The Effect of PTSD on the Families of Combat Veterans

These two videos convey a sense of what’s it’s like to live with a veteran suffering from combat-related PTSD. The first briefly profiles a family portrayed at greater length in the film, This Emotional Life, shown on PBS earlier this year. Bob, the veteran in this video, continues to struggle with PTSD.

Domenica Campbell is the excellent writer of PTSD: A Caregiver’s Perspective about life with her husband since his return from Iraq. Her husband has started his own blog, One Veteran’s Battle. Both provide starkly honest portraits of their struggle with PTSD. [Updated and corrected 6/3/2010.]

She recorded the following video as part of a project called Signature Wounds, which is bringing together the stories of several families of veterans. If you haven’t run into this acronym before, TBI stands for Traumatic Brain Injury.

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