The Effect of PTSD on the Families of Combat Veterans

These two videos convey a sense of what’s it’s like to live with a veteran suffering from combat-related PTSD. The first briefly profiles a family portrayed at greater length in the film, This Emotional Life, shown on PBS earlier this year. Bob, the veteran in this video, continues to struggle with PTSD. Domenica Campbell is the excellent writer of PTSD: A Caregiver’s Perspective about life with her husband since his […] Read the rest»

A New Post at Health Central on Combat Trauma and PTSD

Some Rights Reserved by Will Lion at Flickr I’ve published a new post at Health Central, the second in a series on depression and related problems among veterans. This one looks at PTSD from the perspective of soldiers who’ve been through combat and also at innovative approaches to treatment. I hope you’ll have a look at it. I want to add here some links to sources providing insight about combat […] Read the rest»

Depression Therapy: Lonely Talk in a Crowded Room

Therapy for depression usually meant talking about the world I was seeing, the thoughts I had, the pain I felt, the judgments about me I projected onto others – all me, all the time. Once, I was talking to a therapist in that way when I sensed a crowd of people filling the room. The new arrivals were not trying to interrupt but were simply listening – at least I […] Read the rest»

Why Writing Can Help Heal Depression – 2

Some Rights Reserved by lagiuspo at Flickr As I discussed in this earlier post, writing has helped heal the depression that dominated decades of my life. That post reviewed James Pennebaker’s research, as summarized in Opening Up, but said little about how I go about writing to confront the most powerful feelings and maintain the progress I’ve made in recovery. For writing is an important activity for sustaining my health […] Read the rest»

New Post at Health Central on Fighting Stigma

Some Rights Reserved by jef_safi at Flickr I’ve published at Health Central’s called Fighting Stigma in the Military and the Stigma Within. I’ve tried to link the stigma anyone with a mood disorder can encounter in everyday life with the stigma soldiers face under the special conditions of military service. The military leadership is conducting a campaign against stigma right now because fear of the consequences of openly seek […] Read the rest»