A New Storied Mind Is on the Way

Starting early next week, I’ll be updating this site with a new design and theme. The changeover will enable Storied Mind to incorporate several features that haven’t been possible until now.

I’ve also decided to combine the Recover Life from Depression blog with this one. There has been a difference in emphasis between the two, but it feels artificial to split my work in this way.

The combined site will put all the posts under one roof and give everyone access to all the features of both – along with several new ones.

Among other things, I’ll be introducing a newsletter that will respond to reader comments and questions. Complete information about it, as well as a sign-up form, will be available as soon as the new site appears.

Changing the design and structure of a live blog is a tricky process. Even if you use a ready-made theme without much tweaking, there are always problems with a transition.

In this case, I’m using Catalyst. It’s not a finished design but rather a framework that makes it possible for non-techies like me to put together a highly customized blog.

While this provides great flexibility, it also means that migrating from my test site to this live one will be especially complicated.

There may be interruptions while this process is underway, as we get all the details in place. The posts and main pages should continue to be available throughout the transition.

If you visit Recover Life from Depression, you’ll automatically be redirected to this one.

You won’t have to change links or bookmarks. We’ll have the same web address, and the RSS and email delivery of new posts will continue as usual.

We’re trying to make the transition as smooth as possible. I hope you’ll bear with us.

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  1. Hi there,

    What an interesting site! I am looking forward to seeing the new changes as well. As a transpersonal counsellor, I think writing and any form of creative expression are paramount for our healing.

    Many thanks to you.

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