Trying to Heal after the Final Break with Your Depressed Partner

Depressed partners walk out and leave behind a lot of emotional wreckage. Whether the ending is explosive, grieving or compassionate, its impact is life-changing. As the abandoned partner, you have to put your life back together, and it can take years to do it. There are a lot of obstacles to get around, however, before you can start. One of the worst can happen if your partner makes you responsible […] Read the rest»

It's Not All in Your Head

Recovery Stories: Tony Giordano

Every story about depression is a little different. But when you can see the big picture, a lot of parallels start to appear. Although I had gone through some rough spots here and there, my life was moving along alright overall until depression struck in my mid-forties. When I learned I was clinically depressed, I was devastated. I felt so weak. I never had an inkling that I could have […] Read the rest»

Trying to Work When Depressed

(Note: Since this post appeared, the Recover Life from Depression site has been combined with this one. The posts referred to are now at Storied Mind, and the links below will take you to them.) I’ve recently completed a series of posts at the Recover Life site about handling the effects depression at work. I’ve written about this topic here as well, especially in this post about changing careers. The […] Read the rest»

High-Wire Balance

Depression at Work-3: Should You Change Your Job or Your Life?

Sooner or later depression forces you to make changes in your worklife. If adapting at your present job doesn't help, then it's probably time to look at other possibilities. However difficult, impractical or even impossible the alternatives might seem, it's worth considering what else you could do. This post looks at three strategies that could help you manage depression by changing your work situation: frequent job changes, getting out of a toxic work environment, or changing the type of work you do. These are a few ideas to help you come up with your own solution. At the least, they might help you ask the right questions about what you want and need. Read the rest»

New Series of Personal Stories at Recover Life from Depression

You shouldn’t miss this first in a series of personal stories at Recover Life from Depression. The series will be a major feature of the new site in order to show you the many forms recovery can take. In this initial post, Donna-1 recounts the turning points in her lifelong struggle with depression. As she tells it, a key step was forcing herself to get out of her isolation and […] Read the rest»

Donna-1's Painting 0121

Recovery Stories: Donna-1

Depression became my constant companion early, about age 8. I suppose I had as dysfunctional a family as most, although children are often not aware of the level of dysfunction till much later. Then they realize much of what goes on in life is predicated by their childhood. I’m not seeking to place blame on anyone. Depression happens. By age 12, I knew something was wrong and thought I just […] Read the rest»

Frustrated Man Worries About Economy, Unpaid Bills and Retirement

Depression at Work-2: What You Can Do

If depression is disrupting your work life, there are a number of things you can try in order to keep yourself going - and hold onto your job. Doing anything when deeply depressed, however, is never easy. Depression takes away the energy and motivation you need to act. But if your co-workers, supervisor or clients start noticing that you’re not delivering what they need, you may have little choice. I don’t want to imply that these are surefire methods, but they’re worth considering. If none of them work, you might have to consider more drastic action, and I’ll talk about that in the next post in this series. It made sense to me, when I was going through this crisis, to try everything, starting with the simplest approach I could think of and working from there. One of the few guides I’ve found for understanding the options is the excellent Working in the Dark: Keeping Your Job While Dealing with Depression, by Fawn Fitter and Beth Gulas. It’s a highly useful, insightful and encouraging overview of steps you can take, much of it based on Fawn Fitter’s own experience. I’ve adapted some of her advice for this post, and added what I’ve learned. Read the rest»


Depression at Work-1: Symptoms

One of the worst problems brought on by depression was its crippling effect on my work life. (I've written about it on Storied Mind.) When I finally understood that the crisis arose from the illness, I could at least get a little comfort from learning that I was not alone. And neither are you. On a given day, there are millions of people all over the globe running into trouble at work because of depression. The World Health Organization has found that it is the second most prevalent cause of lost time at work. In the US and several European countries, as many as 20 percent of office workers could be losing time right now because of depression. Many people who suddenly start losing the job skills they’ve depended on for years may have no idea that depression is the cause. Read the rest»