Terrence Real on Depression, Self-Esteem & The Relationship Grid

Film clip courtesy of Changing Our Minds, a film about depression. I keep looking for Terrence Real videos with little success. This one, an excerpt from Changing Our Minds, a film about depression, is by far the best, though much too brief. (I believe the only way to see the film in its entirely is to purchase a copy on DVD.) I’ve often mentioned Real’s fine book on depression in […] Read the rest»

Why Writing Can Help Heal Depression – 1

The subtitle of Storied Mind is Writing to Recover Life from Depression, and I’ve often wondered why it is that writing down my experiences could be so helpful in recovery. When I was just starting this blog, I wrote about the fear of writing or even approaching my desk to get started. I’d sit there writing at a more intellectual level – circling the pain at a safe distance. But […] Read the rest»

Depression Is a Creative Force in Human Evolution?

Some Rights Reserved by gutter at Flickr. What is it about depression that draws people to search for the benefits it brings to its lucky victims? Since I’ve been writing this blog, many writers have had great success with books and articles describing its positive role in life – giving people a creative edge, helping them figure out their lives or simply serving as a healthy and normal response to […] Read the rest»