On Health Central: How One Man Fights Depression

Some Rights Reserved by prudencebrown121 at Flickr My new post at Health Central talks about picking up on the early warning signs of depression. Since I tend to need a big picture to figure out what to do, I found it when forced by desperation to look closely at my own self-defeating behavior. That was a key recognition that helped me spot the emergence of depression. It may seem hard […] Read the rest»

No Energy to Start Recovery? Try a Little Light and Color.

Some rights reserved by Nicola since 1972 The hardest thing about recovery can be the first step. It’s an alluring thought to be done with depression, but recovery can seem as overwhelming as the illness you’re trying to end. Since you may not have any energy at all, how can you begin to follow all this advice: get active, go running, start meditating, eat all that nourishing food, change your […] Read the rest»

Getting Ready to Recover

In thinking about how I managed to rid myself of depression, I’ve realized the importance of getting ready to recover. This idea never occurred to me during many failed attempts to find a way out of the underworld of living. I had hoped there would be a quick, linear pathway to feeling fully alive again, but there was never going to be such a simple solution. I mentioned in a […] Read the rest»

Posts on Self-Esteem at Health Central

Some Rights Reserved by paul (dex) at Flickr Here are two posts about self-esteem (here and here) I’ve recently published at Health Central. “Loss of self-esteem” has become the clinical term for one of depression’s key symptoms, but it doesn’t convey much about living with the contempt I used to feel for myself, day in, day out. One habit that was especially hard to break was the constant comparing of […] Read the rest»