Depression in a Red Suit (v. 2.0): On the Holidays Past and Future

Some Rights Reserved by Auntie K at Flickr So that was Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, … and what have you done? … It happens every December, the moods of so many darken in the midst of the season of joy, and bloggers write up their tip lists about how to survive the holidays. Depression is the Grinch who wraps for you a perverse present of guilt. It feels so […] Read the rest»

Top Depression Blog – 2010

I’m really pleased to report that Storied Mind has been honored for the second time by PsychCentral as one of the top ten depression blogs of the year. It’s especially meaningful to me because PsychCentral is the best site on the internet devoted entirely to mental health information for the public. Their Depression Guide is one of the best sources of its kind, and the blogging by many writers is […] Read the rest»

Talking to Save Relationships and Talking to Walls

Image by nasrulekram I’ve written a pair of posts at Health Central about trying to explain what depression is like to family and close friends. The first one describes opening up in a way that’s helped me dispel the assumptions others been making about why I’ve changed so much. The second looks at what I try to do when, or before, I talk to people who “just don’t get it.” […] Read the rest»

Depersonalized, Derealized, Dissociative and Disappearing

I had a comment on a recent post at Health Central that described an experience the writer called dissociative. During a therapy session she had become so remote that she couldn’t focus on the discussion or even remember in mid-sentence what she’d been saying. She wasn’t fully present and couldn’t bring herself to come back into the therapist’s office. Dissociation isn’t a condition I’ve thought or known much about, and […] Read the rest»