarrsed about myself!!! I send you blessings -Diane

  89. Jane says:

    Hi,i had this vivid memory of mine when i was still a kid and we visited a reunion party of my clan(i together with mommy and my younger siblings) when i heard our cousins of same age whispering “that the province kids are here” with eyes rolling.we grew up in a province while all of my cousins grew together in the city. i still remember that moment that all my cousins are very close and playing together but me and my siblings just remain sitting in one corner. the hard part is that while growing up and staying now in the city together with them, we always feel the pressure talking to them and mingling with them. they party people and we’re not.we have friends in school and offices and really enjoyed their company, but with my cousins, we always feel anxious, neglected and out casted. And as the eldest, my heart breaks when I see my siblings suffering from this anxiety. But we keep going..

  90. Toni says:

    I am just coming to realize I have been living with severe depression for almost 2 years now. I was horrible to my partner, made her feel like everything was her fault, when I am realizing now it was not. The things I thought were horrible weren’t even a problem. Looking back, I remember sitting on the couch thinking, “just get up, walk into the kitchen, wrap your arms around her, kiss her neck and tell her she is beautiful”, but when I would get up to do it, I would walk right past her and go get into bed. Has this happened to anyone else? I would think about doing nice things to show her I loved her all the time, but when I would go to do them, my body wouldn’t do them. I lost all interest in sex, and felt like I was un loveable, even though she was right there, loving me. I was angry and irritable all the time. No one in my life could do anything right. They all tried to tell me I was being unreasonable, overbearing, and irritable, but I didn’t believe them, I denied it and didn’t understand why they were saying those things and being so mean to me. I can’t count how many times I would be driving down the road and think, “hum, that looks like a good bridge to drive off of.” It is scary to think how close I came a few times to taking the whole bottle of pills with a bottle of alcohol. I have everything to live for. I have a beautiful daughter and a girlfriend who is willing to try again even after I destroyed our relationship and left her for another woman. After all I have done she is willing to try to make things work. She has been a tremendous support and I know we can come out the other side. As long as I can stay mindful and pay attention to what the people around the most are seeing, and not shrug it off, I will stay strong and hopefully depression free.

  91. Saviour says:

    Dear dear all,i have been going through depression for 10 is so terrifying.i am not the person that i used to personality seems changing and what a pain that it causes wondering who am i really.?in addition to bad feelings and reduced abilities, slowed body functions ,this loss of self is so painful.dear friends you are not alone in this world.others may say you are lazy or fake but dont be sad over that.we are doing all that we can do to survive and get well, it is disease that is pulling us back.thinking of my past i think if anyone else had to face ordeals like mine they would never have survived it.i came out of it with a deep depression and is still hanging on.keep faith in god.submit your problems to him and ask for his help.he will hear you.a day will come when you will have all the happiness in the world.take care all.

  92. Rhona says:

    Someone the other day likened recovery from Depression as like learning again after a Stroke. I feel like I am having to learn again. Learn to write, communicate, do every day tasks. I wonder if there is research showing any clinical similarities between the two? My brain function is definitely damaged- I am slower in doing things now and I can’t multi-task anymore. But I have also learnt to be kinder to myself. And “Be kind to yourself” has become my new Mantra.
    Thankyou John, for your article. Reading other people’s responses to this very physical and debilitating disease is useful. I found that listening to my self through meditation and Yoga, to my authenticity, has changed the course of my Depression. I have chosen to change my job, move home- move country even. I had a realization that i needed to live true to myself.
    I find nature helps. Looking up at the trees whilst walking in my local park may be the only thing I manage to do all day but it is soul-food. Feeling the Earth beneath my feet grounds me and just taking deep breaths in a clean environment amongst nature reconnects me. It’s the simple things that seem to help the most. Especially as other more basic things that I was once so capable of I find hard to do now.
    Medication I have always believed helps me to not want to jump into the traffic- it’s a first aid bandage- it doesn’t deal with the ongoing whys. The only way to deal with that and slowly recover (and it is slow) is to take one step in front of the other and not be disheartened when sometimes you have to take a step back again. Exploring alternative remedies is also something I would strongly recommend: Bach flower remedies are great, visit a medical herbalist, acupuncture, Yoga, sing, dance, but above all… be kind to yourself.

    • Minnie beaux says:

      Your letter broke my heart! You and your siblings are fine! Who said YOU are the ones that have to change? Who said THEY are the ones who have to change? Be yourselves, and be proud of whom you are. If there’s something you don’t like about yourself, by all means work on it, BUT only if it is for your own sake and no one elses. Everybody is different, and everybody is beautiful in their own way, provided they are not nasty or cruel people! Relax in your own skin! If it causes too much anxiety going to these reunions… Don’t go! On that night/day go somewhere nice with a friend … He he! And think how lucky you are not being there puttin up with that lot! Wish you all the best!

  93. mssaira says:

    I have stumbled across your article as I am a going through a recurrent phase at the moment, and was looking for advice/experiences.
    I have to say a lot of your symptons ring true for me, in terms of the memory loss and annoyingly the tinnitus (anecdotally, a friend told me that tinnitus can also be a side-effect of St. Johns Wort, which I use; another thing to consider is how close you are to your wireless modem, which can affect some, if you’re only noticing tinnitus at home).
    I have also found my recall of happy experiences to have been damaged, and my visualization faculties compromised also. However, I don’t know how much of this can be attibutable to the long term effects of depression, and how much to the way everyones personalities evolve and alter through the course of their lives, and also the gradual erosion of our ‘faculties’. I have been told I used to be funnier! I still have a sense of humour, but it takes a lot longer to get it going, in fact in general all responses that used to be spontaneous take longer to bubble up now, as it were.
    I believe that a lot of this damage has to be due to the elevated cortisol, and I do experience very negative and unpleasant come-downs from social anxiety, to the point where avoidance behaviour has become my default setting.
    Dietary-wise, I overcame IBS, switched over to decaffeinated drinks and pay the price of suicidal ideation if I imbibe of processed sugar or fructose (conversely, I ‘top up’ with a little high quality, dark chocolate most days, which seems to give me a lift without crashing)
    On the other hand, I have learned, as I age, to be more accepting of myself, to put up boundaries, to not blame myself for everything, and to stop pursuing normalcy, whatever that may be, as a state to aspire to.
    I think diaries, or journals are really crucial for depressives, as memory keepsakes, and I wish I’d been better able to keep them, but I have a few surviving scraps, and letters (pre-internet) that still have the power to surprise when I rediscover them decades later.
    Thanks very much for posting your precis of the research, and of your own observations.

  94. Anno says:

    (Jump to after effects below to skip the details)
    I didn’t take any medication during my depression (just for a week, but there were side effects that seriously scared me). It lasted for about 6-7 months until I could start thinking reasonably again. it was impossible for me to handle the chaos in my head because the depression kept me arms and legs bound to the ground and pressed on me with such a weight. When all of it reached its peak I noticed that something in me was cracking, I knew it would have it’s cost at some point.
    How it felt:
    I have never in my life experienced something as mean and frustrating and really continuously painful before. I was so exhausted and confused and somehow socially disabled by my depression that I had trouble to communicate what was my problem, which is why I was often perceived as unreasonable whiner. Seriously, I just didn’t have the strength anymore to respond to that. I could just accept it even if it made it all just worse. It felt like I imagine it to be when you are in a wake coma, everyone thinks you’re unconscious but you hear people around you and see them, you wanna cry out to them and tell them how bad you feel and that you need help, but none of it reaches them.
    Some of the most discouraging things I heard later was “it seemed like you didn’t even try hard to get out of it.”
    It’s what a depression wants, make you look unreasonable, like an irrational crybaby maybe even a like a person who just wants to get attention or gain advantage over others.

    Having overcome most of this I noticed that some things just weren’t the same anymore.
    1. memory problems:
    -difficulty to remember things before my depression, especially happy memories
    -images in my memory are all blurry, faces too
    -short memory messes up badly at times especially under stress (more than ever)
    -I sometimes remember things that didn’t happen or I’m not sure anymore about certain events
    (while some of those occur normally to a certain percentage the occurrence has risen)
    2. I don’t know if there’s a direct link, but I got tinnitus since then.
    3. stress management skills have dramatically plummeted.
    4. Social problems:
    -I can’t successfully cheer people up that are close to me. if I can’t give good advice I easily panic and get pulled back into a depressive mood which is really annoying because we both feel bad then.
    -I don’t see the same in people anymore. I used to love to get to know new people and talk a lot. It used to satisfy me. But now I really just want to avoid any contact. I easily get disappointed with people, I prefer being left alone. Old friends often try to talk with me, but I feel exhausted after a few sentences and feel like leaving it at that. I’m glad to know people are doing well, but that’s it. (point here: I don’t miss being sociable)
    -however there’s one or two persons I really stick to more than ever now, people who really care about me. I kinda avoid any other contact.

    5. Personality problems:
    -I wish I would have back the enthusiasm and happiness that I had before.
    -Almost all my free-time interests have literally perished.
    -I seem to have forgotten some ideas or ways of thinking and patterns of how I used to be, meaning: I’m sure I don’t act like I used to act, but I’m not sure in which way, cause the past seems a little unreal and cloudy (I suppose cause of the pain).
    -I now somehow easily seem to annoy people because I suddenly have problems to understand their feelings. My head just doesn’t get going. I need to force myself each step to think into other persons again and often repeat the process until I realize how they must feel in crucial situations. But somehow I am stuck on myself very much, I think.
    even in trivial situations. It usually seems like a pretty bad joke to me that I can’t accomplish easy things like that at times.

    6. My Interpretation:
    I think during my depression some sections of my head just shut down or locked down and they haven’t opened up yet anymore… I have to painstakingly rediscover myself and relearn some abilities, (and what may sound banal: even thinking-processes)
    about memory: My memory worked pretty well before I had depression. It doesn’t exactly feel like all that is gone now, it just feels like I can’t access the information properly…it feels something like when you are really tired and just can’t get up cause some magical weight presses against you. You keep trying and you know you can almost do it but then you fail again.
    Just like that it feels when I try to recall some events.
    I know it sounds like something normal, and some of you might say it happens all the time also without depression, but my case is that I really can “feel” the information there, but I can’t reach it properly.

    I hope some of you can relate with what I said and verify that I’m not just imagining things. Because that is something I’m wondering about too: Am I maybe just imagining all this?
    I have problems putting it all together but here was my best try.

    • jessica says:


      I believe you are still suffering from depression, and some of these issue will work themselves out. My own empathy for others, interests, and humor, and social skills have returned.

      I am still trying to reconnect with my old patterns of thinking and how I used to be as well. I keep telling my husband that it feels like there’s a piece of me that I’ve just forgotten. I keep waiting for that eureka moment when everything just falls back into place. This is by far the greatest loss, the loss of self. And it’s scary because it becomes harder to know whether you’re becoming yourself again or if you’re just getting used to this new way of thinking. Maybe it’s both.

      I’m gonna keep exercising, taking my vitamins, meditating, and clinging to every glimmer of improvement I see until one day I can just put all of this out of my mind.

    • Samantha says:

      Hey I’m Samantha & I’m a fifteen year old girl just thought I’d give you a little information anyway….Everything that your saying matches everything I’m going through. I felt I was going crazy like I was the only one who felt this way but I’m soo glad to know I’m not alone. You have no idea how long I’ve felt alone when I read this it made me want to cry. I have never been an attention seeker but I’m precieved that way but its just a desprate cry for help, which no one understands or can help. I’ve had depression since I was about eight years old I was able to function properly going up to my tweens. I was a really smart witty,fun, good at socializing kind of girl I was popular had lots of friends. but something happened to me when I was about 12 years old. At the beginning of sixth grade things we’re going better than ever my new medication had been making me feel great and able to concetrate. I had lots of A’s for my grades I became a top student. I felt so proud of myself, life was good. but some reason at the end of the year the medication didn’t work well anymore & I started to fall into a deep depression. I was clueless about what it was that was happening I was sure it would go away soon but it just kept getting worse. At the end of 7th grade I got moved to a Christian school . Now they had such high expectations of me but I could barely follow a simple task. Homework was too stressful for me because anything and everything they said sounded foreign like theyre words couldnt form in my head I couldnt comprehend a simple sentence so the homework got piled up. I never felt like I was in the room it felt and still feels like I’m a ghost like I’m not really there if that makes any sense. My logical is embarrassing when i try to talk to friends anymore it really sounds like I’m an idiot. So I’ve lost a lot of friends to this. When I socialize I become awkward and I don’t know what to say at all when I used to have it all planned out and flitered in my head. Sometimes I say the stupidest things now without thinking and I cant stop it. The way I think like my thought processes and the way I view things are different and I don’t know how to explain that without sounding a little crazy nobody understands when I say that. I can never think straight & I haven’t felt like my normal self in a couple years I’m dying to know what it feels like. It feels like I’m just watching people life their happy lifes while I sit here and waste away its a horrible feeling, feeling worthless and hopeless, and even worse when your close friends start calling you an attention seeker and fake. This doesn’t even seem real at all none of this does. & I can’t stress this enough the way I used to think like my thinking pattern is just gone it changes constantly and I don’t know what to do about it. The way I act is completely different I’m more negative about things, complainy, very senstive ( so much that if you say the right thing I can burst out crying right on the spot),very irritable,& kinda socially awkward. I hate people nowadays they’re so judgemental on things I can’t change. My friends and family kinda just got tired of hearing it and thought it was my excuse and way out of everything but it wasn’t…I couldn’t help it. I lock myself up in my room everyday and the only people I talk to is my parents and two friends at school. I have more but those two are the ones that wont judge me. I just don’t have those same relationships I used to with my old friends and another thing that frustrates me also is I cannot retain things at all I can barely learn new things another reason I had such a hard time learning in school & still do. I don’t know what to do I don’t expect you to fix it but I just wanted you to know your not alone even if its coming from someone wayyy younger then you.

      • Anno says:

        Hey jessica and Samantha,
        thank you very much for your replies
        it’s been quite a while since I wrote my comment and it
        feels somewhat interesting to re-read it and your replies to it.
        I’ve forgotten some of the experiences I made during that time, since many things have changed (again) which is quite surprising. I can’t tell however, if I feel any better yet, the depression has merely changed into something more like regret about what a shame it is to feel that way.
        I think especially your comment Samantha gives a lot of insight into how depression works and how it destroys our lives, because of how unrefinedly we are judged by others. it seems like depression dislocates our way of acting to make us easy to be judged and to display a false image of what we want to others plus it makes us unable to make sense (which annoys others even more and kills their patience for our “drama”). For example like you said Samantha, as you were merely seeking help from others they only saw you as attention seeking; if I relate this to myself then the way I feel actually makes me seem exactly like that to others. And by the way you’re not really that much younger than me, I’m 20 😉

        Another interesting thing I noticed is that you mentioned not really knowing what was going on when you started feeling worse. I had the exact same experience, and it took me some months to figure it out… although it was sort of obvious somehow, but I couldn’t really grasp it. I’m not sure if you personally found out what was the core reason for you but I noticed myself that soon enough that reason doesn’t really play a role anymore, since the depression feeds dramatically of its own impact on your life, and becomes so huge, that the reason that sparked it seems ridiculous.
        I personally think that sentence of yours “I was sure it would go away soon but it just kept getting worse” is immensely typical for something like that, cause at first we’re all mostly clueless and don’t expect something that bad, even less because of a small reason (if we are aware of it), which is why we quickly forget about a potential cause.

        There’s really so much to say about depression and the majority seems unaware of the meaning of it. It’s perceived like how someone else already said, as “irrational sadness”.

        • Ajit says:

          are you there?
          how are you.
          2 days ago(16 sep 2015) I had read
          your observation of depresdsion
          march 5, 2013
          I need to know something from you.
          have you got any certain cure? or
          where you have reach in case of
          solving this.
          which can be apply on any age,
          from child to old person.ti’s needed.
          if you get msg, reply plz

          • Anno says:

            Hi Ajit,
            I’m happy to say that it has been a long time now since I have had serious problems with feeling depressed and I can say I feel happy and normal again. I don’t often think back to those times anymore during which I felt bad and have sucessfully left behind any regret and anxiety of that time. It is somewhat difficult to get back into thinking in terms of depressive thoughts, which I personally call a victory, but on the other hand I don’t really know which are the essential moves I made that brought me to where I am now.
            I’ll just stress a few things that seem important to note here:

            First of all if you or someone you know is depressed, realise that it is a sickness, don’t wait, take it serious and see a doctor, because you’re sick. It helps to remind yourself that if you had some other illness that could potentially kill you, say a tumor, you would run to the doctor immediately. You wouldn’t just say “nah could be that it isn’t that bad”. Depression can kill you, treat it as equally dangerous threat. See that doctor and start treatment this very week.

            Don’t get caught up with questioning those pills or thinking “those pills the doctor made me take make me feel so weird I don’t wanna anymore.” Take them. You are lucky to live in a century where there is a medicine for what you have, don’t let your chances fall.

            Often depressions are caused by problems with your body, those sleepless nights you spend infront of the computer, things you never thought could actually mess with your own mind. Depression can be caused by malfunctioning organs. Insist on taking a blood test, even if it makes no sense: You may think you’re depressed cause your dog died, but actually your thyroid glands are causing trouble. It is important to rule out other possible causes.

            Since I have been depressed before I know that it’s hard to follow any advice because guess what, the thing that is sick is in fact your ability to make sense of anything. I have also been unable to make decisions in that state. Think of yourself as a person that just woke up sick one day and kinda drunk so you can’t really rely on your own judgment, you obviously need help very badly, or things will become increasingly bad. What I mean is that from that moment on you yourself will do your best to destroy your own life up to an extent that is merely limited by how hopeless you feel.

            I mentioned that I rarely think in terms of despair and hoplessness anymore. You will do that continuously while you are depressed, what you can do is talk to yourself in your mind, keep saying you’re your own best friend, you’ve been the only person that’s always been there for you and that you’re on your own side, you will try your best to minimize the harm you inflict upon yourself, and that you need to focus and not let the pain consume you. Friends are a very good thing. Talk to them a lot, try to do anything with them that involves some activity. ( I know you won’t feel like it at all, but do it anyway you’re saving your life)

            And here comes the power weapon: Work out, do something that keeps you sweating and your heart pumping for at least 30 minutes at a time, and repeat it at least once a week. I do have to admit that while I did not believe that running around like a clown would solve any of my problems I felt much stronger and perhaps a little happy, if just for a split second during workout.
            Here are some more reasons to work out / any other activity:
            -increases your health
            -moving muscles stimulates brain activity and sets free some body-internal antidepressants
            -you get to see the outside (if you do it outside): just like a dog doesn’t feel well kept inside a box all day your brain also doesn’t. You just don’t realise it because you’ve grown up believing it’s normal to be home all day. Your body is suffering if you don’t let it experience outside life.

            -Eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, review your diet with your doctor (write it down! Very important!)

            Remember there is always a way out of something. Often nobody is there to guide you, which is why it is important that you take yourself by the hand and say you’re your own best friend now and you’re going to make things better from here. Keep saying it, a million times. Nothing is really so bad that you can’t overcome it, things are very scary, yes, but once you overcame the scaredness you can endure a lot more than you thought.

            You see, I initially just got worse, didn’t see a doctor either and hope kept dropping and for a long time I maintained this dead fish existence
            Floating in nothingness, and I can’t say I accomplished anything during that time, I failed with any attempt of self control or attempt to do something. It was ok though, sooner or later one attempt leads to a small success, simply because of the law of chances. And then successes become a thing again and soon another small success follows. Just always keep an eye open in search of some bit of light from somewhere. All cloudy skies give way to some sunshine eventually. This analogy at least holds true on earth :).

            And I’d like to say to everyone here, I relate to anyone who feels depressed, I don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone, if you feel like you are going to do something ugly to yourself come back here once more and talk to me or call someone and talk about it. Try to do something nice instead.

            If you have a therapist that you visit on a regular basis I see no real threat to you anymore, those people dedicated their lives to turning you back into yourself and they can really do it. Just trust in it if you see no immediate results.

            You’ll still get into situations and moods where you really believe that you won’t make the day, focus, you can’t give in to pain then, just focus. It took me more than 2 years until those periods of intense pain got less frequent and waking up every day got a little less scary.

            Once you’re out of that don’t look back, keep visiting your therapist and focus on getting better, you will feel like everything’s ok but keep investing effort and working on getting back into life again, try dealing with the problems like financial issues / relationships etc.. or anything that might have gotten you there in the first place. You’re not safe yet. Be careful not to do unreasonable things like getting into fights, or other drama, things that could serve as a spark to reignite all the highly flammable emotional fuel left by your depression.

            I could say a lot more about this but it’s best not to overcomplicate the matter right now since I don’t know what specific problem you have.

            Just another thing: some people or friends won’t like it if you keep justifying all your mistakes with your depression. I guess sometimes it is better not to create a drama about how you feel infront of everyone, others will understand and will want to hear what troubles you. That being said there is no reason to feel bad if they don’t wanna know about it, you can still talk to them and perhaps it will help you distract yourself.

            I think you’ll be on a good way if you follow at least the majority of what I said or what your doctor will tell you.
            The more the better.

          • Anno says:

            I’ve thought a while about what most accurately makes a definite cure: the cure for depression that has no organic causes is the time you spend without pain.

            During the time during which you don’t feel bad, worried or unsafe you recover.
            The more frequently your mind is at peace, the faster will be your recovery.
            The more frequently positive thoughts wander your mind the better you will get.

            On the other hand negative thoughts and experiences worsen your situation.

          • Ajit says:

            Thanks a lot anno, saying so much
            information for an unknown
            it feels good to knowing that you
            feel happy and normal again.
            just for normal stuf can you tell me What you do? your intrests? about art or game…etc

  95. pravy says:

    i want to say that i was good before 1.5 yrs ago . i was in love with someone X. after some days he started abusing me . i was working in a gym as a trainer , at that gym inbetween this i was geting closer to someone else Y . and then i was with him . but after some dyas i realize that i had cheated X.and due to Y i left my job i left X and i totaly got depressed . i started taking some tablets for sleeping. now a days i m doing my PG for the sake of somewat change but again my mind getting disturbed from X . I m not getting that what should i have to do . Because somewhere i also think that if i went back to X then he will may cheat me . I want that all bad memories should vanish away from my mind from these X or Y. I m at the stage that my life is stopped , i wont be able to concentrate on my studies ,my carrier, my family and on myself to . PLEASE HELP ME OUT .

    • motan says:

      If the situation messed up your life, it was too much. You have made a mistake. But do not massacre yourself with it. Don’t let yourself be destroyed by it.
      Take a time to think about everything. (What person you wish to be?) Be honest.
      Then concentrate on what is really important right now. You can do it.
      Take care.
      (I don’t think you should return to X, from what I’ve read.)

  96. ginny mae says:

    Well I’m 20 years old and my husband and I been going though a rough time we been together for 3 years and have a 2 year old daughter together . I feel like we grew a little apart not to bad but not good. I just want us to be happy but I feel like I get overwhelmed a lot so I get so stressed out it makes me feel low about my self then turns in to depression. And I can’t be romantic our be physical. Any advise

  97. Lorraine says:

    I have been on Lexapro for almost 4 yrs. I was fine until my husband cheated on me.. I can’t get the thought out of my head some days I’m fine other days I’m not… I just want to be normal again.. My kids see the difference in me I do try and act different around them but at times I just want to run away and never look back.. Yes I’m still with my husband and I always said to myself if any man cheats on me they are gone.. I don’t trust him and things between us were getting better for a little while but my head it just starts to think way too much.. I want me back but I just can’t get there will I ever be normal again…

    • Bernadeth says:

      Lorraine, I can relate to you. I ,too, have been experiencing depression. I have Major Depression,that’s what my Psychologist assessed me. Some days I’m fine some days not. Most of the time my depression triggers if my husband nag at me or insult me, like being irresponsible, and that I admit it. I changed a lot. . . . . Irresponsible wife and a mother to my family. This started when my depression started. I also started experiencing my depression when I knew that my husband cheated. . . .was having relationship with his ex-girlfriend. . . painful. I want to get back to normal. . . .and always praying for it. . . but. . . . so sad it’s lingering from time to time. The bad thing . . my family have a hard time understanding my situation. They’re telling me . . it’s all in the mind. Internet had helped me lot. what i did when i was in my worst depression, i searched about depression i just didn’t read it. . . . i copied. It’s more than 7 years now that my Dep, started. When my Dep. starts, i refreshed myself about by reading what i had searched in the internet. Also, when i’m in a very weak mood, I prepare ice cold water in a bowl then splash my face with it. . . . . it helps me a lot. . . . .relieved of my symptoms.

    • motan says:

      That’s torturing you. If you know you will never trust him again, there’s not much you can do. You could try to get some help to the marriage, a therapist, but… What you are experiencing, what are you feeling, isn’t wrong at all. You are normal. You felt (and still feel) betrayed and hurt. Now you have 2 options: truly forgive him (is he worthy of? are you ready to take the risk?) and take another chance, or move on.

      Do what’s best for you and your kids. And don’t try to act, children perceive it (and adults can be sad too). And remember that it’s not their fault.

      Hope is everything fine by now.

  98. Claire Gallagher says:

    great article, John. you are one smart, well informed guy.

    the question of recovery is one that i have struggled with as i had a very serious breakdown with psychosis. it was hard for me to accept that i will never be the same again. very hard. im still great. but broken.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts. you have a lovely way of expressing yourself. Claire

  99. Vartika says:

    Thankyou for your most wonderful article here. My problem is playing safe and being obsessive about the precautions and preparations that I constantly find myself making… I’ve been depressed all my life;20 years. And after two years of therapy and strictly, my desire to want to lead a normal life bought things from extreme to ‘okay’. But i’ve recently realised getting okay is a continuous effort required on your part… Why is it so hard ? Do you believe in karma? would this mean I’ll have it really easy now on? There is no anger, and I’ve reached a state where I’m in good control of my emotions and my life. My question is about karma…

  100. nikki says:

    I’ve recently noticed a significant amount of changes in myslef from being depressed. To be more specific, i cant communicate with people the way i use to, half the time im not even sure if i would like to communicate with anyone at all to be honest, ive also caught myself thinking alot more than usual, ive become a more negative person rather than a positive one, i dont laugh like i use to nor to i find joy in things that i use to. typically id be an extremly creative person but i feel as though im losing that as well. Ive also become very insecure about myself. i find it hard to focus, and feel like ive had memory lose, and thats not even the half of it… will i ever be myself agian? It scares me to think id live the rest of my life this way….any suggestions?

    • John Folk-Williams says:

      Hi, nikki –

      The changes depression brings about do not have to be permanent. Once you’re over the worst of it – and for many people medication and therapy help take the edge off the worst symptoms – you do need to find ways of re-activating yourself. There are dozens of posts on this blog describing methods that have helped me: mindfulness meditation, acceptance and commitment therapy, writing, reducing stress in my worklife, cognitive therapy, physical exercise and many more. You need to come up with the combination of activities that works best for you. I’ve never found one method that works on all the symptoms.

      My best to you in this search —


      • ankitasengupta says:

        Hi, john – I’m also suffering with depression, same case..can you suggest how could I get myself better…I’m 19years old gal.

    • Bernadeth says:

      Nikki I think if you already have depression there’s a lot of changes. I can relate with you. I, too am very creative, i laugh a lot, talkative, feeling very secured. I can talk to any person. . even to a Judge. But when i started my depression my insecurities became very severe. I, too, have memory loss. I think we still have a chance to be back normally, but not as normal as we used to be. Try to fight your insecurities by trying to mingle with other people. If possible find your old friends just what I’m doing now. Or have new friends who can understand your situation. Stay away from people who are insulting you, nag at you, or people you’re not comfortable with. But if they are your family, talk to them tell them what makes you depressed. Read about depression in the Internet and it’s good you copy it, it’s a big help to people like us. The advantage of copying, when it lingers or feeling down again re-read what you had copied. For me, it helps me a lot We have to educate ourselves. … I’m thankful for myself that i was not dependent on medication. There was a time only that I took Xanor, also an anti-depressant, but not on regular bases. Only when I’m not feeling well. I stopped taking it for 2 years already.

  101. xxxxxx xxxxxx says:

    I have to smile at the use of the term ‘episodes’ of depression. I have suffered now for twenty-six years without a break. So I can say with some authority that depression doesn’t so much change your personality – I would say that I still feel like my pre-depression self – but it does inhibit your ability to express your personality. Added to that, the sheer length of time that has passed since I was last capable of feeling joy, or was able to be physically active, means that I find that I can’t remember what those things actually felt like. They have become abstract concepts.

    • John Folk-Williams says:

      We have different forms of depression – some people have both – but it’s true that the “earlier” self could be an abstraction, even a fabrication of memory, a longing for a golden age in your life. There’s a lot of debate over the role of inborn temperament in depression and whether or not the basic features of a personality can ever change. But there are different dimensions that can take turns coming to the fore or receding, even out of consciousness. Thanks for commenting.

  102. Judy says:

    I think this is a really complex question, partly because none of us are going to be the same people forever no matter what happens (or not), and then with the recent information about tardive dysphoria, how would we know, after taking antidepressants for a long time, what effects are from depression and what are from the meds we’ve taken?

    I really don’t know how I would answer this because it seems like I’ve been depressed most of my life to some degree or another and, if anything, the process of trying to recover from it, I think, has made my life better than it would have been otherwise. There is no “happier” self to look back on, to say that is my “old” self. I wouldn’t want to be my “old” self. If anything, I’d have to say that it was probably depression that saved me from my old self, the thing that finally made me cry “Uncle!” I was so used to living the victim role that I didn’t even know I had a self.

    Does this make sense to anyone else?

    • Hi, Judy –

      It sure is complicated. I’ve often written elsewhere about the impossibility of going back to an earlier me. As you say, I was always influenced by depression and had problems I wouldn’t want to experience again. When people say I want to be myself again, I think they have in mind the times they were in top form. Also, if medication works, it happens early in treatment. You feel so good – actually it’s almost like a high – that being yourself again may be just a way of saying I wish I felt like this all the time. There’s no question that I’ve discovered more about myself through reacting to depression than I would have without it. At least, I think that’s true – how can you know?


  103. mannu says:

    HELLO, I DON’T WANT TO NAME MYSELF BECAUSE ITS NOT IMPORTANT. i am facing severe depression because watever happened in past has also occured the same in future. i am working but still some pictures and moments are alive because i didn’t get get suitable atmosphere anywhere. totally poor feeling at self. looking for changes in life no support from husband too. totally negation status. but i have started praying lord that give me patience so that these dark clouds should not live any footprints on any stage of life. clouds will be vanishing but the footprints will take time to disappear. this creates negative signs and affects our hope too. bad time has a good point that it goes very soon and teaches us the reality of life.


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