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On the Other Side of Fear

Fear has a way of setting boundaries that can’t be crossed. If you do cross them, you know you’ll pay a price – a pain or terror you can’t endure. The boundary is protection. Inside it, you’re safe. I think of the anxiety I feel when moving through depression as the warning sign. You’re getting too close. Watch out. Ahead there’s panic and the touch of that terrible thing you […] Read the rest»

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Struck by Living – A Memoir of Depression and Recovery

Julie Hersh wrote two versions of Struck by Living about her struggle with suicidal depression. She ended the first one with her hike to the top of a New Mexico mountain in a symbolic celebration of her recovery. A happy, triumphant ending. She bound the manuscript and sent it to dozens of her friends. Then came her relapse into the same bleak emptiness that had led to three suicide attempts. […] Read the rest»

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The Return of Storied Mind

Well, it took a while, but we're back with a much expanded site. I had thought we could switch to this new format gradually, but it didn't work out that way. We had to finish the redesign offline, merge the content of two sites and then make the transition all at once. Tweaking will continue for a few days, so please let us know if anything doesn't work the way it should. Read the rest»

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Taking Emsam: A Different Kind of Antidepressant

Since I’ve written several posts on my growing worries about antidepressants, I thought I’d tell you about the one I’m taking now. Emsam has worked for me longer than any other, and the dietary restrictions it requires have been a small price to pay. Among antidepressants, the MAOI class has been relegated to 3rd or 4th tier treatment after other medications have failed. That’s how I started taking Emsam. After […] Read the rest»

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Does Finding Purpose in Life Help You Overcome Depression?

Finding purpose in life that goes beyond your personal needs is often mentioned as a major step in overcoming depression. That’s a hard thing to imagine, though, when you’re in the middle of a severe relapse, and survival is the only goal in sight. Yet, one of the hallmarks of depression is loss of motivation to do anything because you feel that your life is meaningless. You are meaningless, empty, […] Read the rest»

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Mindfulness as Self-Help for Anxiety

There’s nothing like extreme anxiety to make you feel like you’re falling apart. Using a few basics of mindfulness as self-help may be a way to pull you back together. The all-embracing anxiety I’m talking about comes close to panic. It’s an explosion of fear that hits everything. Certain situations can set it off, or it can start like depression, suddenly there, perhaps from the first waking moment of the […] Read the rest»