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Recover from Depression Ebook
You Can Take Your Life Back from Depression

I lived with depression for many years and felt it gradually drain away much of my life. Although it is an illness, I came to think of it as a way of living in the world because its effects reached into every part of my being. This ebook is the story of how I reconnected with who I was in the midst of depression. It’s not a roadmap taking you from one step to another in a well-defined process but rather a set of ideas and methods for clearing a path of your own.

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Making Recovery the Top Priority

Restoring your life depends both on getting expert help and on building your own skills and awareness as you learn not only to manage symptoms but also to regain the fullness and sense of purpose in living that depression has taken away. Learning how to think realistically about yourself, open up to others, stop self-judgment, live with mindful awareness and focus on what your inmost senses are telling you can help you find a path back to the life you want. A Mind for Life: From Depression to Living Well, an ebook in PDF format, describes how I managed to come through many disappointments and setbacks to restore belief in myself and the ability to engage fully in life once more.

What’s Inside the Ebook

Recovery from Depression Ebook

  • The Mindset for Recovery Learning to overcome inner resistance to getting well and to become an activist in your own recovery.
  • Mapping Your Depression Going beyond diagnosis and symptom lists to observing and tracking what is really limiting your life.
  • Self-Help for the Healing Mind The five major skills that I have learned and relied on to overcome depression and restore inner balance.
  • The Guidance of Psychotherapy Why psychotherapy is a critical part of the process of getting well.
  • Finding Your Life Again Learning to focus on wellness instead of illness and choose the life that supports what is most important to you.
  • A Step Beyond Recovery Remaining in touch with your vital energy even if depression returns.
  • Learning More Guidance to many resources for getting help and going more deeply into recovery and well-being.

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Ebook Price: $2.99US


What Readers Say about Storied Mind

  • You are doing incredible work so that people suffering from depression and their partners understand that they are not alone
  • Storied Mind is full of insights … Once I had landed on his pages, I couldn’t stop reading. One post was more fascinating and gripping than the next. – Therese Borchard (BeliefNet Beyond Blue)
  • I am glad to have found this blog because it helps me understand what my partner is going through at this moment.
  • Thank you for providing this life saving source of love, inspiration and strength.
  • Storied Mind: A beautiful and uniquely classic blog … Gorgeous images complement absorbing and stylish writing. – Sandra Kiume (PsychCentral’s Top 10 Depression Blogs of 2010)
  • I want to thank you for this site. Your life and description of your depression and family situation are so familiar it’s as if I wrote these words myself.
  • Thank you for offering such a wonderful resource and safe space for us to learn and share and connect.
  • Of all of the websites I have been too, this is the one that truly depicts what my husband is going through. … Thanks for letting me know that I am definitely not alone …
  • Blogger John Folk-Williams … communicates to readers with the empathy and understanding that only someone with depression could convey. – Tracy Rosecrans (HealthLine.com’s 18 Best Depression Blogs of 2012)

Recovery from Depression Ebook

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Ebook Price: $2.99US