Great Self-Help Therapy for Depression: Why Don’t I Do It?

The force for change and healing can start with excitement and promise, then slowly dissipate until settling back into the stillness of depression. There are great self-help therapies to achieve well-being, and I have great intentions to get them all done. So why don’t I do them? I feel like a basketball. It hits the floor with a lot of energy, bounces high, then drops back, bounces up again but […] Read the rest»

Here One Day: A Documentary about a Mother’s Suicide

Here One Day trailer from Kathy Leichter on Vimeo. Suicide is a sensitive subject for most readers of this blog, certainly for me, and watching any film about it is difficult. I wanted to post this 9-minute preview of Kathy Leichter’s documentary, Here One Day – with this warning about its possibly triggering subject – because it’s such an honest and moving treatment of her own attempt to come to […] Read the rest»

Mapping Recovery-4: Matching Therapies to Your Symptoms

If you’ve been tracking your symptoms for at least a month, you should have a fairly detailed picture of your particular variety of depression. You understand the full range of symptoms, when they occur, what other conditions in your life accompany them and which ones you’ve got to deal with first. Now comes the hard part – figuring out how to control the symptoms as soon as possible and, hopefully, […] Read the rest»

Ptolemaic Planisphere of Universe

Mapping Recovery-3: Reviews of 4 Web Apps for Tracking Depression

The best way to understand depression is to track your symptoms and triggering events each day. The question is: How to do it. To start with, you might use a written diary, or just a list on note paper. But the more symptoms and triggering events you follow and the longer you keep up with it, the harder it is to reorganize the information to get a good picture of […] Read the rest»

Depressed: When Control Is Out of Control

Why I try to understand depression, I find too few words with too many meanings. This isn’t quibbling over semantics. It’s about what you feel when living with depression and what you feel when you can finally live without it. It’s about the experience behind the words. Take the word, control. To control and to be controlling are bad. Your world is all about you, and everyone else is there […] Read the rest»

Ptolemaic Map of the Universe

Mapping Recovery-2: Tracking Your Symptoms

Tracking your symptoms as part of mapping recovery might sound like one of those good ideas you’ll do for a while but eventually drop. It could be like all those computer programs for organizing your work into projects, goals and actions. The method itself becomes a big project and takes so much time that you can’t get anything else done. Or it feels like another of those pointless prescriptions for […] Read the rest»

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Mapping Recovery-1: The Big Picture of Depression Symptoms

This post is the first in a series about how you can help yourself begin recovery. Depression can be a powerhouse of misery that leaves you feeling helpless, but it’s not one massive force, whatever it may feel like. Depression is a combination of several conditions, and there are effective ways to deal with each one. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the best treatments, but […] Read the rest»

Revisiting: Recovery and Creative Experience

All that I am, all that life has made me, every past experience that I have had – woven into the tissue of my life – I must give to … new experience. … [The] past … has indeed not been useless, but its use is not in guiding present conduct by past situations. We must put everything we can into each fresh experience, but we shall not get the […] Read the rest»