Patterns of Recovery from Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Some Rights Reserved by Guanatos Gwyn at Flickr My mother survived two heart attacks but died twice before her death. That’s the way she saw it. Her heart stopped both times, but she fought her way back. The second heart-stopping attack occurred during an operation for a different problem. She was 94. I only learned about this complication when I visited her the next day. She looked a bit worn […] Read the rest»

Misunderstood Epidemic: Depression

Video made available by Ironzeal This video is a short preview of one of the best films on depression I’ve seen. Broadcast originally on PBS last fall, The Misunderstood Epidemic is being shown again on a varying schedule around the country. If you miss it, you can get a copy of the DVD at a reasonable price. In one well-edited hour, the film presents the stories of a dozen people […] Read the rest»

Growing Up with Fear and Depression

I’ve always wondered why the stories of veterans with PTSD, like those I’ve been reading for the recent posts here and at Health Central, have resonated so deeply. I have nothing close to the unimaginable violence of war in my experience, or any of the other overwhelming traumas associated with PTSD. The aftereffects, though, feel closer to what I know. Depression, after all, is depression, no matter the cause. When […] Read the rest»