The Powerful Noise of Panic

Some Rights Reserved by Peter H. Rassmann Some of the most frightening moments I’ve had during long years of depression were not those of despairing mood or even suicidal thinking. Instead, they were the times of panic when I’d feel yanked into a wind tunnel, no hold on anything, air sucked out of my lungs, my body fired into emptiness. Most often that happened when I suddenly found myself at […] Read the rest»

A Brief History of My Meds

Over at Health Central, I’ve put up a post called My 20 Meds. It’s about the trial and error process I went through to find a medication for depression that gave me more help than harm. The interesting thing is that none of the newer antidepressants worked for very long. The most effective have belonged to older classes of drugs. The first one I used was Elavil (amitritypline) back in […] Read the rest»

Notebook: Healing the Whole Person

In this post (one of several I think of as notebook entries) I’ve put together several ideas about healing that underlie the work of Michael Lerner and Rachel Naomi Remen. What sets them apart for me are their insights about the comprehensive process by which people not only learn to live with chronic illness but often change their whole orientation to life. Their work at the Commonweal Cancer Help Center […] Read the rest»

Notebook: Do I Look for Rooms of Familiar Feelings?

Some Rights Reserved by uggboy at Flickr. Do feelings just happen or do they come because we go looking for them? Seth Godin is a famous marketing guru who occasionally hits something that goes beyond his usual domain of finding success in business. He kicks up dust by claiming that we choose to go places or do things that stir certain feelings because that’s what we want to feel. We […] Read the rest»

Recovery: What’s Wrong with this Word?

I’m not sure what it is about the word, “recovery,” but for a lot of people it’s a turn-off. I confess I’ve often felt that way too. Perhaps it’s because I’ve known so much more about the journey through Hell than I could ever know about Paradise. After years in the lower world, with only an occasional glimpse of blurry bright patches in the far distance, I’ve been amazed at […] Read the rest»